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Matthew 5:14-16 AMP

"You are the light of [Christ to] the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; [15] nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. [16] Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence, and [recognize and honor and] glorify your Father who is in heaven.

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hello everybody you're listening to navigating college i'm your host alfred the topic for today's broadcast is taking up student leadership roles in school in order to influence the narrative with christian ideologies let me say that again taking up student leadership roles in school in order to influence their narrative with christian ideologies let's open our bibles to the book of matthew chapter 5 i'm reading from verse 14 to 16 using the amplified version of the bible i read you are the light of

you are the light of the world you know and since this amplified version they always put things in brackets so let me read it as we include inclusive of what they put in the brackets

you are the light of christ to the world a city set on a hill cannot be hidden nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket but on a lampstand it gives light to all who are in the house let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence moral excellence and recognize and honor and glorify your father who is in heaven this is very important there are a lot of christians who are you know it's like i live a christian life my life has been changed and you know they are kind of like closed christians they they believe in the lie of i do not force my belief systems down people's truths you know i don't want to be one of those christians who try to force their beliefs down people's truths guess what satan has so ripped you off because now the lgbt folks the leftist folks the communist folks are now the ones who are walking in the fruits of shoving their beliefs down people's truths the world is the way it is because when christians stopped evangelizing when christians stopped pushing their beliefs now we are in a world where you get counseled for having a belief that is outside of what is socially acceptable by a few and it's called political correctness now we have council culture to make sure that there is a persecution and you know the the elimination of the voice and you know even the financial future because a lot of people have been losing their jobs you know a movement that claims to care about people is responsible for people all over the country you know and different parts of the world losing their jobs just because of their political beliefs or one belief or the order or something that they say that is out of line of what a particular group wants to be seen

you know so this is very important we have to understand that we have to stand up don't be that fellow who waits and says let it be those who are according to the ministry of pastors you know or let it be some evangelical let god use someone else you know or i am not called um to be a pastor so let somebody else do it stop that that is the devil's life for you and unfortunately because christians have believed socialize that is why we are in a world as it is that is why the world keeps getting worse because the light of the world is hiding under a bushel you know because we are putting our light under a basket our light is now supposed to be for only our family and for those in our close-knit group in our little small churches and you know in our only two groups that is now who our light is for so the devil takes up the darkness and takes all the positions of her positions of influence and creates the conditions that he can now press against our little groups and our little churches and put out the light blow the breeze into our into our little light that is now hiding under a bushel and put out the lights that is what is happening now you send your children to school whether you like it or not if you are in america and you are not in a private christian school your kids are being taught that masturbation is okay your kids have been thought that homosexuality is okay whether you like it or not even if you're christians in a christian school whether you have chosen to try to disconnect yourself and your family from the world they will still put on television they will still go on the internet and what is there telling them that anybody who does not believe in lgbt and whatever left his life and whatever new things satan wants everybody to believe anybody who does not believe in it is a bigot or has something wrong with them or is hateful and all of that how many of you have your children still going to the same church that you went to when you're when you're when your kids grow up they leave the church why because the world has been preaching a message to them ever since yes you have been sending your church your some of your kids to school on sunday i mean to your kids to church on sunday but every other day they go to school where they are taught that those who believe in god is crazy that um god is not scientific that sense and god does not jail you know that the two do not work together you know they are going to schools where they are being taught that then when they come back home they see tv programs where the world is being pushed forth ungodly things have been pushed for those things that are promoted ungodliness is being made fun of a a young man saying that he wants to be you know be a virgin and you know not have premarital sex is laughed upon a young lady you know who has not lost her virginity you know is laughed upon on the tv shows on the tv programs is left upon in the world and that is how the world keeps on pushing their messages are what is dominating but christians keep christ you see one thing you have to understand is that um it took a long time for christians to get to a place where we were actually head and actually in charge and actually in a position where you can see places like america where um the founding fathers were actually christians for most of them and they were even putting the year of our lord and everything they wrote you know and they where even for them to be knowledgeable about christianity christianity came a long way so many people died for christianity to reach that level now we are about to lose all this we have been losing it for so much because we have bought the life of keeping our mouth shut you know there are sense like don't talk about politics and don't talk about religion you know in so many spaces but those are two very important things that is used to control people in mass and then when they are telling you that those people are pushing for their own political ideologies but they are not using it they are not pushing it under the umbrella of politics they are pushing it in tv shows they are putting it and they have been doing so for years they have been pushing it through academia two different concepts true so much that everyone has interacts with they have pushed secular humanism so much even in sports you know they don't they always play secular music they always play on godly music um they kind of see music you know that is what they play in sports you know children have birthday parties even christian children when their their party is held what kind of music is listening to on godly music music that is not gospel music that does not gratify god there are different kinds of gospel music there's gospel rap there's gospel rock there's all kinds of gospel there's gospel pop christian pop music you know they're all kites so you cannot say that well gospel will not be suitable does not have the kind of redeem that goes with um a party scenario there are different kinds of gospel for every gender that is still but it's giving god the praise you see so um that is a lame excuse but you can see how the devil has cleverly shifted everything shifted um christians away from everything and christians believe in so many wrong ideologies now as a student in school it is very important you know you don't say that um i'm i'm a person who is quiet you know it's it's not in my initial you know for the sake of the gospel for the sake of your future because it's a matter of preservation in the future you see it like i've explained how it is difficult now for your kids to actually be christian in spite of the fact you may want to raise your kids christian but the message they are going to be receiving from school from tv from their friends from everywhere is going to be telling them that you are a big goat for teaching them christianity for teaching them that homosexuality is wrong for teaching them that justice the way the truth and life you know they tell them oh you believe in a man in the sky you know but we're flying a place we have gone out to outer space that we didn't see any god so what what are you talking about you know so those are the kind of things that your kids are being told those are the kind of messages that they are they have been pushed to everywhere else so don't be surprised when your kid stops going to church or doesn't care about the things of god you know it's their kid have been listening to the world you know and the world has occupied everywhere oh because the church has refused to put his voice everywhere you know if i if i come up with the concepts i like i have talked about turning everywhere that human beings come wrong it gets into a fellowship center businesses schools parks anywhere that human beings can communicate tonight let there be a fellowship center day i've emphasized that and that is one of the key things about the structure of the family and you guys should also have your churches built in that direction because when it comes to the practicality of building church buildings let us say that there is a flow let us pick pick a place like texas let's say everybody in texas gives their life to christ which such building is big enough to occupy everybody in texas

