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hello everybody you're listening to alfred's american movie reviews i'd like to talk about the movie settlers now settlers is a post-apocalyptic story you know it's a sci-fi story basically a survival story the plot there's not much to be said for it it's all about action you know i've just seen the trailer um it leaves much to be desired when it comes to the story line you know it's what you would expect you know when you are making something for certain genres you know that has certain fixed um expectations story-wise because of course you have to um create a world and a lot of times so much about the story is about trying to be true to the world within that genre for example let's say yeah you're making something about zombies there has to be the between the story you know things being true to um the zombie genre you know is it from a virus you know which is normally is you know and then you know attacking the zombies the way the zombies act and all of that but that should not take up so much of the movie because when it does that then you have basically offered not so much that hasn't already been seen before in every other movie within that genre because you spent too much time making sure that you were true to the genre you were creating a picture or painting painting a picture or creating a world that was true to the genre and to that world and that is what i see with this particular post-apocalyptic tell you know it's just basically about survival and there's really nothing that exciting you know and starring a little girl kind of like at the center of it and her relationship with her mum you know her dad being taken away during an attack and all of that you know and it's like what happens to the rest of the world what is out there is there really nothing out there they're the only ones left in the world are they the only set last what happened to what happens it's like there was a a perhaps earthquake or something you know that's happened before keep in mind also that there is a video game by ubisoft that is also named settlers so it's very interesting that that is the case you know it's very very interesting but that being said that that is justice now if you

would like to be a part of making um movies or video games christian movies or video games that will change the world and touch this world for christ i will also you know actually beat everything that is out of hollywood nollywood you know bollywood gallywood all the other woods you know all the other um movie industries around the world you know rich outsource and on alfred part of what we plan to do you know what we are going to do when it comes to the entertainment industry thank you and god bless you