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Nigerian Government Continues Shooting Protesters Policy, Cops Shoot Sowore During Protest


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-  How Sowore Was Shot By CSP Altine Daniel At Unity Fountain, Abuja During Protest Against Insecurity:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the shooting of mr omar um you know he's a popular um activist and i believe he's strongly involved in you know the answers he was involved in as that movement he's also somebody who was a former you know candidates for president you know and he was shot by the police while going to protest insecurity in you know in abuja

this is the height of foolishness while the police will do something like this you see you are moving for the people to become violence you are moving for the youth to become violent you know by the time there is an influx of guns and weapons in the hands of young people keep in mind you know that this is the day and age of the internet there are many weapons that can now be lent how to make and there are many young people who are learning how to make all kinds of weapons and like i said when people feel like there is no hope and there is no future especially when god is out of the picture you know and of course this is the direction that a lot of people are pushing for you know a lot of people have said silly things like without the churches in nigeria how come there's so much chaos you know they downplay the church well when you remove the churches then you will see how much chaos the church was preventing you know when people run around saying that um all these pastors are all about money and churches are full of hypocrites you are about to see what the world without churches is like and the funny thing is that you are still going to have skills over your eyes and you will not link or attribute the disaster to the lack of churches or to the clamping down of christianity to the persecution of the church just the same way americans don't see the link between the increasing school shootings and taking prayer away from schools when you put forth ideologies that push away god what remains but man and selfishness understand that the default of man without god is darkness because the default of lights when when you know light is absence when you take away light from place what happens there is darkness you see darkness is not the opposite of lights you see it is the state that exists when light is absent there are two different things it is not the opposite you see the answer for darkness is the introduction of light and anywhere light lives what is left there is darkness when you push god away when you push away that respects to the conscience when you push away that we speaks to the soul when you push away that's which makes people make sacrifices for their fellow man love others when you push away that all that is darkness and selfishness everyone looking out for their own self-interest and only themselves you see this is the height of foolishness and of course this is only under buhari's administration when people do things like that you cannot shoot a key protester this is kind of like the shooting of martin luther king you know what you have done works against what you are trying to accomplish by shooting him you see the shooting of martin luther king advanced martin luther king's cause a great deal and he turned him into a matter now mr surya did not die thankfully you know but imagine if he had died but even the the mere fact that he was shot what message to that sent you're also telling people that trying to peacefully solve the problems in nigeria is not the way to go so now there are a lot of young people who are now thinking of all kinds of different types of violent revolutions and there are a lot of young people who are successful and are able to be so different ideal ideologies like the ipob those zombie those who will say you know okay let us add some guns to the ipob let us start carrying guns too there are those who now start saying things like okay when it comes to the urban nation let us carry guns too and of course the muslims the fulanis they all want to do their own the people of rivers will want to form their own group and say well we are not necessarily doing what um ipob is trying to do we are not trying to succeed but we are trying to create our own um way to identify ourselves then the people of calabar the people of different regions you know this is something that is very terrible and of course interestingly all these problems did not exist on this scale before the buhari administration you see people need to wake up and realize that these steps that the buhari government is taking these pro-islamic steps these moves that he's making the things that he's doing is terrible and it's it's only going to lead to fuller disaster how individuals can think that shooting so especially on camera is a good idea this is the same foolishness that made the nigerian military to shoot protesters at a lucky bridge it is the same foolishness that is working in there when the youths now bring up guns and start going after you what will happen then you know nigeria is basically on the brink

of you you could call it a revolution you could call it another civil war you know but the the point is it is it it looks like it's heading towards war and chaos and the funny thing is that people are still doing things to make matters worse you see the idea of one nigeria you know when you push the one-eyed nigerian ideology are ignoring a lot of realities you are not addressing what makes the creation of ipob in the first place ipob is not founded by a bunch of people people who feel like they just want to be independent there are a bunch of people who have seen that nigeria is not working and they have their own identity and they want to be free from nigeria urban is showing the same thing all these issues nigeria has to work before you can condemn those who are trying to break away you have to first of all let them see that they have a place at the table which they are not seeing because especially now in the buhari's administration he's eliminating a lot of people from the table and he's only putting fulani and house of people you know all of them are medics muhammadis all the different people you know that is what he's doing he's putting people who are loyal to him and loyal to jihadist ideologies in power even the person that is currently in charge of counting the votes with the so-called independence you know the electoral commission in nigeria is appointed by buhari when this happens when this is the case what is the outcome going to be you know and understand something that wealthy as folks and a lot of these folks who is actually responsible for this their children are in other countries living big and living large that's something you need to know you know their money has been moved outside the country a lot of nigerians are now putting money in cryptocurrency and all kinds of things you know everybody is putting their money outside the country you know and those who can take their bodies outside the country are doing so and to make matters worse a lot of the people in nigeria you know thanks to the fact that the push for the gospel is no longer as strong and dominating as it was before in nigeria there are now more criminals more people who are taking that pathway of crime and they are making life difficult for the normal nigerian who wants to live a an honest life you see apostle paul said that we should pray for leaders and those in authorities so that we may lead a peaceable life do we do that in the church no how many times have you been to a church that they pray for for the school leaders irrespective of affiliation i'm not talking about when the political leader comes there to get roots and then you know he says oh i'm a christian i'm going to support it i'm going to help you guys have new buildings and all of that i'm going to help you out with land and this and that i'm not talking about that i'm talking about praying for politicians as a christian responsibility but more important than that going for political positions why didn't we all this while all the churches you know if all the church let us say that all the members of redeemed christian church of god alone say we are going to vote for this person what are the chances that that person is going to lose then imagine if all the members of redeemed all the members of christchurch you are the members of all the different churches all the large churches you know and the small ones they all agree oh this person um believes this this is um he's from us he's built from was he's one of us this and this and this and these are what um our plans for nigeria are imagine how many lives should be saved and what would have been done and imagine how this would have never happened now people are wondering about investment opportunities that are leaving nigeria why would anybody want to invest in nigeria what are going to tell them when their skills when any at any time there could be um a mass shooting at any location there is so much insecurity and to make matters worse the news the news is contributing a great deal because the the news media in nigeria condemns and constantly condemns nigeria without providing solutions it gives you reasons why nigeria is bad so constantly feeding that nigeria is but nigerians but nigeria is bad that is all a bunch of people for generations have grown up under an ideology that nigeria is trash

