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Plan B: The Mass Exodus From Nigeria Because Of Fear Of War


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- Nigerian Plan B Activated: 

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hello everybody i'm afraid and i would like to talk about what is happening at um mohammed airport in lagos nigeria you know a video went viral showing it was actually done by you know a staff of mohammed airports the departure hall is overcrowded it is like a crusade almost you know when you see there was no space it was just people upon people upon people it's interesting that that many people have enough money to leave nigeria and the ability and the passport and all of that you know recently they actually canceled the ability of people renewing their passports in nigeria to actually cope things down as things go on they will try to ban people from leaving nigeria but the reality of the matter that this is all because of buhari and it's funny that people in in this administration cannot see the damage that they are causing a lot of these people who are there sold everything that they have and they are not coming back to nigeria and this is going to be a problem because most of those people that have been giving visa you know to leave nigeria they have been given one day visa or one week visa or two week visa however they are not planning to come back so what is going to happen they are going to be there as refugees because after their visa expires they will now start dodging immigration and what jobs should be available for them they cannot get a legitimate job or a decent job on honorable job without a valid passport or id card or citizenship which they do not have that means that they will have to feed via crime and that will paint an even worse image for nigeria and it is so unfortunate that so many people you know think that there is going to be a war in nigeria and you know that feeling is in the air there are many people saying it and there are so many things that have never happened in nigeria before that are happening there are so many watchdog groups that are saying things on the line of that is the direction nigeria is going to and you know realistically and honestly that seems to be the direction that nigeria is going to because there are so many different factors you know there are those who are saying urban nation that those who are saying who do the one nation they are those who are saying biafra they are those then the fulanis are there busy doing their own flanking and buhari is still appointing only muslims to high positions of power muslims who are sentimental to the jihadist cause every new person that bohari is appointing towards dealing with boko haram like imagine that boko haram has mounted their flag in niger and the government is there and buhari is insulting other politicians that that are addressing him shouldn't you be concerned look at how close niger is to abuja even if niger is not close to abuja you should how can that happen that a small group like that can hoist their flag in the states and keep in mind that they are indoctrinating people and they are not forcing people to join them join us or you die so that is now they are actually given an opportunity for the growth of boko haram because those people now who are left behind in niger keep in mind that nigeria have the highest population of internally displaced people internally displaced people meet there are people who are leaving their homes like refugees in their own country to other parts of the country people who once had land people who once had property people who once had words they are leaving to other parts of the country to roam about the street as refugees like if they are refugees in another country nigeriana has one of the the the highest rate of internally displaced people and buhari is busy um insulting and blaming everybody else for his incompetence and he's saying that it is everybody else's thoughts and that people do not want the administration to work or it is politicians that are doing this and doing that and doing that solve the problem if you are not incapable of addressing this step down if you are incapable of of also handling the so-called politicians that do not want your administration to work if you cannot still make it work please step down you see bohari um and and all his cronies and all the people that he's doing understand that he is in his mind he's getting a victory because what he sees is a future where nigeria be islamized and basically the fulani will rule everywhere and you know to them the igbos and the euro bus are just obstructing their way you know they are they and this is something that the biafra actually should the first be afraid you know and this is a new generation that those that don't know that understand anything about war people like um they call that is talking this and that about biafra i believe he's not in nigeria you know understand just the same way during the first biafra war what happened to ojuku survived he ran away he enjoyed wealth and safety after all the people that followed him to shout biafra biafra died i mean majority of them anyway over two million um nigerians i believe oh i should say be a france you know two million igbo people died were killed but what happened to the leader it is only in nigeria that people don't live by example and they and the leaders sends people off to what uganda rajuku survived in the same way beware of all these um people who are pushing biafra delete these the people who have money that are pushing biafra if if if a second war starts they will be the first ones a lot of them are already outside the country and understand that there are different airports in nigeria that you don't know about keep in mind that before buhari um came to power nigeria had the highest number of private jets there are airports in lagos that people don't know about it's only the super super welded up now about even in the mutant mohamed airport there are places where it's restricted to other people and where you know the celebrities have their private jets then apart from that they are entirely different airports i'm talking about different a completely different airport that people do not know about it is not open to the public where people can who these are the the super wealthy they use those airports we don't know if there are other airports in other parts of nigeria like that so understand that these people will be the first ones to go and they will go with the money and all the money that they have stolen nobody will tell them to pay it back because everybody is fighting war you know because after war and then a new person assumes poor the entire nation is reset so everything that was stolen before has been successfully stolen it will never be retrieved it's a completely different setting it's a completely different nation it may not even be a republic again the name of nigeria might even change you know so there are so many things that could happen so everybody that has stole money before has stolen it and gone so understand this when you when you look at the funny things that these people are doing you know it is unfortunate that uh barry was allowed to come this to go this far and to do this to reach this level you know interestingly christians um have been silenced christians don't talk christians don't involve themselves in politics christian don't say let us vote here let us do this you know now look at the situation that we are in and to make mothers was all these people that are living you know you are leaving it for the boko haram to take over because you are leaving it around you are leaving it for all the different terrorist groups because there will be more terrorist groups that will that will you know um pop up understand that you know there are those who are now support or even even when you think about those who are um sponsoring from foreign countries because isis has a hand to play and you know isis has funded from so many different places including america you know so when you look at all the different factors things that were allowed thanks to people like um eruphy who was saying that um there is no problem with boko haram that it is christians who are lying and saying that they are kidnapping people so that they can get sympathy from christians in other nations you know this is what aerophy said i believe last year two years ago you know now look at how his state has become the kidnapping center of nigeria where nigeria itself is has become the kidnapping capital of the world and people are are wondering why people don't want to invest in nigeria and people are running away from nigeria and why um companies foreign companies and twitter and terrorists do not are choosing ghana over nigeria why won't they choose ghana over nigeria who wants to build a company that will be bound to the ground tomorrow they don't know if they would be it would be bound or whatever or if there will be war understand that and keep in mind that war is profitable to some people but to all those in nigeria you know and those who are who do not have the plan be um activated you know because not everybody has that plan b you know and even thinking that the the fact that mutalum ahmed airports can be overcrowded those are people that have been granted visa and they have been grant giving the passport that they can leave nigeria and they are that many what about those who are still trying to live and all of this is thanks to buhari and all the nonsense that he has done because he is the one that's actually make people in to start saying biafra you know he's they understand that even in niger they're arresting people who who um say their ipod and listen to it these are muslims who go into a church and pick out people like 50 people and say that they are high pop and put them in prison that's kind of nonsense is how to start wars

