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Till Death : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie seal this now there's a movie starring megan fox and you know it's a trailer basically a survivor should like you know this haunted house kind of thing where there's an isolated house on where all the action takes place you know of course such movies are easier to shoot because of um the location um fact of its bits the thing is that you know this movie has its strong feminist elements you know someone gets married and you know the husband this hires people i know they are trying to um kill her you know for money you know and all of that they're trying to get open a safe and get some drugs and it's you know inside the house so of course it is a a crazy movie like this has been made stirring an african-american actress where you know the basic thing was like since she have the ability to leave the household to call the cops let her do one of those you know and leave you know but she wants to stand fight out herself and end up killing people in the process and not to mention how that plays out when it comes to how she's going to explain that to the cops and expect to actually not go to jail you know the world is such that you cannot rely on the fact that someone was trying to kill you therefore you killed that person you know and then you tell that in quota and then the cut smiles and says okay you know that is not the way um life works these days you know even if someone is trespassing on your property it doesn't mean you can't shoot them especially when they're back stoned and they you know they are running you know so there are so many rules now it is not as easy as school i found a a t for my property and so i can kill this if you know i can't in in defending myself and my family things don't quite work that would be you know nowadays so the aspect of her stayner fighting himself when she could have left you know she had the opportunity but she she chose to stay there you know this foolishness of um oh let us get women away from the dazzling distress in movies and puts women in more action and more tough rules that has to be true to the character of course such things have existed the first eye candy for me when it comes to um things like tomb raider you know the angela julie version and you know even before that do a lot of female heroine action hearings of course like um sarah connor in terminator 2 you know she went from being scared in terminator 1 to being a tough person and of course at that era women was were muscular when they made that transition like you could see with xena they had um more weight and mass which is more logical for a fighter but now um things changed to oh let us make it look um you know the word they will use a sexy you know and it was unrealistic you know a woman who is like who weighs like um like a feather and he is so skinny beating up 20 men that are one million times her size it doesn't make any sense it goes against the laws of physics it's just quite crazy but that is um what the day it has been you know for so long you know as eye candy for men but whatever situation you know um or angry may want to look at things from you see this aspect of making these kinds of crazy movies you know where it is not logical because you just play stupid she should have run run away from the house not stay down bef and you know playing this cutter mouse games hidings and screaming and you know being caught together and you know them trying to kill her she trying to kill them and all of that for the whole movie you know it's just crazy you know it's actually kills the the logical aspect of how danger how much danger she is in you know it seems like the the greater danger is her own iq you know and of course they should have put a strong enough motive to explain why she would remain there you know hopefully there is some bet when it comes to when it is not a human being it is there is no human being there it is not a good enough reason like if you are saying that she's afraid if she goes by the time she gets cops back into um um they would have gone and they would have taken all the drawers and all of that that is a crazy um way to look at it you know because um that that that is just uh crazy her life is more valuable but if you put another human being you know there like because of a human being that she has to stay there you know maybe the person is confined the person cannot live and especially if the person is a child that will make things more logical but the whole thing is crazy and keep in mind that i can't remember quite the name of the movie that this is basically that movie didn't come out long ago it came out like not more than three years ago or two years ago but this movie is basically early very similar to that you know and that's one um it's an african-american lady a popular at i think taraji be harrison or something of that nature you know she was in a house where you know the solution of the problem is rather than facing up with this man you know all she had to do was call the cops or to run away you know and tell the cops what has happened rather than doing all this nonsense scatter mouse survival game in one house with men who are trying to kill you it's crazy you know all in the name of a woman can stand up for herself and face a hundred men you know it's crazy even if if a man is in danger and has ten men or eight men trying to fight him he's coming to kill him he's going to run away he or or or if he knows that he has enough ammunition to face them or an advantage he will then only then but he the logical thing is to get out of there operate from a position of safety not try to prove a point the whole premise of this movie is crazy you know that being said if you would like to be a part of making crystal movies you know reach out to us on alfredo's vip we are looking forward to hear from you if you've not given life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip and see that starts when you click that link thank you and god bless you


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