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The Shrink Next Door : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about the movie the shrink next door now this movie you know it's very unfortunate you know this movie is a movie that glorifies you know shrink going to a psychiatrist and basically this is a promotion for this mental health creation you know you have to understand something about religion religion creates a way to directly change and alter and control the principles and precepts of a man or woman or child that is what it does it builds the moral compass what is right how to act it creates what is right and what is wrong it creates you know the definitions of distance you know that is what what it does it creates a um the morality of an individual you know the morality of an individual comes from you know the religion what what that person is thought is right or wrong and you have to understand that for those who are who say they are not religious or those who are attacks or those who say you know they are not um into all things religion understand that religion does doesn't have to be called religion going to a shrink is a religion because you see all shrinks or psychiatrists they go to the same schools they have the same school board that are proofs of what's what is allowed they receive degrees you know which is proof and certification that they are qualified to to give counsel based on doctrines or belief systems or ideologies that they were taught in school is the same thing like a priest you know a catholic priest who went to the seminary the doctrines and the teachings that have been taught in the seminary and of course he gets his priesthood you know which is basically the same thing as a shrink or a psychiatrist getting a degree as a psychiatrist from a university all universities the the understand that the psychiatric or um society you know the organizations behind that you know they maintain a uniformity in what they believe they believe the same things and what they believe is from which they give advice so they are teaching the same doctrines and giving the same interpretations of life to everybody that comes to them and they are making money off it and getting rich profits so it is a religion in itself and now we are living in a world where you know we have people who are saying all kinds of things about preachers know there are people who make fun of those who go to the church for advice you know those who go to pastors you know as christians we have a different mind and we have a belief system so you go to a pa if you must need an external body you know to give you advice it has to be someone who is a fellow christian don't you have any christian among you who is wise those are the words of apostle paul to judge matters be between you that that you go to the world to judge you you know you can't go to court if you're a christian you can't have two christians who go to court it doesn't matter if you belong to two different churches you know don't you have you know is there no christian that that the two of you can go to that you trust his counsel that would advise you rightly and solve that issue and the same way when it comes to advice how can you be a christian who is meant to have the mind of christ who is meant to live as a christian christ like you live a different life you're a new creation you know you are you are to live and pattern your life after the world you are supposed to follow the world then you are going to follow go to somebody who does not even believe in god somebody who thinks that the bible is a fairy tale you know it's a book of fairy tales a giant fairy tale that is what they think that is what they went to school and that's what they were taught in school that is what a lot of psychiatrists haven't taught about the bible that is just a fairy tale you know it's trash that is what they believe and then you you as a christian supposed to live by the world we now go to the council of the ungodly to receive advice thinking that will help you it is so unfortunate a christian has no business going to the shrink or psychiatrist and all of that there has been this push for mental health mental health that is actually boosting the religion that doesn't answer to the name religion but which is a religion and that is what is the collective um group of ideas on on living and you know their view on life their perspective on life the psychiatrists have also characters they all they all graduate from the same school they are all ask the same questions where they are taught to think the same way that is a religion about everything you know so um this is um very sad this movie basically pushes that so it's important for you to really understand what is happening you know there is a relation that will be a part of the one world religion which will push that because whatever is work it's what psychiatrists um say can't you see that a psychiatrist that advise people that i think you are a man in a woman's body or you woman in a man's body can take and transgender whatever that is what all psychiatrists was this the view of psychiatrist years ago but now that is what they have been told that is what they have learned in school and they will have their license to practice taking away from them if they do not give all this work advice so whoever controls wokeness controls the doctrines and the belief systems that come out of the psychiatrists you know so and and that is what um that religion which which does not officially call itself a religion but is a religion that is what it pushes and this movie you know goes along with that and pushes that you know that the character and is trying to show the beauty of um how he felt bit after um psychiatry you know having a shrink next door that you know that is the um premise of this craziness you know it's important that we recognize this since a lot of people in the world will not catch this and will not see this it's important that we as christians make movies christian movies movies that change the world in every country we have to dominate the entertainment industry the video game industry the music industry every single industry even news especially news you know why is there no christian stations you know christian knew strange for our stations we beat cnn cnn lies all cnn needs his propaganda all msnbc's propaganda fox news you know recently um someone came out um to protect veritas with an exposure fox news fox news has their own propaganda they just look at ratings and their audience to know what kind of news they feed the people you know and i thank god for people like project writer that is still news you know news may not sell you know but you have to tell it as it is you don't you shouldn't and shift it in a way that it will sell to your audience and then you call it news you can't omit this and omit that look at the ridiculousness of um cnn and all of that we chris says we should dominate there you know unfortunately we don't believe in an understanding concept of christian businesses christian empires understand that whether you like it or not there is now a consultant which is worse than an empire you know there is a