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Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast:

Proverbs 18:16 KJV

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Proverbs 18:16 AMP

A man's gift [given in love or courtesy] makes room for him And brings him before great men.

Proverbs 22:16 KJV

He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want.

Proverbs 22:16 AMP

He who oppresses or exploits the poor to get more for himself Or who gives to the rich [to gain influence and favor], will only come to poverty.

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hello everybody are listening to rich people are not your enemy i'm your host alfred the topic for today's broadcast is

send gifts and write thank you letters to the rich let me say that again send gifts and write thank you letters to the rich let's open our bibles to the book of proverbs chapter 18 verse 16. i read it from the king james version of the bible i read a man's gift makes room for him and bringeth him before greets me you see that's the king james version now a lot of people have misunderstood that scripture and have thought that that refers to talents a man's gift makes room for him and bringing him before griezmann they think that that is referring to talent that is referring to abilities let's say you're a musician that that's um if you are gifted in music you have to give your all to music and if you bring it before grace man if you are gifted as an actor give your all to act you know if you are gifted as a doctor you know and you become the best doctor you know now presidents and you know the best of the best will want to um you to be a doctor or all those kinds of things they think it refers to gifts in that sense but no that is not what it refers to the gift here is gifts as in gifts you know a literal gift what you give to somebody as a gift example money money being the shift you see and is saying giving gifts is a way for you to advance in life for you to move from one level to another some of you are waiting for the day you have connections some of you are praying and are saying that oh you want um this and this famous person to know you why don't you write a thank you letter to that famous person not to that person that is exemplary in susan's to field or professional why don't you send them money you may say um how much can you send to a billionaire how much can you send to a millionaire it is the thoughts that counts believe you me devalue it you know if you are standing um at the parents a shekel counter with a multi-millionaire or even let's say that he's in forbes as one of the richest men in the world you know he's in the top 10 or top 50 whatever i am standing beside him but you choose to pay for him that gesture will be appreciated you know it is not a matter of well he has so much money what would this mean no you have to understand uh especially since this is something that he could have spent by himself because you also have to understand something about gifts the value of a gift has to matter to the person that is true in other words you cannot give a rich person rags and expect it to matter but let us say that you understand and you know that the rich person buys this kind of shadow perhaps he he also drinks water like everybody else and you buy him a bottle of water you buy him you know a a a crate of bottles of water that is something that is useful to him even though it is in both your price ranges you know so it becomes valuable but if you buy him black or if you buy him dirty water or something that you know that it is not valuable to him on any level you know there's a problem but don't look at it as he has the money to buy it himself a million times over there five wouldn't you know and this is actually what is going to help you there are a lot of people who do not value things like joining country clubs or mingling with the rich or saying good things about the rich you know there are people who would rather with their on their profiles go to the pages of different celebrities and other people and see all kinds of negative things you think they do not see they see it understand that day two where people who you know a lot of times um where once on the web or once in other people's comment sections you know there there are people that they they to read the comments so the fact that they do not reply doesn't mean that they do not see it you know it's funny that for example there are musicians who make distracts against other musicians just for clouds and because the bigger mission does not respond they think that the big musician did not sit oh the big musician listening to it but he knows that if he responds he's giving you what you want and he's making you more popular and also um getting you more views and more money that is why but believe you me he sees it and the connections that that musician would have helped to make possible for you now they are now in a position where they would rather move to stop it and that is what you have done to yourself you see so this is something that goes um even far bigger now for those of you who are still not sure that that portion of the scripture is talking about money giving gifts to the rich let us look at the amplified version of that same scripture that's proverbs 18 16. i read a man's gift given in love or courtesy makes room for him and brings him before great men you see what it is saying a man's gifts given in love or courtesy that means he's not talking about talents you can't give somebody your talents in love or courtesy you know you can't give somebody your talents like and be distributing your talent everywhere you go you know no he's talking about gifts giving gifts to people some of you don't have a book where you keep records of the bad days of everyone you have ever met even people that you would never meet or people who are famous or people who are rich or people who are exemplary and your bosses or your bosses boss you know all these things have list of their bad days their children's bidders and all of this and send them gifts

