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Proverbs 24:3 TLB

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. 

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hello everybody you're listening to wall street blues i'm your host alfred the topic of today's broadcast is

the stock trading app generation let's open our bibles to the book of proverbs chapter 24 verse 3 i'm reading from the living bible translation i read any enterprise is built by wise planning become strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts

praise the lord you see you have to keep up to date with the facts about your profession or the business you're into or the industry as a whole you know that that business is a part of and of course there is the cross-linking of industries because um businesses and industries you know feed off each other for example the school needs computers and that is tech industry you can see that's linking between the education you know industry and the tech industry you know so there is that relationship between industries you have to keep up to date with all the latest innovations and news about your industry and i'm talking about news not gossip a lot of news today is unhelpful if someone gives you news that does not help you you know it says a lot you know of of course unfortunately you know now news is mostly about propaganda and ridiculous propaganda and it you know it's self-serving it's all about trying to manipulate the minds of the masses on a mass scale you know so that's unfortunately what news is but you have to personally be somebody who understands the importance of keeping up to date with important facts about the industry that you are in or things that really matter that can affect it's relations that can be helpful to you and the intention is that a lot of these kinds of things are boring they are not exciting you know they are not going to be on mainstream news because mainstream news likes to function on the premise of you know

if a dog bites a man it's not news but if a man bites a dog it's news so number one they want something um crazy they want the headline and they want something that is unusual you know and it's often bad news that the the faithful because you know people are more concerned about bad news than good news you know that's why a lot of newspapers have obituary sections but they don't have um bad sections you know if something good happens to somebody it is not going to make the front page unless that business is a celebrity and it's selling on their celebrity and of course they will put another slant to it because good news on itself doesn't seem to so people are not excited people are not trained to go after good news and to be excited about about good news and you can see that madness extended into a bunch of differences like you see all the people who are um always trying to give a new day to a new sickness oh it is cancer months oh it is this type of cancer day or it is this kind of um mental illness i mean think about people who call themselves mental health health advocates what are they advocating are they trying to make people aware that crazy people exist how can you say that you're a mental health advocate what are you talking about you think that people don't know that crazy people exist and you feel it is your responsibility now some of you hear this may say that i'm trying to make people more um sensitive to people who are going through mental stress you want people to be to to feel a certain way that has nothing to do with awareness and that in itself is crazy because you see they are crazy you know if you want to promote sympathy towards people who are mentally ill that is one thing and keep in mind that um as a christian we don't involve ourselves in that nonsense because we cast our demons a lot of the people who are so-called mentally disturbed majority of them especially the ones that um are given all kinds of funny psychological names you know the ones that are taken to a psychologist that you cannot it's not like a lobotomy was performed or an accident happened and some part of their brain was damaged to all of that you know a lot of those people are actually demon-possessed it is an operation of a demon so what they need is to have a demon cast out and for those ones who um mentally ill that is not a result of demon possession you see understand that jesus said you know if any man says to this mountain beat out remove that cast into the sea and try no doubt in his heart he shall have whatsoever he said he that was talking about the physical mountain a physical mountain every mountain in the same way you can speak to parts of a human body that is deformed and commanded to be properly formed you can speak to yourself and say i am getting more beautiful i am getting more handsome and as you believe in your heart and you do not doubt it'll be happening perhaps you have dental problems you know your teeth needs to be aligned you speak to your teeth you know perhaps there's a wound on your body or there is an injury that that doesn't heal properly you speak to it if you believe and you know do not doubt your heart and you consistently say that and you confess that as you believe you would receive you will receive what you have believed and this is the way it is for christians if you're not a christian this does not apply to you you know i'm not talking to you if you're not a christian this is for christians you know so um you are the one that has the legal right and the authority and especially when you use the name of jesus it is it is finished it is settled when you use that name so you can use that to change things so when it comes to this craziness of mental health that is how um social science should be addressed now to get back to our topic you know the stock trading app generation you know i see that we should keep up to date with all the things that are happening and one of the things that are happening is that everybody now is trading on apps you know and this generation of people don't have any understanding on the fundamental basis of economics and that is where you can see a lot of them are democrats a lot of them are born in buildings you know you can see black lives matter you know who are trying to help um dark skinned people and african americans by going into their communities and destroying all the businesses there and they do not see how that is the best way to destroy the african-american community you see how many businesses have been born in african-american communities in the name of fighting for the rights of african-americans you know these people don't have any basic fundamental understanding of economics these are the people that are fighting for minimal wish you know they do not understand that when when you push for minimum wish all that happens is that a lot of people get laid off