and you see the muslims will be one of the highest casualties of these wars because now we are with the muslim toronto because now everybody is looking at the muslim the hausa the universe all of here it is because of you people where are they going to run they are going to end up being the highest casualties they want to happen to all the surrounding nations around nigeria and the borders and the influx of the you know i would say the outflows of people from nigeria and understand that um in as much as all these things we can pray and act quickly prayer non-stop prayer is very important at this point an action which we have clearly not been taking we have we have as fresh christians are concerned christians have taken their hands off they are still christians who don't have that you know who who i don't involve myself in politics there's you know preachers who say things like um it doesn't matter if it's a christian that is running the nation well you have a muslim running the nation i hope you are now happy

you know when you have a non-christian ruling the nation look at the the nations of the world look at history when the greatness of great britain was when um they were somewhat affiliated with christianity now look at britain britain is no longer britain it is trash the united nation is more powerful than britain the united nation is more powerful than the prime minister of england and and all their um political leaders look at canada when you have a non-christian leader it doesn't work out well look at china you may say that china is rising but for who the person who is enjoying china the most is the the is the prime minister of china it is communism he's the one who is getting all his wealth now the wealth of jack ma who started alibaba has has been posed and majority of his talk has been given to the chinese government so the prime minister of china now has all that money that he did not work for he did not create so all the money that you generate and you create in china a portion of it goes to the supreme leader who is trying to repre replace every image of jesus and or mary or buddha or everything with his own picture that is the guy that is now in charge so how is that going to fare well it is only a matter of time before he starts killing people on a larger scale and people now start saying it is problematic and all of that he is an evil leader but he has always been showing signs in that direction when you don't have christian leaders what do you expect i have said it before god is light and christ is light when you take away light what you have is darkness how can you expect darkness to lead how can you put darkness as the as the leaders in all the positions of authority you know back in the day there was

