Psychiatrist Speaks At Yale On Fantasizing About Shooting White People "Cos They're All Bad Apples"


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about a psychiatrist you know speaking at you who say that she fantasizes about shooting white people in the head you know she fantasizes about shooting my people in the head

you know it's very interesting of course these kinds of things you know the main screen the mainstream media will not emphasize this will not carry it you know if it was a of course it will never happen that you know a white professor a white psychiatrist will say this kind of thing but it goes to show you and of course these are the psychiatrists imagine the the the white couple that goes to this psychiatrist for advice and it goes without saying i have emphasized the stupidity of going to psychiatrists for advice you know we have the bible

you know so you want advice you have to live by the world you know you want advice you you it's don't you have a pastor or a leader or somebody who has a relationship with god that is strong enough is there no one wise among you you know after support talked about it's been embarrassing that people in the church go to the world you know they go to georgie's you know in this modern day to be going to court you know christians should not take a shoulder to courts is there no um wise christian among us that can sort out the matter handle the issue and conceptual things keep in mind that we live by a different set of rules we live by the word of god what advice is a psychiatrist or a judge or a cut of law going to give they are going to judge you by the standards of the world they are going to give you advice based on the world not on the world and this is the this is the problem you know if you're a christian you have a problem with another christian whether in business or in whatever you should come to a church leader and of course in this day and age where people do not respect church leaders people do not respect televangelists you know evangelists preachers and all of that religious tragedy of the devil you know and unfortunately these same people who do not respect pastors and televangelists we go to psychiatrists for advice now we have this um genius psychiatrist and i say that um naturally sarcastically you know she's actually giving a speech at yale university and this is you this this says a lot about the educational system and you know all the people that have been ranking yield and harvard you know all these schools and princeton you know all all this schools and all of that look at how worldly and look at how it is and look how satanic they are how can a professor be speaking and you know she was not cautioned you know for her to even have that kind of mentality for a speaker to even have that kind of mentality and that is what she's speaking you know that what she's saying as you you know that she fantasizes about shooting and why people are saying all kinds of things like um there's no good apple so all white people are evil then it is um dark skinned people is african americans who are shooting each other that are all saints that are all holy what is what nonsense is this and you know it is this kind of thing that's uh it is a precursor to a race war i have said that there is going to be a risk and of course a lot of people do not know this the problems of black lives matter you know and all these um so-called pro um black groups you know i don't even go into why you shouldn't use the word black you know because you know i've said it many times you have to only have to look at the dictionary and look at the history of that word black you know even right now what does the dictionary say about them that word black what is the meaning of the word black you know i know that they have not added that it means people of african american descent and you know people of african origin no what was it called when uf when um a certain race were called black what was the meaning of the word black and why were they called black you know why were they called black black represents evil black represents darkness black represents emptiness not good terrible undesirable that is what black represents black represents disaster black represents a course that is what it that is what it represents and that is what is used to classify race of people whose skin are technically not black so why they even call black there's nobody whose skin is black

in this world if you see somebody whose skin is black that person is an alien

there is nobody whose skin is black you know look at the color black

you know look at look at look at the color black for example

this this is black you see the the case of this phone this is what black looks like is this how my skin looks like or anybody's skin that you've ever seen you know have you ever seen anybody with this complexion of skin then why would you accept being called black but you know the other side the people who uh you know this pro-black movement the real reason you know they may not know the people who are in it may not know but the real reason is so that it will stem up hatred for people who have african-american this and you know you know people of afghanistan is to stop hatred towards them because before black lives matter look at the um the relations the the race relations you know if you use that word between light-skinned people and asking people what's good in that there was nothing to talk about you know there was no going to the other back of the boss you know those um at least especially on the side of light-skinned people of the side of people you call you people of european descent they did not look at um african-americans you know and you know have every interaction with them be based on oh they are this race therefore they are this way you know a lot of that had been dissolving things had been getting better and better and better for african-americans and as as far as relations between people of african descent and people of european descent within america since we're getting i mean amazingly better but thanks to um black lives matter it has shown that there's a lot of resentment a lot of african-americans have now been taught to feel resentment that they did not feel before look at lebron james lebron james didn't you can see some of his ideologies changing you know like certain things that he he said before he has now gone back home you know he has now become more woke if you will which is more anti-white people basically and all white people should feel guilty for what less than one percent of white people did at one specific short period of time because keep in mind 100 of white people did not own slaves less than one percent did that is a fact you know and this is something that is not emphasized you know and let us say that let us assume that 100 of white people want slaves that was then this is now is there anybody today that won't sleep why would you pass the sins of the ancestors on the children if we are doing that then we should do the same thing for african americans and all the sins that your father has committed should now be on you if your father ever stood you should all be called thieves you know you should all be called if you should all be called killers you should all be called all kinds of things because it is crazy for you to label the children of people who did something after what the parents did it's crazy and to make matters worse less than why people were involved in it and slavery stopped as a result of white people if it was not for white people you know it was not for people of european descent slavery will still be on today you know and keep in mind that the way africans and people of african descent who own slaves who own african slaves not just in africa but in america as well but you know they don't want to talk about this they don't want to address this but this is a reality this is fact these are things that are on record