there are people who say money does not buy love that is a lie because you see um money has been used to change the heart of so many people in this lifetime so many people every day money is changing the hearts of people from one direction to the other especially when even most when there are people in the world who are not you know um fixed on something solid you can manipulate so much with money look at um show me a man that has a lot of money that is not with a beautiful woman that is what he shows you may say that the woman may not love him although um the woman may eventually later on you know misbehave or whatever but the point is that that is what he shows he has that option because of his money so what's happened to all that story about money does not buy love the the only the 10 is that you also have to understand that um the door is not even open for certain people who do not even have money a lot of women do not even see men that do not have money they do not see them in the light of a prospect at all

you know so these are things that you have to understand and apart from that even friendships imagine if you were in great difficulty you know let's say that um you you didn't um your rent was due like two months or three months you're about to be kicked out you know and none of your friends and all of the running around you did helped you then somebody that's barely knew you sent you money for your rent how is your feelings going to be towards that person and sammy how is your feelings going to be told that person you are going to value that person more than all your previous friends as a matter of fact you may even go around saying all my so-called friends they saw my social friends but it is this person that is my is my one true friend why because of money the person did not say that say anything they just sent you money that is the power of money so when people say things like um money does not buy love you know it is not quite true you know it is only it only makes sense in in in the realm of a transaction like somebody pays pay somebody money and say love me return no that does not work but when the love when you give gifts in out of a genuine heart you know you know in the amplified version he said given in love you know how you give is important when you give in love and in and out of you know yeah you're being genuine with it and especially when you are giving not with the aim of getting something in return you have taken away the transaction-ness of it it is not the transaction like i give you money therefore you have to love me when you take away that transaction value then you actually get the love in return for your money so when you give gifts a money and you do not expect love in return it is not an expectation you don't look at it as your rights like it's an exchange like it's a transaction when you don't look at it as like that and you and you deliver it that way then you will get love and return but if you look at it as a transaction and you're trying to make a transaction out of it that is where you lose and this is why there are a lot of people who give in church they they sow seeds and they don't get nothing out in return or it's or it takes so long for them to get a return it is because they are making a transaction out of it oh i mean difficulty therefore i'm going to pay my tithes and pay this amount of for a special seed expecting susan in return as a transaction you have put it as easy right yeah you are looking at it as uh like yeah like you give you're selling that like if god is selling you bonds and then you know the the return on investment of the bonds is so so and so you know 10 food or 100 for they are looking at it as a transaction and that is how your heart is so that is a problem you have to give you know the bible says god loves the sheer forgiver not an investment oriented giver you give it cheerfulness you give what is your motive forgiven so your motives matters a lot and when you look at um proverbs 22 verse 16 it's it helps to explain this even further reading from the kingdom version he says he that oppressed the poor to increase his riches and he that gave it to the rich shall come to wants now to some people it may look like this portion of scripture is contradicting the other personality just right but no it is not it's saying that you can see this person's mindset he oppresses the poor to increase his riches so he's taking advantage of people to build his own wealth he's getting money true at the expense of others he's putting down people and stepping on people to make money and then he's giving to people who are rich with the goal his mindset is so that he will become rich then that person will become poor you see the principle of a man's gift make it room for him and bringing him before great men that is a principle that is not a transaction so you are living your life in a way in a life of faith and in accordance to the world that let us say you give a million dollars to billionaire a you have activated a spiritual principle your reward may not come from that same bologna a it may come from melania c somewhere else you see because it is a principle you have opened the gate so it is not a transaction it's not a transaction that since you gave to billionaire a one day billionaire a will do do you a favor in return but when you have that mindset of billionaire it is that place you know you have turned is a transaction for you you're giving to billionaire yeah you want bologna eight to one they give do you a favor you will come to once because bologna it will probably not do anything for you but when you activate that principle you know all of creation what you say is what you reap you know there's a comma to it you know so your life of giving you know we ex we open channels that we flow reaches back to you you know and these are things that are very important you have to know that the the it is a type of seed that you so that you will get back if you are sowing um seeds of love that is what you will get back there are people who say i care about people i love people and because of that you know they don't believe in giving their tights they don't believe in giving offerings they don't believe in giving gifts to the poor and they don't believe in giving gifts to the rich

