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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie only modest in the building now this is a very interesting movie it's a modern mysteries has steve martin in it and also selena gomez you know steve martin is someone who is a seasoned actor and has been acting for a great many decades you know he has many accolades under his belt this modern mystery you know it's quite interesting of course the british seem to be the kings of that you know and of course they have sherlock they have puru you know and you could see a lot of the greeks mother mystery rights and you know i know that's who done it you know really comes from there but then again a lot of british folk you know end up going to america to make hollywood movies and they bring along their tests with them but um the movies that are home currently to british movies has its own style you know which is um crazy but when it comes to whodunits you know the british you know um really ru this is a kind of who donates with you know a very american um telling to it you know so it's basically about someone passes away and you know it's like how well do you know your neighbor you know the find number about him and it's apparently a matter of um cracking down on who is the murderer in the building you know so it's that's kind of a simple plot now the interesting thing about social plots is that it will obviously be better as a christian movie and so stories don't really give um people opportunities to be blessed by it let's say you watch this movie how does it change your life what do you learn what do you gain it is just entertainment alone you know entertainment that doesn't add value to your soul and to your spirits is lost but you see having an energy password but god's word never passed away imagine if this movie had some value that it could add to your spirit and to your eternity by including the word of god in it by teaching concepts of the word of god in it imagine how that would have been a blessing to you because you are now going to walk away with something more than just entertainment you're going to walk away with something that's you build benefit to you in this life and in the world to come so if you like to be a part of making christian movies and movies you know that we take over the whole world so that you know every movie will be a crystal movie you know if you like to be a part of it reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you perhaps you like to make movies yourself you want to join us or you want to you know invest or you you know it doesn't matter in what capacity you know we are happy to um hear from you also um if you've not given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the menu of alfredo's vip and if you come out as a brother salvation see that prayer you know telling god that you want to become a christian you want to have god in your life and you know start your journey with god thank you and god bless you

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