The Only Possible Outcomes Of A Generation Of Anti-White White People : Celebrating White History - by Alfred


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Galatians 6:7 KJV

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

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hello everybody are listening to celebrating white history um alfred the topic of today's broadcast is the only possible outcomes of a generation of anti-white white people let's open our bibles to the book of galatians chapter 6 verse 7. i'm reading from the king james version of the bible i read be not deceived god is not so much but what's so ever imaginative that shall he also reap you see it's time you be not deceived there are a lot of people who think that the law of swaying and reaping doesn't work you know this is basically where um some religions get the idea of karma you know that is basically this um what is saying here you know what you so is what you reap there are people who say that you know it is not um so that sometimes you know crime pays you know sometimes bad people end up well or good things you know don't always happen to good people sometimes bad things happen to good people you see it is not um true in really in the complete outlook of things it is your definition of good people that is wrong when you say bad things happen to good people the problem with that is your definition of good people for example let's say somebody lives a holy life a righteous life you see and

in spite of that later armed robbers come to the president's house and kills him and you know maybe rapes his wife and takes away their money you may look at it and say that that is an example of bad things happening to good people but you see the problem with that is your definition of good it is not enough to live a holy and righteous life in your eyes what about security why wasn't he living in a place that had enough security to withstand the robbers you see that is included why didn't he have you know the training and the ability to actually fight against opposition why didn't he make the right choices to make enough money to live in a more secure neighborhood or in a gated community or you know with better security because the bible makes it clear the bible tells you that a rich mass wealth is a strong city that means that if if you do not have wealth you are living in vulnerability your lack of wealth your poverty it has created a vulnerability for you because you do not like you you lack that strong city around you that world creates so you see in your eyes that is an example of a of a of a batting of bad things happening to a good person you know but that is not the truth that person disobeyed the scripture

you see that person disobeyed the scripture by not taking advantage of the fact that you have to be rich and your wealth is going to build protection around you it is not enough to obey one scripture perhaps you don't um you don't fornicate you don't do this you don't break any of the ten commandments but outside of the ten commandments there are a lot of other commandments

and there are personal instructions that god can give you god can tell you i want you to start praying for one hour every day between the holy spirit and you if you disobey that it is not among the ten commandments other people look at you as you are doing a you are good and all of that but in god's sight

how can you be good when you are disobeying god god has told you that i want you to pray for one hour every day you know let's say that god wants you to to live in god says go to this place and be missionary or go and live in this place organ work day did you obey god so you have to understand that aspect of sins you know so when it comes to people saying bad things happen to good people you know that is a very limited sight you are not seeing the full picture whatever a man shows that shall he reap if you are good good things will happen to you being good means that you have to obey all all the instructions you have to have relationship with god even if for example you've had sermons about fits you've you've had testimonies about fit even if um you're in a position where a car accident happens as somebody who have had testimonies of by other christians who do it in a car where perhaps they cut on board three times four times they screamed you or they shouted yes or they prayed and they came out without this crash on their body

