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The Harder They Fall : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the netflix movie the harder d4 now this movie is you know true to workness it stars a lot of african-americans in positions when you know it is impossible for african-americans to be in that kind of position because it's a wild west movie where african-americans you know it's it's it actually destroys history and you know the funny thing about wookiness is how people do walk things that they don't see destroy their narrative for example based on this movie slavery in america never happened

you know based on what i can see from the trailer and based on the premise because you are putting african americans as outlaws you know and you know people who are well blended in societies and people who can you know when you put them as the tough outlaw cowboy imagine watching the good the bad and the ugly and clint eastwood is an african-american you know in that time frame during the civil war you know it says so much what does that say about the workplace i you know the more people incorporate these kinds of plot lines in the name of wokeness and you put african-americans or people of african descent in positions

all over the

european history you put them as kings you put them at screens you know you want to make them lady gulliver an african-american you know you want to make um characters that are actually historic icons as europeans or people of european descent and a part of their history you want to black wash that down replace them with african-american characters it says so much and you know you eliminate history you know how is this fair if somebody makes a movie where malcolm x is white or martin luther king is white imagine the outrage but why is it okay to change other people's history if

if americans you know light-skinned americans white americans you know come over you know they move out to africa and then they start making movies where you know the leaders are whites you know and all the historic and um iconic leaders and especially the ones before um colonization you know the kings like in georgia for people and the rest of them when you start making all those african kings whites what does it say now i know there are silly people who say things like they have already done that with egypt the reality of the fact is that the color of the skin of an egyptian is different from mine it's different from the general concept of an african you know in spite of the fact that egypt is in africa you know and people used to use that to say that um jesus looked like an african no understand that egypt was the new york you know what america was well to the world you know a few years ago you know they are kind of losing ground to china but that position of america which was once what uk was the united kingdom was you know with london was the new york before new york was actually new york you know that is actually what egypt was egypt was the greatest empire at that particular time you know during that um ring the pharaohs ruled and egypt actually maintained its stance for quite a long time compared to so many others better the points of the mata is that understand that those people were mixed and that is why jesus blends in there

not um when i say mix i'm not just talking about the fact that they married from everywhere which if you study the bible you will see that risk does not play any parts race is not something that people looked at because people were married from oliver when you look at king solomon do you think that all king solomon's wives had the same skin tone that he had he was treating women he looked at women kind of like assaulted biscuits god said that they should not commit adultery so to suit their desires to sleep with different women they started marrying many women

and you know having concubines kind like the kings of other nations wanted understand that god didn't even want them to have a king but they wanted to you know to have a king like other nations and like other nations the kings of other nations part of the king's wealth is the beauty of his wives and concubines you know that was part of the world how beautiful are your wives and concubines so that was part of the shoe of the king's wealth and it reflected on the country you know so women's beauty was a command was a very valuable commodity you know in those days so you have to understand that people might from everywhere so this in the same way the people of israel the jews when you study the bible you'll see that they mix people from different races you know came there and you know when you look at even the bloodline of jesus you see people from different places the woman from jericho the people from different um um places are actually you know involved when it comes to um the formation of israel you know of course jesus bloodline had to be um preserved in the sense that it had to come from adam to abraham and then through to david it was very important that it followed that line you know so um that is also part of the reason why the book of matthew starts off with them giving us the genealogy of jesus but you have to understand um those facts you know it does not do good to keep on pushing this wrist this is very unfortunate you know this is terrible watching a cowboy movie where over 80 percent of the characters are african-american is mind-boggling and imagine a world where all of this continues you know it's it's like the ministry of um truth when you think about um george orwell's classic book you know they are changing history you know they are changing history and this is not good you know what is the endgame of this and of course you know um we need to do what we can to stop this kind of sense you know we must stop this kind of thing because this is just this is not the end game in itself you know there is more to it but in any case the movie itself you know apart from the characters the the fact that they choose to make everybody african-american which doesn't make sense you know in that cowboy era you know which which is crazy and it actually defeats the it's kind of defeats the walkness of chris of um critical race theory and black lives matter whatever and operational of that because you have eliminated slavery itself how can how could slavery has happened when you can see african-americans at that time with this kind of um freeway and you know um opundo in any case apart from that the movie the plot looks okay for a movie of its thoughts you know it's based upon um the typical um hunting down on outlaw in this case it's like an outlaw was being transported which is played by idris elba you know the train coach got um attacked they got iris elba you know outs and you know he screamed now reigns started the game and you know they were they a gun came together of you know of lord dua so i would say those who abide by the lords who try to chase him down and you know either elba's gang and you know bring them to justice so that is basically the whole premise of the of the movie with that being said remember to go to alfred vip and reach out to us if you are interested in making crystal movies you know movies that will take charge and take over all over this world you know perhaps you want to invest in what we do or perhaps you want to start your own movie studio there are a lot of things that we have to talk about and actually do you know there's something that there is really is no time you know we are actually lit to the party you know and we haven't even really kicked off so um that being said go to alfredo gip if you haven't given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and when you do that they pay your commander has a prayer service and see that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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