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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the core now this movie is a horror movie it's a horror trailer that is streaming only on you know that's s-h-u-d-d-e-r now basically from the understand from the trailer is basically

like you know a bunch of grown scenes you know have a culture of basically um i would say terrorizing this old couple you know that have their home you know by trains rocks at their home or whatever it is you know putting pranks on those um coppola apparently it's like the woman died and she included all the kids in their will you know they are going to get a hundred thousand dollars based on the condition that um they go to upstairs to a room in that house pick up the phone and stay on the phone for one minute and the husband explained that um that was what was the instructions in the wheel and he um she had him put another phone you know that phone call to be buried with her you know and of course this is goes into um horror and all of that but you see in as much as this type of thing has been done before but of course you know with kids you know that are much younger than this because perhaps they think that we kids um it will look more um it will be easier to um not feel like not feel too sympathetic towards the kids because that is not what they are actually going for they want the sympathy towards the uh woman and the it will make the old man look like you know why she like persecuting these kids so they made them older but by making it about things grown things you know like basically high school like senior high school age type kids you know it's unrealistic you know is is do kids in senior high go around to their neighbor's house and to control stones and all of that you know as a kind of initiation as a kind of game you know it's it's it becomes crazy then of course when you make her there has to be some bearing on something that makes sense

you know as well as its horror through that room for the supernatural but even the supernatural has its rules you know what is the logic behind this but i guess you know maybe when the um once is the entire movie all such questions will be answered you know it's um a concept that has been done before but not quite like this with the aspect of phone of course there's the popular recurring theme of you know someone dying personally saying you cannot spend if you spend eight nights in susan's room or social and soul house you know if you spend the entire nights and come out at the other end the other morning you know a life you know you have to you get yourself some amount of money it has been done so many times it has been done so many times you know there's a version of flintstones that is like this there's a version of an alfred hitchcock um um production that is like this there are so many different um stuff there's even a pixar cartoon for kids that it's kind of like this you know so um this type of plot line is exploited yet again bits you know um for i guess for those who like quran go you know if it's done properly of course at my age you can't really make your horror movie that actually would feel like a horror movie so you just feel like modern because i don't get scared and of course of of a movie you know so perhaps maybe for kids and you know it goes without saying i feel a lot is missing by them not including kids this is the kind of playground for kids and of course they should have looked for a way to humanize the old lady later you know like why she did this or all of that you know and that should have been the um way to go but making it kind of like grown-ups you know it's crazy such basically this whole lady goes on it's killing spree you know and i thought that the question of whether it was all this setup she just freaked her on dates hannah was going to come up with this elaborate um plan to really get rid of to get revenge if you will in this horror here type means now the question of okay the realistic aspect of it let's say yes she does this that now let's assume that it's the ghosts you know that is doing all this killing you know that now puts the husband in trouble what is he going to do with all these bodies now he has a lot of dead bodies on his hand he's not going to be branded as a serial killer and killed now let's say that this is called an elaborate plot by the two by the couple to persecute and to really get back at these kids now they are now both madras and syria class and basically worse than whatever the kids were doing you know that they are trying to get revenge for you know and now they have to live the rest of their lives as fugitives because how does one hide that kind of carnage you know the cops you know will be notified and all that you know so um people will look for the kids you know where where are they where's this teenager listen they have parents so everything will be tracked back to that house you know to of course the occupants of the house would be to blame so um the whole thing it's um the aspect of realisticness when it comes to the plot is not quite there you know it's not the best i guess it's most horrible people don't really care about you know how realistic can it get because you know it's hard as to saying one thing about that genre but you know you should at least do some thinking that makes certain aspects of the whole thing realistic and explainable you know that being said if you like to be a part of making christian movies of course as christians we we are not interested in horror in the sense of making people afraid we are trying to get people to never be afraid so if we are doing we are we are going to create our own genre like a an anti-horror counter horror that would be the most appropriate name for the genre you know something like that you know counter horror you know which actually makes when people watch the uh post from the possibility of feeling feelings of fear you know because you know that is a weapon to really go against christians fear we as christians we walk by fear not by sight and that is what we push we put fit not fear you know so reach out to us on alfredo's vip perhaps you want to invest perhaps you have good script ideas so you would like to work with us you know just reach out to us you're looking forward to everything on also if you've not given life to jesus christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo dot vip and when the page comes out that has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ so that's it thank you and god bless you