and you know if you build a place let's say that you managed to build it it's not even possible are you going to unless you want to turn the whole of texas into a trash building

so what does that what does that mean are you going to create every so is not better for everywhere where human beings can country congregate to be a fellowship center in their bands in their schools everywhere turn those clubs into libraries turn them into restaurants you know a club can easily turn into a starbucks type place you know

with the with the library twist you know switch things up change things have a vision for changing this world because understand that the devil and his minions have a vision for changing the world but towards their own dark direction the lgbt just one part of it there's many things to it and they are pushing for to form a one world religion very soon your version of christianity your christianity according to the bible will be considered wrong and bigoted it's not be like you christians have to come into this new religion that has islam and all of that that by believing in god are you saying that all muslims should go to hell that is this bigoted of you you know that you do not care about muslims you hate muslims you know that is how they jesus and that is how they see it you know so why did all these ideologies go far and spread because christians believe in the i will leave my life holy and and right and the world is going to look at me and then be changed that is a lie that never happens you know jesus did not decide to leave his life holy and right and then people looked at him as they changed he went out to preach he went out to tell parables he went out to perform miracles the same with all the disciples you know people do not change by looking at your life and saying oh because this person because this person's life is holy me to let me be holy that is not the way even if they want to become holy like you how would they know how if you do not tell them if you do not tell them how you know how would they understand the gospel without the preacher how would they hear without the preacher this is very important so stop living lives like that we must be the ones you know when it comes to pushing down messages down belief system down people's truths let us do it you know if it means we save a life if you have a child let us say a dog for example there are some of you who've had dogs that you know the vets wanted is to take a pill or something what did you do you force that pill down the dog's truth sometimes you put it in the food and in the case where the dog eats everything minus the pill you force that to peel down the dog straight because it's for the dogs they are trying to save the dog's life so in in the same way when it comes to shoving messages down people's truths move away from that i don't want to be the person that pushes their belief system on others the world is pushing their beliefs and steps on everybody else and they are pushing pushing a and creating a world where it is impossible for you to practice christianity even in your own room can you not see what happened during this lockdown where they specifically banned christians from singing in churches they said no more singing in churches in l.a they said it but people could still go to night clubs people could sing a night clothes but you cannot sing and praise god in church think about this how how is it not clear is this well spelled out somebody can go to a nightclub and be singing all the demonic songs and worldly songs and they can have sex and so the s naked dancing and all of that in the club and any strip club but in church they were banned from singing you cannot sing in church because it's going to spread the virus think about that you see so um you you have to be smart the devil notices they understand that all these things the devil is in the back of things manipulating his children manipulating those who have made themselves his children people who who were created by god who supposed to have given their life to god and be the children of god yet they decided to remain in darkness and to submit themselves to satan to be their father and he's using them to ruin lives and eventually he will kill them he will destroy them because that is what he has come for to kill to steal and to destroy so he will destroy those who he's using all the silly people who are in the church of satan who are following satan satan we kill them last some of them here he we kill them first you know it depends on on his mood and whatever his strategy is you know especially when he sees that um there's a possibility that one of them is about to change you know so all those kinds of things that that is um who folks follow when they follow the devil they are following somebody who he himself is heading to destruction and he himself wants to kill you because he knows that god loves you and his way of trying to get at god is to to destroy you whom god loves but you you have decided to walk in hatred