and then the costs of the products increases so the cost of living for everybody increases now there are fewer jobs and then those who have a job their work time increases because they now have to meet up with the same output and they also have to meet you know the um the

the scaling plan of the business to increase their outputs and of course a lot of times this leads to people just um buying machines to do the work that humans used to do before understand that for example a simple cartoon you know a cartoon like popeye for example the um old popeye cartoons it took like 300 people to make five minutes of a popeye cartoon 300 people had jobs 200 people were able to feed their families from that but now a five-minute animation can be created in five minutes using toonly you know and there are um folks who are um using all kinds of different templates to make things easier or for more professional animations you know they are when you come to 3d animation and folks who use mocap with mocap and already um modeled 3d models of your animation and the 3d modeled environments all that is remaining is just the voice over and you can take you know basically 10 minutes to create a very high quality animation you know that will be compete with the best of the best you know and and this is how technology have changed uh um man's knowledge of the world around us has changed and has helped us to create better technology than what we had before because keep in mind technology itself doesn't change you know in the sense of um the basic principles of what made that product exist you know and by that what i mean is that if you had the knowledge that you had now and you went back in time you could create a lot of things that were not available then that belongs that would seem to have belonged to this time what really changed is your knowledge it is much knowledge that change once man's knowledge of the world around us keeps getting updated and understand that it is the knowledge of some because this is not general and that is why you can see the people who are always innovators are few among the main bets we are giving all the credits to mankind but you know it is not everybody but the knowledge that is out there that is available is much larger and the people who are taking advantage of it are even more smaller but the fact that we are learning more and being able to build you know we went from being able to create um electricity you know to improving how how electricity is made now we have um solar electricity you know all those different advances you know it is they have the true advances is a mass knowledge not in the underlying groundwork of the

