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PIG : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to alfred's american movie reviews i would like to talk about the movie peak now this movie is crazy you know i i it goes without saying and this is why it's important for um most christians to make movies because um in addition to the fact that we are giving light and you know everything else is darkness so basically everything that is made that is not christian that doesn't glorify gold you know it's

impure imperfect and it's an element or product of darkness you know and it's operating in darkness it is um to the disadvantage of the human spirits you know to different degrees you know this movie is a disadvantage to the brain cells of those who wash it it will not improve

your reasoning capacity or

your iq if if anything it will decrease your iq this movie is basically you know from what i see by the trailer this movie is basically about iman you know who goes off to live in the woods and there if he actually apparently gets connected he gets a a connection with a pig and you know somebody steals his speaker he goes you know back into the world back into society to find his peak this is crazy i mean that is what you want to make a movie about you what are people going to learn from this it is some you know the vegan aspect of it you know trying to humanize a pig or trying to make a pig you know so valuable you know and when it comes to the point of um this guy walking away from human beings every relationship with human beings because we probably have he was also basically what i can see from the trailer because he probably was somebody who saved people and they did not see him you see this war on service and this this workness is going to be the destruction of a lot of civilizations who embrace it service is a beautiful thing you have to love service nothing good can be built without service there is no nation that wasn't built by people who believed in service if everybody wants to be a snowflake bologna everybody wants to sit down and be loved by everybody and you know it is offensive to walk it is offensive to be a bot light it's offensive to be a chef it is offensive to be a a waiter or a waitress it's of it's offensive to be a billboard if all these things are offensive it's offensive to have a boss his offense is to walk in a bank and have a boss above you you know or if all these things are offensive and all these things are wrong you know what kind of world are we trying to build you know the message behind this that that somebody can actually take out time to make a movie on this topic says so much about um how things are and it says so much also about christians we have the most important message in the world and yet we don't make great movies about the message we have our view and our perspective on a lot of different things and we have people making um movies about an emotional connection with the pig this you may not see it's a precursor to bistility because this man has a relationship with a pig and i won't be surprised if it's a female peak you know it doesn't even matter if the male pig at this point thanks to the lgbt or whatever but he is leaving living alone you know he abandons all humors to live along with the pig you know and of course his dating and shabby and this is what nicolas cage um chooses to do you know interestingly nicolas case to the best of my advantage to search the best of my knowledge does not um involve himself in work twitter bets you know he like denzel washington kind of stays away from um social media because you know there are some um famous people before social media who believe that social media takes away the mistake from what they've done from their celebrity you know and i believe that this guy falls into that category since he's um it would seem he's quite i'm not checked if he even has a twitter instagram profile but there has been no noise when it comes to nuclear security but he still makes moves and he still was a high profile actor but now you know how many followers you uh one has on social media platform focusing into how they are matured as um still relevant and all that but the point is that this is just this is just terrible you know it's it's amazing that someone can make a movie about this and like i said it's an introduction to pistachy because that is what it is and it's also an attack on very important concepts and um aspects of the society like service you know you do not have to be seen and to be noticed you can't say oh i'm a butler but nobody and the people i'm serving don't see me they don't notice me what do you want them to do for them to put out share sit down and ask you about your life history and then if if they are doing all that and they make you also a guest then who is going to save the food you know you you need to think you have your own friends and your own um place and of course you have to understand apart from the fact that you are being paid service in itself is a small reward you know there is no society that can be built without a genuine appreciation and love for service you know so that's that if you like to be a part of making crystal movies you know movies that will actually change lives of powerful movies that will be better than anything that anyone else makes reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you


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