Realistic Expectations vs Faith In Finding A Spouse - Part 1 : One Heart - by Alfred


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Matthew 21:18-22 KJV

Now in the morning as he returned into the city, he hungered. [19] And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away. [20] And when the disciples saw it, they marvelled, saying, How soon is the fig tree withered away! [21] Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done. [22] And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. 

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hello everybody are listening to one hearts i'm your host alfred today i'd like to talk about realistic expectations versus fits let's open our bibles to the book of matthew chapter 21 i'm bringing from verse 18 to 22 using the king james version of the bible i read now in the morning as he returned into the city he hung god and when he saw a picture in the way he came to it and found not in jerome but leaves only and said on seats let no fruits grow and they henceforth forever and presently the fig tree without the way and when the disciples saw it they marveled saying how soon is the fig tree without the way jesus answered and said unto them really assumes you if you have faith and doubt not you shall not only do this which is done by the fig tree but also if you shall say onto this mountain video remove them better cast into the sea it shall be done and all sins whatsoever you shall ask in prayer believing ye shall receive you see this is very powerful and i'm bringing this up because there's a wave in the

world of you know relationship um coaching and you know love and relationship question you know that's there are people who are talking about um basically women being realistic you know when it comes to the expectation that a lot of women are average at best and you know they are expecting a high value man and that phrase high value mind is now something that is um very popular and is used you know so further what are your definition of a high value mark you will find that a lot of people who use the term high value man are referring to finances if you think that a man's value to a woman is based on only finances there's a problem because jana is saying that the man is going to cheats you have not talked about character you have not talked about you know him putting her through hell because all that is the required criteria is the man's wealth understand that first of all we are living in a world where women are making money too and women are more favorable in in when it comes to getting a job it is easier for women who are qualified to get jobs as a matter of fact a lot of women who are not qualified are getting jobs before men just because of feminism and you know women empowerment there are a lot of companies that are doing quarters all over the world including even in africa oh we have to have this percentage of women so when a woman comes to get a job it's completely different from a man you know so the competition is very steep for men because you know these are the people that have been bred with us for so long and you know if a man sits at home and he's not making money he's a loser but if a woman sits at home and is not making money whatever especially if she's married you know whatever you know if she decides to get a job and is making money that is a plus but it is not like she's looked upon as a loser she's the society does not regard as an outcast if a man does not have money he's not making money he's a completely different case so of course um moment you know is not an option there is no such thing as a stats home husband or a staff home dad you know there is no such thing that is just a bomb you know the same people who will shout equality family and all kinds of things you know and also say talk here talk in each direction and that direction for feminism and you know all kinds of things that say a woman can start him and all of that they will not support them staying at home are not doing anything you know a lot of relationships have been destroyed by men not having money as a matter of fact when people talk about um the divorce race in the divorce rates in places like america where like 50 percent of marriages end in divorce when you look at the reason for the divorce it is primarily money what does that mean you see the man stopped making as much money as he used to or the man lost his job and the woman was now the one that was the breadwinner and because of that the woman left the man that is how that marriage ended a lot of marriages end because the man is not making as much money as he was because you know you know what does that say it basically says that you know apart from the fact that it says that um clarity women marry with money in mind and you know when it comes to clearly america and you know such places where they have such high diversity because if the women that are doing the work in the week a lot of people may think that is because of infidelity and unfaithfulness that marriages um that is the number one cause of divorce that is not you'll be surprised it is not um infidelity that is the number one cause of divorce it is money and what does that mean the man you know was not making money if the woman stops making money whatever but you know the woman can at any time if she wants she can leave her job and start home with the kids and all of that but it's not the same for a man but all of that being said you know you cannot put a man's value on his money alone you know because a relationship is not about money the woman has to do have to have a relationship with the man so you cannot say a man's being high value is dependent on the money he has he's having money is not going to give her happiness you know that is something that that that that you have to understand you know if someone has money and little say they they give you money once in a blue moon and of course you have to understand that the fact that the man has one does not mean that he's giving his wife a lot of money you know she may benefit from whatever she goes down or whatever he chooses to give her back when you look at the finances how much has she actually owned and controlled from his money it is almost never large and that is also one of the incentives behind why women you know when they see infidelity they use that as an excuse you know to drop ship or to leave the mouth because of the law that was put in place which is basically a pre-print which is for women and that law is that if a marriage lasts a certain number of years you know if someone is married you know and the a divorce the woman takes half that's the woman taking her from women taking short supports that is a preprint that is an it is an invisible prenup that was written on behalf of every human being in such countries so the prenup that we talk about is actually a security for a man to undo the pre-print that the government did without anybody's permission which is also an incentive for divorce because before that women were careful number one women it was difficult for any woman to open her leg and that is why being a player and a playboy many years ago was looked upon as a difficulty it was healed because it was difficult to deceive a woman a woman would not open her legs for you unless she was 100 sure that she looked that you loved her you see so it was completely different in those days it was completely different but now that um so many things have changed and you know it has been intense it's actually is incentivized for a woman to get the divorce because she can now get leave him with how many millions that she would never have had before if she had stayed married you know of course there's a possibility of what um should we get if he dies but that depends on if he puts high in her will that is if they stay married you know bet because of the way that that pre-print that puts that gave women have whenever the divorce because it was not there women were more careful and the voices were less women made sure that the person they were married to where was in love with them and there were a lot of changes that do not exist today so women look at it as um more of i have to marry a rich man you know especially in america and you know such countries that they have such laws because if if things go south you know at least i will leave with half of all his money you know and that is um an incentive a lot of people don't realize that and basically what the prenup does is it actually is the wisest thing if you are in such a country you have to have a prenup because a prenup first of all it filters away gold diggers but most importantly it makes it clear you know that's all that's insane incentive for her to come because of money and for her to also leave you because of money because it's profitable let's say that um a woman marries a man he's not rich at the time later he becomes a billionaire you know is he going to be giving her um billions no but because of that relationship if she asks for anything and he feels it is right he may give her money for it and all of that or he may buy things for her as gifts you have to understand that but what is the collective amount that she is making even to understand that men are investors and men think in that way so majority of those billions is making more money and growing but the woman from the woman's perspective she um number one she is a lot of that money is really not in her name it's in her husband's name and you know what she's taking is just basically the checkout and whatever gifts he gives you know if he's somebody that believes in giving his wife a fixed amount of pocket money and later increasingly that is okay but what is the amount that he has it's much bigger however the greater incentive financial wise is for her to leave him especially when she sees a suspicion of infidelity or she can claim so come up with another reason or see um irreconcilable differences because it's not just infidelity all kinds of excuses can be given and when the judge approves that divorce the lawyers get paid the court system gets paid which also means the judge gets paid which a lot of people don't know the judge also gets paid he benefits from your divorce the lawyers benefits from your divorce you get the man gets poorer and woman gets more money than she would have ever gotten before or made on her own you know and that is a reality so that it is actually is um an incentive you know the government has made it um an incentive for people to actually um get the votes which is actually quite sad but you see

when it comes to the topic of today realistic expectations versus fits

you have to

realize the aspect of faith you know in

the kind of person that you are um looking for you know basically what is going to happen is that that there's so much more to see you know i will keep it on to the next broadcast let me stop here you know make sure you go to and subscribe thank you and god bless you

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