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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about saying it too now you know it's quite unfortunate that these moves and these things are done by the world uh right i prefer that this was done by the church you know the building of these franchises these kinds of things help to form the minds of a lot of young people when they are still very young when they are children you know and whoever can get the minds of the population when they are really young you know that is their true parents and those are the ones that truly are training them in the way that they will go and when they grow up it will be difficult or impossible for them to depart from you know so it's unfortunate that this movie and you know frontiers like this are not crystal you know i really wish it was this thing too it's basically you know first of all it puts um it's andromorphic you know which means basically this concept of giving animals human lifestyles you know in animation you know and of course you know box bonnie does that you know a lot of um stuff doesn't those that you know and in some cases they are excuses for liking biker mice from mine from us is much from outer space then in the case of ninja turtles we have turtles that are um um you know in human situations we think like humans you know this breaking of the barrier between humans and animals is something that i've never smiled upon you know and even was so in a lot of movies or cartoons you know especially for who have their origins in the cartoon world that don't um even have bother to have an explanation that just for that you know like with nature total cities ooze and all of that you know they come up with some kind of um strange explanation so why this animal is now um has human futures not have the mind of a human out things like human love that you know but it's dangerous because you know humans are in the image of god animals are not so it is degrading to give animals human properties even in entertainment you know there is more to be said from that but i i don't like that concept and that is basically largely what this is about but it tells an interesting story of not giving up and you know when you're down on ours basically and getting back on your feet that might seem positive and you know that in itself only basic level is positive but this is something that i wish this influence uh upon generations will and kids was in the hands of the church you know it would have been much better that way and you know we must do everything to ensure that things are that way you know so in any case this movie briefly based on what i can see from the trailer is you know this group of animals with human brains you know want to audition and you know the guy who is in charge you see well the gun he is like shutting down everybody and somebody mentions the name of a retired superstar you know and it was like what he got his attention and they ended up promising this worldly guy you know who was um reviewing the axe and you know the guy was promised that they will get the superstar so it's all about meeting the superstar he's not a recluse and nobody has heard from for so long you know and this guy is um for whatever reason he has given up on his music career and all of that so it's about you know gets into him you know find out that he's um low you know he's feel so down a lot he doesn't even want to listen to his own music he hasn't listened to his own music for you know what are 15 years or so and you know he gets him back to believe once man then get back into the music and all of that so that being said if you've not given your life to christ kindly go to alfredo's vip click on the solution problem get the main menu when do that the page you come out that has a professor which will say that prayer and give your life to christ so that is it thank you and god bless you

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