a lot of the political power was centered into and concentrated into the king or the emperor he had absolute sea but now it has been decentralized so there are different segments of power that have to work together and there are different organizations that have created networks and ideologies as their different psychologists who understand mass mind manipulation that have made sure that they manipulate whoever sits in different places little wonder how you cannot even be a celebrity if you do not have leftist views in in america you cannot go anywhere in hollywood if you do not support homosexuality and all of that it does happen you know they have created a world where do you want to advance you have to have this you have to push this you have to see this how did that happen and when all of this was moved into place for this system to be placed you can't be a teacher in many schools especially in the um the so-called developing world if you believe that homosexuality is wrong it's wrong or ungodly if you believe it is abnormal now we have all kinds of madness and satan is just running amok you know and where is all this going to lead to it's not going to lead to a nice destination for any of the people involved because satan does not have anything to reward anybody with he himself is condemned so a condemned man does not have anything to offer you you know he has he he he wants nothing so all he has to give you is lies and then you use your own ability to foolishly work for him and then only to end up in destruction just like him anyway understand what i say we must pray like never before if you are not in nigeria this affects you because nigeria is a very large population and now nigerians are going to have a great influx into a lot of countries all around the world you know and a lot of them are not giving permanent visas and they have no plans of returning so they are going to have to do indigo work keep in mind that nigeria also has a high concentration of crime fatalities the pirates the aea the mafia the nigerian mafia you know the secret society there is um even the black grazia and the daughters of jezebel for females you know there are so many different cults in nigeria many of those people as they leave nigeria they are going to start it in whatever country they are going to many of the people that are accusing of selling drugs in south africa those are probably vikings or pirates that is the reality of black acts those are those are actually things that you you need to know you know this is the reality you know look at um sicily if you watch some documentaries consistently now thanks to the influx of nigerians into italy black axe is now one of the biggest courts or biggest gangs in italy by the time my um distance keeps spreading you know and though of course the world is pushing back the gospel they don't want the gospel to spread so it is only evil ideologies and darkness that they have left the wings of to fly we are now going to have all kinds of dangerous costs in different countries not only will it reflect back on nigerians it is going to lead to a lot of debts because you see nigerians the the violence of of nigerian courts is different from american courts and gangs american gangs are basically they are soft compared to nigerian gangs you know the nigerian gangs is a basically messy lessons you know it is one thing to put to take out the gun and shoot somebody it is another thing to have the kind of heart where you use a master and cut somebody into different bits and pieces it's a different kind of mentality and a different kind of hats i would say lack of heart that is involved in that one so imagine those kinds of people and an influx of that because that is what is going to happen you know and don't be sad to preach me and say that i'm saying that all nigerians are this will know you know this is a small percentage of nigerians but it is majority of the people who are going to live are going to be court members and that is a reality because they are the ones who are willing to do all kinds of illegal things and the first things to leave this is also going to lead to a spike in human trafficking like never seen before because there are a lot of people that are going to bring up all kinds of ideas of oh i can help you live thank you i hope you leave nigeria there are a lot of people that are going to end up being slaves or sex slaves you know prostitutes in different countries there are a lot of nigerian prostitutes in italy who their parents think they are doing legitimate work in italy there are a lot of nigerian prostitutes in prague who their parents think that they are doing legitimate work in prague so this is going to be a catastrophe and he's interesting that it is all thanks to bharari who is doubling down on his efforts to push boko haram which is what he is doing he has his plan those are his people you know so um understand that help is not going to come from outside so we must pray and listen let god give us plans everybody their role that they should play to actually correct the problem of nigeria because first of all nigerians have been looking to politicians or for one great politician to rise up and solve the problem that is not the way you know that probably will never ever happen you know what are you going to do you know so um this is very important you know this is very important that being said remember to go to and you know subscribe if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip or simply go to salvation you know thank you and god bless you

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