collaboration of different empires in different industries google is an empire facebook is an empire you know they are both in the tech industry but like walmart is in the retail industry you know and hosted industry also but largely in the retail industry all these different um empires from different industries are united and are working together with for example the lgbt agenda the worker agenda by the time they unite and they make it clear that they are going to be persecuting christians a lot of people who will be shocked but that is where it's going who is the number one enemy who does the lgbt point that as their number one enemy the church the christians that is who in case you are blind they are not they don't always say it but every once in a while when you it always slips or if you read between the lines of everything they say you will see who the real target is you see so very soon all this we have all these different companies that we are all using you may be using some of their products right now you know i'm using you know um the internet i'm using um you know a windows computer microsoft that is bill gates and his evil empire you know and of course he is also pro-lgbt and all of that all these corporations with ideologies that they are pushing with ideologies that is sponsored with collective ideologies of workness of critical race theory all these things the action then we as the church want to fight against this with we we just giving donations to two to two dollars here one dollar here once in a blue moon and then we complain about it and say ah why do i even have to give two dollars towards to to a church or to why do i have to put one dollar in the offering basket oh the puzzles are trying to take our money but look at how the world has spawned spending billions and using their entire company their vision the vision of facebook and all these other companies look at how their logos change during pride months to even incorporate the lgbt nests of it they'll show you their true colors what they are all about you see these corporations have messed their ideologies within themselves so they are a a phosphate we christians we need to start companies christian companies companies that it is it is making profit it is making money is generating money and it should generate more money than the world for it to beat the world's companies and what they are doing we should start different christian empires but the it should be structured in a way that our very existence we are making profit in a way that pushes the gospel we are making profit in a way that chases our darkness we are making profits in a way that the worldly companies are being destroyed if you look at a lot of churches the churches especially the churches that were able to survive the pandemic there are churches that have a an app that has a business angle it's mostly churches that perhaps have their own tv station that is a business you know that is a that is a business when you have your own tv station you know that is that that has left the realm of a charity organization you know there are there are churches that's you know invest in real estate there are churches that you know have a whole um different aspects of ministry and of course you you cannot do certain kinds of ministry without um um going into business let's say that you started a a church and say you want to reach people but it's a non-profit for you to really reach people from time to time ideas for you to rich people will not sit down on the line of this kind of thing it's a 100 business for example let's look at hillsong church hillsong church you see one of the biggest things about it is its music it has its own unique style of gospel music but that is a

music company that is a dev jam a christian dev jump of gospel music that is a christian sony records you know that is that is a a record label a major record level that is a business and there are also their songs are featured on the billboard 100 when you stream them online like every other song they are getting money they are getting profits so is that not a business we are moving in a in a world where you cannot rely on oh i'm just going to run a non-profit and preach the gospel you have to move into using companies and corporations hillsong survived and it still survived because of just that record label aspect to their church let us say that it also has it decides to create a movie as aspect and they start making sitcoms perhaps they could start by making shots like the le pawn stuff you know and then moving to making them sitcoms which is easier to do and then you know move into full-fledged movies when they do that and they have a consistent audience you know and of course tv channels you see it becomes more difficult for all the ones of the enemy to believe to attack them and destroy them i'm not even going to go into the doctrines themselves that they teach i'm just talking to you about the structure of the building of the church and how um things have changed and how you you know you cannot rely on oh it's non-profit you know by the time you you are you you to preach the gospel you are buying up radio stations in different places you know that is now business that is now profits you know so the church has to come to that point down christians especially those who um i'm not bound by the the the uh or in a patient where they'll be struggling with uh is my trust going into business so should i separate you know and create a different organization like um some churches have you know the church aspect the non-profit aspect and then they have also the business they start a business with the same name or something you know that is an llc or an incorporation you know so that it will be legal and all of that but you see the reality of the matter is that until we move into that we are not going to do anything let's say that you want to reach children with video games a lot of the kids today all they do is play video games billions of billions of people the two biggest things on the internet is pawn and video games video games you know people play look at the stats of video against billions upon billions of people playing video games even watching people playing video games you see so how do you reach this generation for christ if there if there's no single christian video game company that that is serious that makes any game at all we are not even talking about um it makes one good game and then you know once in a blue moon it makes a good game or a game that people even know let's say even a bad game if i tell you um to name one christian video game company can you name anyone you see but all these things are ways for ideologies and belief systems to be passed on so it's very important that we ask christians take this seriously and we move into all these things you know it's it's so important that being said um make sure you go to and you know subscribe reach out to us if you would like to be part of making christian entertainment you know also give you to give your life to christ if not giving life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu thank you and god bless you


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