when that bad thing is happening to you in in the sight of the world let's say that you have an accident and stumbling why after especially somebody who has had that even if you have not had that you should have faith and know that you are protected that you are in christ that you belong to christ and you use the power of jesus to survive that and come out and then that sin is not a bad thing happen to you it is a testimony that is what it is so you see bad things do not happen to good people the people who think that bad things happen to good people don't sit through that is why the bible is saying do not be deceived god is not mocked whatever a man's sweat he shall reap do not be deceived god is not mocked if you're a bad person bad things will happen to you do not be deceived god is not smoked if you're a good person good things will happen to you there are people who do not understand it so they are deceived they are deceived because they lack what i just explained to you they like the understanding of what i just explained to you so they are deceived and they think that god is smoked they think that this scripture does not always apply that sometimes bad things happen to good people no bad things do not happen to good people but opportunities for testimonies are given to good people you know a storm that would have come to destroy you know which somebody may look at as a bad thing about to happen to a a good person if you are good in the sense of you also have faith it is written without faith is impossible to please god so you have your goodness has only pleased man let us say that you have the faith also your faith without faith you will walk on water like peter you will walk through the storm you will overcome the storm through the power of jesus and that so-called thing that would have been a story of a bad thing happening to a good person or some people in the world may still look at that way it is now a testimony it is not an account of how you walk the water how you walk through the storm or walk through the difficulties and the problems of life you know that came so that that is something when you when you walk in faith you understand that as a matter of fact it should be natural for you to live a life of the supernatural when the sticks and stones when the storms come you should walk over them and sail that is part of being good in the sight of god to men you are good because you are doing good things in their eyes but to god god has told you it is impossible to please without faith it is impossible to please god so how can you with your faithlessness be good in the sight of god there is no good person in the sight of god that doesn't have faith that doesn't work and faith when trouble comes you do not stand on the word of god you do not believe that by the power of god in you you can overcome you cower you are freed you are subject to fear yeah you see so you you may be good in the eyes of the world but not god so they understand this now we are living in a day and time where there are a lot of white people who basically are anti-whites thanks to the criticalist theory the blm and all the nonsense that they are being taught you know now what is the outcome of of such eating what do you think will result from it you know in either way it is not good there is the aspect of self-preservation when the persecution of white people or people of european descent gets to a certain point some preservation will kick in you know because right now there are a lot of jobs that are taken away from white people and people of europe and they said there are people who are boldly saying i do not hire um white people or i wanted to only hire gay people or you know they have to meet quarters and all of that even schools like harvard and yale are doing the quarter nonsense you know that oh we need this percentage of we need we need an increase of of of just females we want to hire people because they are famous you want to hire this percentage of um african-americans you know we have enough white people you know all these kinds of things it reaches a point that the people who are supporting it now the antifa and the children of the antifa you see they are now going to flip andre 180 when it comes to time for preservation and they will be full out racists towards non-white people because now you are forcing everybody to form their own clique based on their skin color if you are african-american you have to think this way and that is why they hate scandium so much it's like you have to think this way and a lot of people are obsessing that is why even you can see byron saying if you if if you don't vote for me you are not black because that rhetoric of what it means to be an african-american i won't even go into the problem with um using that word black you know i've said it many times before that black represents darkness it represents evil it represents unwanted and it was actually a racial slow and that is why it was used and that is what's actually the original dictionary meaning of black is that is what it was

it actually means it was later on they started adding people of african descent into that definition which is wrong they should not be included at all because it was originally created as a slow it's kind of like including african-americans into the n-word in the dictionary or in the urban dictionary and saying that after african-americans used to refer to themselves and all of that no let it mean what it means we know that it is a racist way really hard slow you know so the n word is a [ __ ] slow calling african americans or people of african descent black it's also a real slow you know it's something that i have stopped using ever since i i linked this you know i have stopped calling anyone black you may notice that once in a while i use you know the word white because the reason is that when you also look in the dictionary white means a lot of beautiful things it represents holiness it represents purity it represents clean it represents one third it represents what is desired it represents you know something that is divine and shiny that is what white represents so it is positive unlike black you know so that is why i sometimes still use the word white but i i don't use black to refer to any race of people you know so that being said you can see why biden said what he said about um voting you know if you don't vote for me you are not um black because he has looked created he has he sees it and he notices that this is what it comprises you know everyone is not familiar to groups this is what an african-american has to be this is what all people americans say this that the opinions they have to have and it is pushing all more whites into their own category pushing um asians keep in mind that these people were united and there's a lot of intermarriage and a lot of mingling you know sometimes you don't know where some people start and where they end you know when it comes to race you know especially a lot of mixed people it's like you look at somebody you don't know am i looking at an asian am i looking at an african am i looking at an african-american asian or a or hispanic are they spanish are they from it you know you you can't figure out where some people are but what this type of thing is doing is for that creating device and the need for clicks to build so when you create a click that has to be based on race and it separates itself from other people based on risk what do you think is going to result so in the future we are going to have a kickback which we are not seeing from white people towards non-white people and the focus will be on those of african descent and africans and it's not going to be pretty because africans and people of africans are not going to sit back and fold their hands and what they are doing is going to make matters every it is going to so escalate and it may create a a situation where some nations may even have to divide you know so that is one outcome you know and that is not a good outcome of all this um hatred of white people towards um

themselves there's another outcome which is um obviously already happening and that is when you have a generation of the people who are responsible for a lot of all the good in this world who invented the aeroplane a white man who invented who discovered gravity white man who discovered you know electricity wise man who gave us internet white man who gave us ceiling fans electric funds refrigerators who gave us solar energy who gave us every single thing white men when you now attack that and say that it is evil you are destroying