elements and the technology you know the the gadgets themselves the gadgets have always been here everything that is required to build a supercomputer was already in the earth and perhaps even in much more abundance in the middle in the medieval ages and even before that in the days of other you know in the same way oil for example you know the crude oil you know that people are now saying that the global warming people are now um condemning and all of that it has always been on the earth but you know when people dog and they found black white they thought that the ground was caused and you know those who believed in all kinds of idols believed that one god or the other had crossed the ground they did not understand the value of that way better oil has always been dead now look at how valuable it is you know and look at how much water delivered to nations that before would um will cry when they see something is because the what they wanted was water they did not want some blackish goo you know so these are things you have to um think about and understand about uh life so now to really talk about this um stock trading and generation you know it has created a situation because a lot of people don't really know a lot about investing yet they are investing because it's easy you know it's it's it's an app you know so it's just uh they have heard that it's important to invest and now they are doing all kinds of crazy things on the app and it's creating all kinds of um craziness on the market i would like to point out something very important this is not really going to stop but there are two key things i want to point out to you first of all there is a strong market in building your own stock trading app you see i'm making it as easy as possible as social media friendly as possible let it be as easy as using tick tock or twitter or whatever so you can build when there's still a market for it and it's important for you to look into that there is one secondly you can also with the app create a provision for proper um legacy fund management you know so to manage people's phone because a lot of all these young people who are now investing don't know what they are doing you know they are investing themselves they are making all kinds of stupid decisions and you know a lot of them are emotional you know true universal understands the economics are really um studies the markets and understands the market from a very um sophisticated point of view so that they can actually have peace of mind you know when they are doing what they do and they will do it um with the most available knowledge possible you know those are two different things so there's the building of the app and the education of a legacy fund that we market itself to a young generation you know like a um a brand thing like yeah something that people will want to get when young people want to get to and where they are money will be more secure a lot of people are investing in crypto bets let's understand something first of all crypto is not an investment you know because crypto in itself if you say are investing in crypto what is crypto what does it do what is its value what is useful crypto was supposed to be created as a currency but the reality of the matter is that it is more used it is used today as more of an investment um bucket you know like like if people think of it as they are looking at it as a way to store their wealth but that is not what it was meant for and that is actually what it is not good for it is not good for um storing wealth you know it is actually better for you to invest in a company that owns a platform people trade crypto on and you know whenever people buy or sell crypto or people mine crypto that company makes money that is the kind of company you should invest in and by invest in that you are not investing in crypto you are investing in a platform that is in the business of trading crypto that is what you are doing so that that is um something you have to understand crypto is not a investment and keep in mind that sooner or later there is going to be the same way the pandemic was you know with the health there's going to be an economic crisis where they will say that computers were hacked um and all kinds of things and you know that there was a global skill this and that and somebody did something to disrupt all the computers and hacks um computers and you know um which was an attack on the banking system or blah blah and that is a key because a lot of people in such a scenario we lose a lot of money you know only people that have crypto because where are the records the crypto that you have is based on the records that you own the script to so what happens when a virus or something goes fought and all tasks or destroys all the records of all computers all around the world and they said that uh that um it was it was hacked and the creator of one kind you know before it was the coronavirus now there's going to be a new was one sort of e-virus and what it's going to do is that it's going to force people to move um to a type of crypto which is based on the government and it will lead to the building of a one world currency which is part of the plan of the new world water so that is something that is going to come there is going to be a financial crash that is based on um it transactions you know totally um destroy it which is all planned it is not going to be a true crash because you know those is actually um built by those who know and you know it is orchestrated by you know the people who who are actually the silicon valley the tech giants are you know the people who are the real globalists who own so much and control so much it should be a good plus for the government especially the u.s government and imagine all the debts that america owns ooze such things can now be destroyed because it's like okay we know that america owes you money but how much does it were you where are the records you know and all those kinds of things it's going to um be a good thing for the government because now everybody will not have to be like i want something safe i want something secure because crypto is not secure and it does not have that power that a nation gives it you know so those kinds of things it's going to help to reset the world reset the economy of the world and move all the money into the hands of a particular field and of course it goes without saying you need to start investing in more tangible things businesses real estate land and property and of course for those of you who do not know now of in countries like nigeria it is profitable to buy a house you know but in some so-called um

countries like america you know the so-called festival countries due to the crazy taxation system due to the mortgage system you know all the payment of mortgage and all of that it is actually a liability to buy a house because you you also pay property tax i understand that in in lagos nigeria they are bringing up the idea of paying property tax so such things now make it illogical to buy your own house that you live in you can still buy a house and rent it out you know that that is going to be um profitable and also um buy real estate for other kinds of purposes for all sorts of purposes but to buy and leave it living it yourself it is not any money for you you know of course the nigerian way of doing things like that is when you buy a house you have other segments and you rent it out that is wise and that is basically what president trump did you know when before he was president you know with trump tower he built a giant monument in new york with different apartments which were rented out to sew out or whatever this stuff and then he was at the top of the topmost apartment but in that way you want an expensive home that is generating money because when you just buy a house there are a lot of people who are buying 50 million dollar homes and 100 million dollar homes and all of that but how does that home make money for you it's like buying an airplane or buying a yacht there are so many people that are buying supplies or not that you have to understand the economics of things you know and you have to um be wise it does not matter that oh you you you have the money to buy default you buy it how is this going to bring back money you know you can't just keep boring holes in your own pocket and think that because uh more money is coming to fill up the pockets let me keep on borrowing more holes be wise you know change a lot of your liabilities into assets and of course you have to understand a liability is something you spend money on that doesn't put money back in your pocket but an asset you know is something that you you put money in that brings money back to your pocket you know so an asset is an investment reliability is everything else you know so that is uh basically it that being said remember to check out now if you've not given a life to jesus christ i'd like you to go to the vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and when you do that a page will come out that has a proud salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ

until next time thank you and god bless you


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