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Nine Perfect Strangers - Series Reviews - by Alfred

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the hulu series 9 perfect strangers now this is just plain weird it is basically um making a movie series you know making a sitcom series about or based on the concept of a reality tv show you know you bring nine strangers together in a house to live together you know who have um problems you know and you need and you want to um work out those problems so that is basically the concept of it and you know this is very interesting because it is basically the kind of idea you will see with the um reality tv show you know bring nice strangers together in the house and then watch things explode kind of thing you know so in this case making it um the movie is quite um interesting you know it's interesting bringing a concept that is purely purely a reality tv concepts i'm making a movie a i would say movie series you know out of it however the issue with this kind of thing is that it has to be done properly and of course it has to show since you are making it a movie you know series so everything is scripted on the standard reality tv itself and those kinds of shows are scripted but it's scripted to look real however this is plain this is a play movie this is a plane series and it's clear to you that it's um scripted so they actually have a whole world to explore and a whole lot of things that is permitted to be explored for example they can take it puts in a horror angle or they can play kind games like um and then there was no you know the agata series there sorry i got that christian um book which has been made into movies several times you know and a lot of people have taken that concept of and then they would not because that is kind of similar to this but not really because and then they were known what's actually about um some mysteriously invited people to a house on an island you know they didn't know who it was they didn't even know who was inviting them but when they got they stayed being killed off one after the other and it was like who is the one killing it we are the only ones on the island who among us is doing all the killing you know so that is the concept of and then there was none that was agatha christie but this one it appears that the person who actually invited them to the get away or you know is actually there with them and she's playing a different kind of game and you know it's towards um helping them but she's weird you know and strange and it fits into a lot of new age and a lot of weird kind of stuff when it comes to dealing with what they are going through and you know making a series out of this is is not um

it is not um something that

um can be quite easily done you know unless you are a great writer because this is the kind of thing that is basically the concept for a movie not a series you know that's at the end of the day starring nicole kidman and melissa mccarthy you know i'm it's interesting that nicole kidman is you know scanning a series you know and not movies like she's i'm used to and for her to pick something like this this is very interesting but that being said you know whereas president should be the one that should be leading in all this direction and of course this movie kind of promotes the idea of a whole bunch of alternative ways to solve problems when it comes to solving problems there is no better way to solve problems than what is in the manual you know and the manual is the bible god is the creator and he has given us the manual and that is the bible so if we are trying to fix problems in our lives it has to be based on the bible and you know the word has to come to realization that when you want to solve your problems when you need help you should go to the bible you shouldn't go to man you shouldn't go to what's trending you shouldn't go to the world you shouldn't go to new age and all kinds of weird stuff you shouldn't go to retreats go to the bible so we need to push that because you know in spite of the fact that this may not directly you know propose um that the bible is not the way to go it's indirectly those you know and that is a problem with this world and you know that is something that we should solve you know so in addition we're coming up with plans to ensure that such movies any movie that is not a christian movie is never made you know we all we all have to come up with plans to really pour out great christian movies in every gender and in every topic and on every matter you know so i would like you to join the investors club for more information on how to join the investors club go to alfred dot vip i'll be looking forward to hearing from you and if you've not given your life to jesus christ click the salvation prayer link and the main menu of alfredo vip a page come out that has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ you know other steps you know on how you can begin your journey and you know how you can contribute your your journey with god is also going to be made available thank you and god bless you


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