towards god and to fight against the church which is sad you know so christians you know you need to be smart start getting it get into leadership positions you know it starts small you know whether it's a student body president or whatever get in those positions and then start influencing because that is one of the things that the devil did start influencing all these different areas with christian ideology start putting christian ideologies and you know turn the thing out for good you know start christian fellowships and let the numbers grow so the numbers should be on your side and your opinions will be on your side and the ideologies will be on your side and starts going after everything that does not have god in it or anything that chases away god that tries to chase away god from schools that tries to chase away god from movies that try to save the way goes from you know the principles and ideologies you know when people try to create laws in schools you know like making a compulsory for oh the uniform has to be this shot for girls like sheer leading uniform oh they all the girls have to wear sketches that are this short and all of that that is something that is the devil notes knows what he's doing you know you come with your own christian influence and say no there's such a thing as decency the girls are not going to wear this you know so you you have to start pushing forth your own self because a time become where you will regret why you did not listen or why you did not do anything ever since because by that time it will be two days you'll be surrounded round about by a whole bunch of worldly ideologies and the versions of the churches that will be allowed to prosper will be versions that submit themselves to the globalist ideology when adolf hitler took germany the churches that were allowed together were choices that were subject to the nazi party it started little by little pastors were required to start submitting their semes ahead of time to the to the nazi um propaganda um fellow who was under the the nazi minister of information so the sermon has to be approved by the nazi party and then they will send a nazi to be there and make sure that the the pressure sticks to the summer and does not say anything else until the thing kept changing and changing and of course onto the the church in germany at the time just ended up being um basically just an arm of propaganda for the nazi party and then the real churches had to go on right underground because they had to preach the real truth you know so and those those pastors a lot of them were killed but a lot of jews don't know that a lot of jews just look at the churches that were still allowed to operate those were not real churches anymore and that is what the devil has planned and you know history has the funnel of repeating itself that is exactly what the devil has planned a lot of churches during this pandemic um lockdown monsters have been bought by worldly organizations why would they buy churches what is what is the advantage they have brought a lot of churches what is not going to come out of those that is why it is not surprising that you can see some of the biggest preachers who are actually suggesting that churches be used to give out vaccines

think about that kind of abomination think about that stupidity how can you you know the 666 is going to be given out in churches so-called churches that mark of the beasts one of the places where it is going to be distributed through is through churches keep in mind that the antichrist you know when the bible says he makes war against the saints that is those who truly belong to god he is going to have his own version of christianity that approves of him and that we end up pointing us to him as god when you study the bible that is what it actually says so there's going to be the real christianity that is going to be persecuted and then there's going to be the fake christianity that is um for everybody you know that's muslims all kinds of people even muslims who believe in pure muslim the quran they will not be allowed to exist they will every single religion or belief system will be infiltrated and it will be a universal creation of a one-world religion and a one-world church everybody has to believe in it

that is a fact so um you have to be smart and right now when we still can we have to spread our wings and go into all these places so that we can actually influence the world with the gospel you know that being said um remember to go to alfredo's vip if you've not given a life to christ when you're at you know click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu whenever the page you commander has a proof of salvation that price a template you know basically um a guide on you praying and telling god that you want to have god in your life you want to turn away from you know um the world and you know focus on christ and follow god so that's what that prayer is thank you and god bless you

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