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The Dr. Fauci Emails & Continuous Leftist Denial #FauciEmails


References & Sources For This Video:

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- Fauci emails spark flood of backlash: 'Needs to stop playing games': 

- Critics Call to Fire Dr. Fauci After Emails Show Him Saying Masks Don't Work Against COVID:

- #FauciEmails: Uncovered Emails About Masks Spark Outrage, Speculation

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the dr falci emails you know the interesting thing is that there's still going to be denial on the left and denial on the part of a lot of the democrats but you know it's not surprising you know it's funny now that evidence is coming out that falsies emails is revealing what has been said and passed across you know thus the mean alex jones was right you know the things that have been said that have been called conspiracy you know the facts have been there just like um when it comes to the election and um the funny things that the leftists did you know and um a lot that had to do with um the counting of the votes president trump brought forth a lot of proof a lot of evidence but all of that was knocked out and it is that part that the right needs to take you know it is not about um who has the most votes which is what the last election has proven there are a lot of people who are putting all their hope on a return of president trump that should not be good enough because look at what happened when president trump's day are you going to control the media what about the media what about leftist rumors what about the lies what about the antifa you know what about the fact that every single thing that president trump does is going to be condemned and called racist no matter what it is you know many other things that biden is doing now when president trump you know tried to do something of that nature or said something somewhat similar he was considered racist you know and all of that bets biting is not you know that power to control reality the reality that americans perceive christians need to have it it's not something that i would say that republicans or just conservatives should have because now there's there's no denying the vast scope of that word republicans and all the people that are inside you know lgbt is there you know all kinds of people are there you know there are people who have um different reasons for being um on the republican side but you see we have to understand these realities and you know christians you know with the leader you know things has to be structured so around the world we take charge otherwise it will be chaos you know it'll be chaos you know dr farci's ability to do this and if he wants to get away with which is what about um obama that got away with the first immigration crisis you know that most of your generations saw you know with what he did when he killed gaddafi and basically brought back slavery as a result of what he did he destabilized the region and left so all kinds of terrorists started popping up slavery came back and people started fleeing africa and using that route to go to europe all kinds of nonsense started happening is um obama going to be blamed or cancelled or anything of that nature is he going to fit any um repercussions for his actions no what about bill clinton we all know about what's happened with jeffrey s epstein and jeffrey espin epstein and presumably killing himself which did not happen he didn't kill himself this is a man that believes in eugenics and believes in trying to live forever this is a man that puts his billions towards research to try to extend the human life those kind of people cannot kill themselves somebody that is spending billions of dollars to and to try to talk giving to a scientist to see if there's a way they can extend human life you want to tell me that that person communicates committed suicide what did he have to lose his name was already um ruined when he came to being a pedophile and he did not care that man didn't care about being called a pedophile that was the that did not bother him at all so you cannot say that he was he he killed himself what about that so people like him that is probably an honor and people like him see the future because in the future that they are trying to build pedophilia would be normal just the same way that homosexuality is is presumably um so to be normal today pedophilia will be so to be normal tomorrow even incest understand that this is what the devil wants and this is the direction they are working towards you can see the drag screen story hour you can see all the cartoons for children they are now featuring homosexuality and all of that telling them they can be transgender and all of that how can you tell a child to cut off at the age of five or three that um to understand the processing of them cutting off their private parts at the age of five you know don't have that person actually had sex before to to come to the conclusion that um that they don't like it and all of that and um they want to change their their body and their entire genitals because at that age it is completely irreversible they are not going through publicity from you know boy to man they are going they are taking it the poverty blockers and all of that so they are now changing straight away from boy to girl and then into woman based on the hormones and all of that and then the plastic surgeries that they are doing so they may their body is completely different that is a big alteration you know and how can you tell that person all that without telling them a lot about sex so they know what they are doing there is a big push on indoctrination there are people who are writing books that have all kinds of information or sex that even parents do not know parents are being taught i mean children have been taught me about sex their parents have ever known about sex you see so they will start by decreasing the age of consent you know in some places it is 21 you know when it comes to sex some places is 18. you know it will soon go to 16 universally then if you go to 15 then 14 13 until you know we are living in a day where people are saying they are non-binary meaning they are neither male or feminine they do not believe in gender so why would they not believe in age of consent when it came to comes to sex you see if you look at a lot of the modern documentaries they are saying things like um pedophilia is um is a misunderstanding that people are born that way that there are people who are born with that kind of attraction that is minor attracted person that a 50 year old man can could have been born with a with with it in him to be attracted to five-year-old boys or six-year-old boys that is what a lot of the documentaries are showing and i'm talking about documentaries from the major corporations you can look on youtube and search any of those documentaries you will see them and these are so-called journalists and this is what they are pushing so it can show that in the future what they plan to do it just like homosexuality homosexuality they do not start one day they just pushed it it started gradually like oh these people have a right to do this or not everybody believes in god don't they have a right to do it blah blah blah and now it has evolved into you have to believe this otherwise you're begotten and otherwise they are committing a hate crime which could lead to you being in jail that's how it goes so these people know what they are doing and jeffrey espin knew this so him being called a pedophilia is like him being called a visionary

him because the pedophile is like him being called vishnu in his mind because that is the future that he wants for the world so the concept that he committed suicide is ridiculous everybody knows that he didn't you know and hillary clinton bill clinton got away with that so that ability to to commit all these atrocities around the world you know and get the babies the republicans have it the christians have it you know and when we have that power we'll use it for good not to express it and be doing evil things or bad things and getting you with it no but that power is very important that part to make a sense look like a devil and the devil look like a sense that part is very important without it's you know just having a one good man as president is not going to solve the problem you know so um that is it if you are listening to this make sure you check out alfred dot um vip you know and you know listen there a lot of things that are there there is a lot of content that that will help you if you've not given your life to christ go to the you know salvation prayer.alfred.jip or just click this um salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip once again thank you and god bless you

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