this but they love people they care about people they volunteer that time they do good things so guess what that is how their interaction is with people people love them back people care about them but their financial difficulty you see if you saw maze they have a seaweed piece mist if you saw rice the harvest that you reap is rice if you saw garry in the harvest that you rip is gary you know cassava so that that is how it is do you want the harvest of money you cannot be sowing love or sowing service you have to sow money to to get money harvest you see so that is a very important principle because there are a lot of pastors who think that well i have given my life i've given my whole life to ministry so i don't need to pay tights i don't need to give offerings that is why there are pastors who are always begging for money and the apostles were in financial difficulty because you do not understand that your prosperity is not based on your congregation it is based on your own giving

you see your own giving and your obedience to the instruction of the holy spirit understand that that is what it is for that that is that is the the the results that your your giving will bring you have to sow money seats to receive um a great abundance of money you know so that is very important too even further clarify this um differences let's look at the amplified version of proverbs 22 16 it says he who oppresses or exploits the poor to get more for himself or who give or who gives to the rich to gain influence and faithful we only come to poverty that is that transaction nature of it you know so you are giving you know the what is your motive forgiven like i said when you give to god you have to give for the work sick so you let's say you give millions of dollars to the gospel you are not giving it for the sake of i'm going to get billions in return you are giving it to the sake of oh my god that the gospel is going to move forward that is the word should be your motivation and that is what is in your heart and when that is what is in your heart god is not going to give you the billions you are not going to get a harvest of billions but you are not giving with the expectation it is not the expectation and the transaction nature of i gave him i gave millions so god will give me billions you know when you are giving really i gave billions i gave millions so that the gospel will move for further with the power of these billions of these millions you know that you give then god will now give you because god is looking at your heart and that is how the principles of life and sowing and reaping work so in the same way when you are given to the if you are not giving with your heart towards i'm doing this is a strategy for wealth you are doing it because this is a principle to clear those this is a principle of love everybody deserves love everybody deserves gifts you are not somebody who is special and says well i do not give to this only gift to the poor and give to the church no you have to gift everybody when you include the rich in that you know is that spiritual principle remember the words of god to abraham i will bless them that bless you and cause them that cost you abraham was the richest man where he was and when sodom was destroyed he was the richest man in sight nobody was richer than abraham first of all abraham was super rich and was just growing and growing and growing richer then by the time sodom and gomorrah that was somewhat nearby was destroyed who was delicious person in sight in viewing insane distance it was ibrahim abraham was the richest and guess what the rules of suraman gomorrah was not up to abraham if he wanted to take it he could have taken it and built his own city on top of that is a reality you see so technically these are since you understand but god said i will bless them that bless you and cause them to cause you that means that in spite of all that will that abraham had your given to abraham we attract blessings to you you see why it's important to give to the rich also there are a lot of people who who are not into giving to the rich give to report and give to the rich you can also give i've said let us thank you letters like oh you inspired me let's say that a particular writer wrote a book is a millionaire he's a brunette he wrote a book that you know you learned something from and inspired you send him a thank you letter especially now that we have instagram we can send him a dm you know link and all of that even open letters or a video thank you message you post it on youtube you link it and share it you know and all of that so um this thing is a spiritual principles that will open doors for you but you are not doing it with a with this with the idea of oh i thank this person publicly so he has to give me money either publicly or secret though he has to give me connections public no no no just do it and when you do it out of appreciation of thank you when you bless those that are blessed god blesses you you know just the same way god blesses you when you give to those who are poor and those who are um and to the church and all of that but keep in mind who do you think will get a better blessing somebody who gave to abraham or somebody who gave to just some poor guy so you see don't look down on the blessing that comes from giving to the rich and say i do not believe in giving to the rich because they already have money or they may have you know ten times so a million times more than you have no still give to them you know so that being said we've come to the end of this broadcast remember to check out alfred dot's vip and if you've not given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you read that a page of commander has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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