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Socialist e-Girl Gets $2 Million Apartment Thanks To Donations From SIMPS To Get Her Attention


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Click Here To Download: Socialist e-Girl Gets $2 Million Apartment Thanks To Donations From SIMPS To Get Her Attention

References & Sources For This Video:

- "Tax The Rich" E-Girl Shows Off Her $2,000,000 Apartment: Will and Amala React: 

- Socialist E-Girl Shows Off Her $2,000,000 New Furnished Apartment: 

- Okay Boomer Girl Neekolul Buys $2,000,000 Apartment and Twitter Loses It!:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i'd like to talk about the e-girl you know who allegedly you know just bought a 2 million apartments from money that was gotten from basically since online you know symphony is a term that is very popular now you know the negative aspect of that word is that or what i don't like about the word sim is that it might end up discouraging people from showing affection it might end up um making it seem negative for a man to do sacrificial sins for a woman he loves and to be affectionate you know and to be romantic you know so um of course um love comes to sacrifice and you know sacrificing for the other person that you i love it so there's that aspect of it but there's the other aspect of simply wish the world was really created for which is basically men doing crazy things for sex or for girls or for egos you know which is girls that they see online you know there are a lot of females that are taking advantage of many you you know it's a pride that there are a lot of lonely men and boys in this world it is unfortunate that a lot of people don't know what it means to be a man you know we need to start having men's conferences and you know teaching boys to be men you know um it's something that is clearly not done it's something that fathers used to do but you know nowadays this generation of fathers you know perhaps were never thought to be men and of course there is the war on masculinity you know it's now called toxic masculinity and all of that so there are so many problems which is they asked the idea that a girl can get two million dollars you know just from being on the internet you know and interestingly um this is not um um porn or prostitution prostitution it's not like she's a prostitute she got it from prostitution or she got this from selling porn online you know of course only france has has created a generation of prostitutes you know when you look at the book of um revelation you you see the aspect of um the woman who was called a mother of hallows you know the image was called the mother of hallows you know babylon you know and you you you see that um god condemning that making creating a nation of hallows and you can see that actually started years ago you know past the 90s you know even before the 90s you know when you look at the free love movement of you know um years before that you know the free love movement and other kinds of things and you know promise quotes being promised because sex outside of marriage being normalized you know now it is super normalized every show is about it's every tv show is about everything is like oh it's normal to have um sex out of marriage now we are now in this phase where basically a lot of women and females are selling their body online on the internet you know it's like oh um i'm just showing them my body i'm showing them my feet you know only france has taken it to another level so we basically now have millions upon millions of pros of prostitutes you know egos or whatever and this girl in particular is not um into um to the best of my knowledge but her just making videos on twitch and you know getting guys to give money to her you know for her to get enough money you know and gifts for to to buy a 2 million apartments you know or to rent one even you know that is just um so much you know and it is so unfortunate it is so fortunate it says so many things about the the males in this world you know it has gone so bad you know why why would um people spend that much money you know i know that for some people they have just given twenty dollars or fifty dollars and of course when this month so because these are people who um a lot of these eagles have millions of followers so half a million followers you know and so with all this um silly men had a date that lonely and desperate that you are giving girls um money like that you know and you know there are people that have been said to be making millions you know on only france for after just um one month or you know just in um a few days you know this is so unfortunate of course the sugar baby culture that has gone on another level you know the sugar baby culture is something that um i was aware of it is not new you know it's something that ever since the 90s um as a kid i had that freeze that sugar baby fries and it was used know that politicians you know had sugar being used and all of that but now it has not been monetized there are no websites for it and they are now people who are spending thousands on a female you know i i'm a men that lonely and desperate you know at least at this stage you know and you know there are so many things to say but the solution to this is that

the gospel has to be preached and we have to start you know

many conferences and you know teaching programs building programs they used to be a big product program you know when you know because a lot of people who lost their father so they didn't have a father and offense you know people had a big brother program where people volunteered you know to be a big brother to perhaps an offender to somebody who did not have a father you know and this was in america you know years ago i believe it was in the 60s you know there was those big brother program i don't know when it stopped i don't know if it has stopped it doesn't feel like it's continued you know it's certainly not pop at all you know but these programs on what it means to be a man i'm building up me you know boys have to become me it's very important that these kinds of things are done because a lot of um meals are being are falling in between the cracks you know and uh you know being left soft and what is what becomes a society you know what becomes of a nation where there are no men that nation is going to be weak and it's going to be destroyed that is it that is what will happen to the nation and we now live in a world where what i just said sounds controversial to feminists and crazy people because they do not value what men bring to the table they do not value the importance of a man you know and if a woman is honest and she really values women you should know that a woman is unique and a man is unique there are certain things that a man cannot do that a woman can do and there are certain things that women cannot do a man can do under sentence you should only expect the people who are the same agenda to do but unfortunately we live in a world where you know the devil has put forth his message and people are believing all kinds of nonsense that they should not believe and it's causing a lot of um trouble you know that being said um we need to um pray about it and you know start um preaching the gospel and especially messages that will help tom boys into men now if you are listening to this and you've not given your life to jesus christ you have to go to alfred vip and you know click on the selection player link in the main menu and i appear you come out that has a prayer salvation center prayer and there's a starting point you're praying you're saying that you want to become a christian you know you want to leave um your past behind and give your life to christ you want to accept christ you have to talk to god about it and that prayer there's a formula you know it's a guide to help you you know see what needs to be said you know in that um proposal to god in that offer you know in basically you are accepting god's offer because he is the one who died for you first he's the one who died for us he says the one who reached out to you through jesus christ on the cross you know so that is should be done and of course if you're interested in what we will do and perhaps you also have ideas about what should be done when it comes to organizations and movements like you know the big brother and all kinds of things that will help make men men again that we help make boys men again you know so that this kind of nonsense will not happen there are so many um males who are spending so much money on egos you know and all of that on prostitutes and um you know girls who girls who they would even never meet you know and it's so fortunate thank you god bless you

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