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Out Of Death : Movie Reviews - by Alfred



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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the movie out of debts now this movie starring bruce willis you know and i've just seen the trailer the movie is actually quite interesting you know it is

interesting because in a world where wokeness seems to be the order of the day and that is what hollywood pushes for in spite of the fact that this movie puts a female lead you know and it puts a female in a in a in a leading position in an action movie especially with bruce willis it actually does it well it doesn't overestimate the strengths and realities of a woman's you know strength and abilities you know she's tough but they don't exceed you know the the boundaries of what is possible for a woman to you know a lot of movies want to put you know action scenes where the woman is kicking the bots of you know like hundreds upon hundreds of guys that are three times her size that is unrealistic and that goes against the law of physics you know the way around that there are ways around that to make a woman seem um formidable you know when dealing with guys that are you know three times our size you know stronger you know and that is by understanding um fighting techniques and you know using people's um body weights and mass against them and you know taking advantage of the environment you know and that's kind of fighting style especially the leverage that the gun in hand puts in and so on you know that can be used to create this scenario here the movie still looks realistic even though you have a tough female lead you know so in this case this story is basically you know the guy is a cop you know he's you know with his nieces like his niece suggests they go on a getaway you know on the fishing or camping trip you know something of the night of that sort and she why sh denise was you know um going to get something you know she ended up seeing a cop kill someone you know in a um illegal drug they'll go bad you know so she took a photograph of that she took pictures of that and you know since you know really when starts when the cop found that out so it is in this kind of secluded area they are now running for their lives you know to try to also get evidence of what's happened you know because now the cop wants to set them up you know us um and you know that is a very sticky situation to being so it is a typical plot and you know as everything else this movie would have been better as a christian movie and you know it's interesting how that's what i've been winding you know the place of god the place of christian beliefs and bible believe let's say she was a christian or he was a christian or he was um getting into you know he just gives life to christ and he was trying to you know find him um a a rest and you know relaxation so he went to that cabin script to like really um get um to focus on your relationship with god you know and then this kind of situation propping up the same types of situation propping up like how would he deal with it you know tossing in just one or two christian characters in a plot goes a long way you know in changing the entire plot as long as you know you are true to the christian faith and you understand the christian faith you know and you've listened to testimony so you know how god works so that things work and you of course most importantly you've studied the word of god so that would really go a long way with um developing a lot of clothes so as a christian movie this would have done so much better you know that being said if you're listening to this thing you've not given your life to christ kindly go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you do that the page commander has a pro salvation and say that prayer give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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