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The Nature Of Romance : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie

the nature of romance now this movie you know i just saw the trailer and the trailer basically reveals the entire movie the beginning the middle the end and every single thing in between i've never seen a trailer that quite tells you know it just incorporates every single element of the plot line you know every possible outcome into a single trailer that is basically you know a two minutes trailer you know this is amazing they have accomplished something terrible when it comes to the trailer itself you see a trailer should be made with the goal of making people want to watch what you are selling it's kind of like an information you know you are starting to sell them um the idea that or we are trying to create a desire to watch this movie you know you can't reveal every single thing basically this movie is you know a roman story about a girl and a her friend you know who they are busy in the office they want to get away and relax you know she needs to take a vacation you know there's the option of going to vegas but they decide to you know use the boss to go camping you know create their own entire thing so the experience camp of going camping you know in a bus basically kind of like a a modern rv um turbos kind of thing and you know also the camping when they go to the uh when they get to the camp the camp franchise with the romantic person of interest you know and you know the there is the issue of saving the park which is very cliche but you know understandable at least um it adds to the plots and her friend leaves her because of some emergencies so she's now alone you know with her finding difficult to relax she's not alone on the camp you know and with the ranger and the ranger is good with kids and all of that so a romantic attachment forms and since she's you know she's a writer she ends up writing an article that because of it brings attention and awareness to the park and you know people um develop an interest and a grant is given to the park so it kind of saves the pack now you see this point of the storyline the trailer should have been made in the way that it showed that chaos so and that is the question so at that point it should have been structured in such a way that is like are they ever going to get back together you know is she ever going to forgive me forgive him when she begins to think that he was just using her you know so they should have added that and they should have added a someone who will be more fulfilling you know they are different since you can't um underestimate the relationship between protagonists antagonists you know sometimes some stories don't need you know an antagonist that is an external human being you can bring the the problems that it just based on the person you know has certain things about themselves that they are fighting against their own progress they want something but perhaps you know something about them so so they are their own weakness they are their own enemies so you can do that but you know this is just the kind of movie that someone will watch if they are bought you know so that is what it is and keep in mind this movie like any other movie would have been better as a christian movie so if you are interested in making christian movies which you should be because the gospel has to be preached the gospel has to get out there you know if you like to be a part of creating christian movies reach out to us from alfred vip we're looking forward to hearing from you perhaps you want to work as an actor or you just want to invest or you know as a technical person on the set you know so just reach out to us on alfredo's vip that is it's thank you and god bless you

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