a very key aspect of humanity that has made you humanity great

as a who it is going to become a disaster because when you are attacking men it's just like feminist families are a bunch of crazy people you know they don't think they don't think it is meant that false wars and battles on your behalf so that you will be alive today for many generations all women had to do was to be beautiful they didn't do anything you know in the cases where the woman was poor then perhaps she walked in the kitchen but the reality of the matter is that a woman walking in the kitchen was looked as as her husband was not wealthy or her husband was not well to do because if her husband was well to do understand history you know and don't read all these modern books go to the books that were there go to old books and read them and see how people live their life people had relatives it is not now when you see um they have child abuse laws a child of seven years old in america and in other parts of the world has already started working in the fields and at home so what work is the woman doing the woman was overseen in the even in the case of a poor woman now in the case of a situation where the man had some means he either bought a slave if he was poor because by slaves was actually something that was looked upon as what poor white men did the wealthy whites men did not want anybody who was african in the vicinity of their land as a matter of fact in the kinds of neighborhoods like for example in in a lot of prestigious neighborhoods poor white people were not allowed to go there how many poor white people do you think ned courts understand the mentality because it was a class-based society how many people do you think that were poor and white near buckingham palace for you to work as a cleaner in buckingham palace made you higher in rank and in a class-based society better more than a shop owner that is not even allowed you know anywhere near buckingham palace so it was a class-based mentality a squire who was actually basically a house boy or a a butler or a male made to a knights was of a higher rank to somebody who was a successful mission that was how they looked at things so there was there were no people of african descent among the rich of the whites they were not even allowed it was it was they did they did not even tolerate it that is something that you know so what was though white woman dream she just sat back had mates and when you look at african societies african societies had slavery so what was the woman doing in african societies you know in a lot of african societies that is the reality of the matter there are a lot of men that had like when a man has like um 20 30 50 wives what work is each of the women doing when it comes to label because think about all the children that they that they that are there all those children are working for the family so they are technically working for him it's like an all registered company where the father is the ceo that is what it is and all the children from childhood they are working so what's work and the female children the mothers are teaching the female children so the the mothers are actually only working when they feel like it and that you're doing it to housework and what housework was there to do especially in african societies so these are things that are not even talked about or looked upon but women want to have that idea of they have been oppressed since the beginning of time that is madness you know and it is that same lack of knowledge and the changing of history that have made a lot of white people hate and condemn their ancestry you know this continuous hatred by white people talk to other white people and this destruction of the people that are responsible for all the great things we have around us who invented the piano who was the one who invented our ability to record music who was the one who invented a microphone many of you are watching this on the internet who invented the internet he's not a white man but when you keep on attacking white people white men where where will greatness come from yeah destroys a key aspect something that people should be proud about

you are destroying a very important key aspect of humanity

so what does the future the world see we have a situation where there will not be limited creativity limited greatness and you know when you have a low self-esteem of yourself because that is what is going to create you know a j a a world where white people will have low self-esteem because of course how can you have a high self-esteem when you have when you believe that where you come from is evil where when you believe that all your ancestors are evil and you condemn everything white think about it this way if you're an african-american you know i am made to believe that everything african-american

everything from your culture is evil and wrong what how would you feel about yourself you feel worthless so think about an entire generation of the greatest group of people who is responsible for a lot of the great advances that this world has ever seen all of them not being able to produce all of them being destroyed psychologically all of them being cast into a position where they look down on themselves where they do not believe in themselves what kind of future and what is that that is one of the outcomes remember whatsoever i must sway thatcher heals this is something that everybody would suffer and it also creates an opportunity for somebody to now step in and take over that space and who is going to take it or is it going to be the antichrist or somebody who is a precursor to the antichrist or you know somebody who is just the demonic or will that position ever be filled in the close future or will or will it you know remain vacant for quite a long time

you know so there are there are so many layers of problems that can result from that you know in in addition to that there are so many different outcomes from this but i've just focused on like two you know and each of these outcomes are bad we must do everything we can to stop criticalist theory to stop the foolishness and the racism of black lives matter and you know all these african-americans who are super racist and you know to them they feel good when um they put down a white person or they put down something from white culture or insults white people who are you know are racist you know so um that is something that um we'll have to fight against to find out more about what i'll be doing and what i would like you to be a part of doing you know on fighting against this and how we'll go against it because we need to do something more strategic you know just reach out to me on i'm looking forward to hearing from you my contact details today now if you're listening to this and you've not given your life to christ i would like you to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip pedro commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that is it for

today thank you and god bless you

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