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The Picture Comic Book (Using Comic Book Filters & Apps To Create Your Own Comic Book Series From Real Photos) Let's Talk Comics - by Alfred

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Click Here To Download: The Picture Comic Book : Let's Talk Comics - by Alfred

Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast:

Proverbs 24:3 TLB

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to let's talk comics the topic of today's broadcast is the picture comic book let's open our bibles to the book of proverbs chapter 24 verse 3 i'm reading from the living bible translation i read any enterprise is built by wise planning becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts you see this is very important it's very important that you keep abreast of the facts about your job about your industry about where you know you are involved in you know the profession that you are into and you know one of the new things it's not that quite new but one of the ways that you can actually start your own comic book is from the picture comic let's say you cannot draw you know you can't draw any or anything like that you can take pictures of yourself in different poses and each picture will be a panel there are now a lot of apps that can change real pictures into what we look like comic book drone images so understand that a comic book is just drawings of people in different poses you know of course with um interacting with things around it so even if for example you know let's say you are um a creative you're into youtube you know creating youtube videos or you want to make your own sit commerce like that there's something that is easily done you know especially if you have a green screen if you have a green screen you know which is not really that expensive and you know with a lot of cameras that are available and a lot of phones that can do so much all you have to do is first of all on a piece of paper even if it's um with stick figures you map out you know the layout of what you want characters to be doing and you know the thought balance just with stick figures you know so you can get the poses angles and all of that and then you wear different you know the the clothing or the costumes you could rent or you could you actually make it a story that goes with wearing the same um dress trout which is basically what a lot of cartoons and a lot of sitcoms actually do that and you know it helps with memorability of the audience that is why when you watch a lot of sitcoms especially cartoons the characters are always wearing the same clothing in every episode even if it may have a hundred episodes they are always the only time they change the clothing is when the clothing has to do with the storyline or the joke then they have to change clothing like for example if it gets wet and they have to you know get home in another set of clothing or something of that nature you know so when the clothing is part of the storyline that is when for a lot of sitcoms and cartoons that they change clothes so you can even with the same clothes that you wear you know you get your friends and then you do poses that match that match with those stick figure um poses and you have your own comic book and you can have your own comic book series like i said there are a lot of apps that are free that can change picture images you know real life images into images that looks like they're comic they are drawn by comics you know it's done through filters you know there are a lot of filters that do that that can make something look comics don't look like a comic so from there you can start your own comic book your own picture comic book you know you put the world balance and of course you use google translate to get different languages so um when you add it you can have your comic available in different languages of course there are also comic layout software and apps as well so you can actually just upload those images you don't need to draw it at all and also when it comes to typing in the text for the word balloons and the throat bubbles the apps make it easy so you just type it you don't have to do any drawing at all so you're just taking pictures you know after you have of course drawn the mapping of you know on an app on a paper you know of stick figures of how do you want the poses to be and then you can tell whatever story especially if you have a green screen so you can add other images or that you want in the background or you you want the characters to interact with you know to that and you know you could end up having something that is um successful or even if it may not be great it is something that's um a lot of people would love to see within your fanbase or those who are like into what you do so that is that now that being said remember if you've not given your life to christ i would like you to go to alfred's vip and click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and say that prayer you know saying that prayer that is very important that pride basically templates you telling god you know a template of you telling god you want to have god in your life and you want to you know become a christian that is what that is and that is all it takes to be a christian and after that your journey with god begins you know you you have to um read the bible you know study the bible learn more about god and build your your relationship with god you know we have some materials to help you and alfredo's vip so that is that you know remember to share this broadcast tell your friends about it share it to everyone is also a way to reach people with the message if you've liked what you've heard you know be sure to share it so that's that thank you and god bless you


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