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The Christmas Dance : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred i'd like to talk about the movie the christmas dance now this is a family friendly movie and you know it's not a crystal movie and you know it's unfortunate it would have been better as a christian movie and of course you know that every movie would have been better and will be better as a crystal movie now this movie is about uh romance you know finding love and you know all that's also you mixing stuff like um family reunion you know family getting back together and also she finding love and somebody to spend the rest of her life with you know that goes without saying this is basically the kind of thing you would expect from um a lifetime um type movie or hallmark movie you know that's that style of movie you know it goes without saying we need to as christians you know take seriously making movies and controlling all the media and what people see you know it's very important that we do so so that this gospel can actually go forth and dominate that's the reality of the matter it has to do so because everything else doesn't matter having a natural password but god's word will not pass away everything else doesn't matter you know your school your degrees everything else all the things that you that you put first you know all the things that you care that seem to care or matter on this earth does not matter in eternity the only thing that matters really the only thing that is of true lasting value is the gospel you know what is the gospel doing in you and what is the gospel doing through you in other words how much about god's word and you know christ you know how much of that has made a life in you and is growing in you what is it producing you what is it making out of you then also what is it making or leading you to do to change the world and to be a blessing to the world you know and understand something when a christian um like me talks about changing the world we are not saying change the world the way the world says it's we don't mean the same thing the world means change the world in a way that will lead to destruction because their own version of changing the world is in some cases at the very best allowing people to believe all kinds of things and to to live how they want and to do whatever they want to do to be happy but no that is not changing the world to a christian like me you know that is creating this the structure because when you allow everybody this one can be gay this one can be a muslim this one can be and it is this one can you know invent their own belief systems or religion people can do whatever they want as long as they are happy that is a deception you see it is not about

doing anything as long as you are happy what about for example sex for example if a female for example enjoy sex does that mean that she should now do it as an occupation and that it is okay after all it makes her happy you know understand something about happiness happiness is a choice and there's something that should um know you you're you're being happy especially if you're in christ it's actually your inheritance and you have to make that choice that choice by faith to be happy apostle paul said rejoice again i say rejoice it is a commandment when you look at the word of god the word of god is a mirror when it says this is who you are you're a new creation you do not argue you do not look at the um the science books and see how is it that i'm a new creation god says you're a new creature if god said that he has given you a new heart he has given a good new heart if god said do this and you have this then that is what it is if god says you know if you want to have good success you have to meditate on the world then you have to believe it and know that yes when i meditate on the word i have good success you know that's joshua want it so this is very important you know you have to understand that happiness and joy is a command and of course it is something that is given to us when you have the holy spirit for the full holy spirit is love joy you know joy that joy is the is the bedrock you know it is deeper than happiness you know if happiness was to have an advanced version a strong vision that is that goes and rolls deep that is what joy is joy is way bigger you know than happiness you know but you have to understand that and the same way apostle paul was happy in prison there were all the christians that were killed a lot of them who worked in revelation in spite of the fact that they were shown to lions they felt more joyous and free than ever than ever you know they felt joy joyful and free more than those who were killing them look at the story of stephen who was happier who had more peace during the story of peace of stephen who had more joy in their hearts when stephen was stoned he saw heaven passing and he was seen eviction he was having to look at the experience he was having when he was being stolen but the other people their house were full of anger there has to be full of um hatred and malice you see so who was happier in that in in that scenario who had more joy he was stephen so you have to understand that about um joy and happiness you know and you have the have that mentality in your work you know so you have to do what god wants you to do not what you want to do and that is the mindset that you should have and that is the mindset we bring to the world let everyone be in submission to god because god knows best and you know people need to be happy doing that you know it's just like if people are not happy with something like if if you do not find joy and happiness in church activities or christian activities like praising god and sinking what makes you think you will find happiness in heaven seriously you are not happy with church you find church boring you find church irritating you you hate it then for some reason you think you would like heaven you wouldn't you know so um these are things you have to realize and we have christians we need to push this gospel we need to make sure this gospel has light in every difference from true entertainment and every other thing you know politics everything swallows up the whole world in every part of the world and of course if you would like to be a part of what i'm specifically doing you know reach out to me on alfredo vip and you you have to be a part of this reach out to me on and find out about our organizations and what we are doing we could even um end up grooming you to start your own organizations for certain different purposes for the cause of the gospel you know that being said make sure you check out and god bless you


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