there are there are people of african descent who bought slaves you know african slaves within america you know and and you know naturally the evil um people you know who want to push all the anti-whites or white people are inherently um racist you know they won't address all these issues they will rather um just dismiss this record on record facts and call it lies and conspiracy theories you know then they make up all kinds of nonsense and suggests since like europe was first inhabited by africans but it was later that um europeans and light-skinned europeans came from nowhere and then and kicked them out you know all kinds of nonsense theories but in any case this psychiatrist is saying this kind of thing and getting away with it it goes to show so much and you know years ago lord god was leading me in the direction of starting my own school and i'm talking about elementary schools you know high schools you know and universities as as well as you know um other institutions of learning this is something that's easier than you you would imagine especially because now we now have um computers we now have the internet we now have um online learning you know it's also easy to set up a website is easy to put forth um courses and tutorials so all these things can be done so the time has come for us as christians to do this things just create our own educational system because the existing educational system has its agenda and the existing and school boards they have their own agenda they have the anti-white agendas they have their pro-lgbt agendas you know look at this school and encouraging teachers to teach kindergarten students students in elementary school teaching them you know um about masturbation you know think about that and encouraging them to masturbate you know soon they will say that um if you don't masturbate it is unhealthy that is what they will soon start saying that um especially for men that oh you are leaving too much um spam in your sack that you know it's unhealthy for a man to do that that if he stays that way to give him cancer and all kinds of nonsense that is what they will soon start saying you know i wonder what they will say about women you know they will those suicidal ideas will show up as aggression and you show up at all kinds of things and to affect her menstrual cycle and all kinds of things so she treats you masturbate you know those are the kind of things these are lies from the pit of hell that will be pushed through educational systems which is why we need to create our own and we need to take um enough power to make sure that what we create will be official and it will be standard and to be the order of the day and it is what um everyone will fool you know and reach out to us on what we are doing in this area because we must take education it is not enough or wise to just say we will pray and that is all what are you also doing you know prayer is talking to god you know prayer is not a tool for cree for creating change

what will rather be a tool for creating change is your confessions is your declarations for example let us say you you do not have money in your bank account and you want money in your bank account it is much better to say there is money in my bank account god is my provider i have all i need you know all things work together for good for them that love god you know the lord is my shepherd i shall not want it is better to do that than for you to pray to god to put money in your bank accounts you're praying to god to put money in your bag of god is actually unscriptural because god has said that all things are you so you're coming to him is you are calling him a liar or you are calling yourself completely ignorant and you're actually showcasing your faithlessness you have done nothing because you have come to god to tell him that you see this is not it but you see when you declare the word they are declaring the word regarding finances i have all i need the lord is my shepherd i shall not want all things are mine you know that is actually more powerful and that is actually a better way to create change prayer in itself is fellowship with god it is it is the conscious taking out time to communicate to talk to god you know you can be carrying out your daily activities for on your own and god talks to you god speaks to you god tells you something that is good and that is wonderful and you that is the life that you should have you know i study for instruction the holy spirit could talk to you you know as your current answer they give you different instructions tells you tell you things saying um that's kind of fellowship but prayer in itself is the official taking every time for that purpose of when you talk to god god talks back

and you go it's a download that is what prayer is for so what did god tell you you know you cannot just pray and expect you know everything to start happening you know because um you have your path to play what did god tell you did you listen when you prayed did you listen what did god instruct you to do understand that you are not here to just be receiving receiving receiving receiving you are here to do you are here to demonstrate the light of life of god you are here to be the light of the world they are here to be god's outstretched arms to the world it is god wants to use you god wants to use the sins and this is why it's very terrible when people start criticizing persons and preachers and ministers because those are people that have decided to move into what god wants for them and to be god's outstretched arms to the world to actually go out and do the walk in the name of the lord you know which is what you should be doing too you know that being said you know um we need to um replace all the schools you know reach out to me i'll talk more about that on official videos and you know we need to replace the educational system but you know i've talked about also psychiatrists and why you shouldn't um listen to them you know we live by the world the psychiatrist is not going to give you advice from the world you know there are pastors whether we give you fair advice not a psychiatrist especially look at how crazy these psychiatrists are you know so we must um bring forth change that being said if you are listening to this and you've not given a life to jesus christ i'd like you to go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu a salvation prayer will come out say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you