there is no nigerian that has not insulted nigeria and once in um remains certain there is no way that nigeria is going to move forward when everybody in nigeria has a bad opinion of nigeria you know when everybody thinks badly of the country you know that mentality that concern even from schools the teachers make fun and say oh if it was america this will not happen oh if it was uk this might happen or if it's not if it was canada everybody puts down nigeria and i'm talking about the effects of the people's minds and generations of people growing under that idea that nigeria is terrible in addition to the fact that there are a lot of issues in nigeria the mentality of hopelessness promotes more hopelessness it creates more hopelessness it's just like um in the case of look at biden and presidential under the um coronal virus issue when trump was president cnn will show the number of deaths so-called of course everybody who died those who died of the fleet and all kinds of things everybody's name was and of course they were faking numbers cnn put a constant counter it's never left cnn there was a constant counter of number of debts and kept increasing after biden got into office they removed it

they removed the number of people that were dying in the u.s and all over the world and all of that you can see that difference and how it's helped to create um a different rhetoric and a different mindset the reality of the matter that says have gone much worse under abiding than it was from that trump you see but because of the news and what is put out there that is what has dominated and that is what has changed the atmosphere in the same way you see nigeria with the culture of condemning and seeing the bad in nigeria if you are always talking bad about something or someone and always seeing the negative about them you it makes it difficult for it to ever like them or make something good out of them and who is going to make something good out of nigeria when did nigerians themselves are busy seeing nigeria as irredeemable and as terrible and as always will be terrible always be trash you know if you want to know who a nigerian is outside and child just in south nigeria nigerians are so happy to insult nigeria you know um in some cases um out of competition outside nigeria they may not um involve themselves or want to say anything bad but that notwithstanding they are the biggest critics of nigeria is nigerians you see that mentality in itself is a great danger you know but that notwithstanding in as much as the positive mindset about nigeria has to be built if nigeria is to continue you know if we are going in direction of nigeria being won let us understand the problems that must be addressed first and then do that or if you are going in the direction of splits in nigeria okay let us divide it into nuts and cells but there is no way that it is going to divide it both just go their own way um europass go their own way and all of that that is not going to happen keep in mind that there's also the issue of inter in the uh intertribal marriage there are a lot of inter tribal marriages and there are a lot of people who are from one tribe but are based and have lived their whole life in a different on on different um on a different tribe soil so all of this makes um those kinds of things um difficult the issue of just hypo or just urban nation or maybe just um reverse people or carbohydrates all of that all that breaking away you know it's either all the south goes you know or those individual breakings cannot happen successfully you know because the first one to break your will or whoever breaks where are you going to break away and walk in thunder as one then if you are going to do that you might as well break away as one and i'm talking about all those on the south you know your basketballs and the rest you know so these are different things you have to um think about and consider let us not even go into the fact that majority of the security you know of the cells is led by muslims and people who are tribe wise fulani or hausa you know when you look at the commissioners of police and a lot of the high-ranking security officials in the south they're actually not on us especially on the um buhari's administration so that is a huge problem you know when it comes to trying to do that kind of um breakaway to begin with so all these things must be looked upon and addressed that being said the protest on its own as a strategy is foolishness because protesting has never worked you see there is there is no group of people that protested and really got their way because the solution there there are many ways to destroy a protest you know and the normal ways they counter protests and then to bring forth an argument and then the mainstream media make the protesters look like they are terrorists or radicals or crazy people you know so um there are many ways to actually um destroy all the effects of the protests you know the days of martin luther king you know understand that the true change came thanks to um politics and those who actually used money um to influence politics and to you know change setting laws when it comes to america and the um maternity kings and protests and the protests were not and ended in itself the protest for martin luther king when you look at his writings he was doing a lot of things politically behind the scenes and malcolm x was condemned condemning him freight and saying that um all these movements that he's making all these things that martin luther king jr is doing like changing laws and um making things um more fair to african americans you know malcolm x condemned it because he was saying he was not seeing the changes in the in the hood and you know in the among the black communities which which is a word that he um folks like that use you know i've explained before why it's wrong to use the word black to refer to a group of people but in any and that is actually because of the meaning of the word black it is the same thing as the n word you know it is used to the notes negative and when you look at the dictionary and the origins of why black was used to describe a race of people you would understand that it's very degrading but in any case the reality of the matter is that the protests were not an end in itself you know the real change was a result of the political changes the laws that were changed you know by martin luther king and his efforts you know that is actually what um um it was about but a lot of people in this generation they think that protesting itself is the stripes you know because the the reading school about the protests so they think it's all about the protests and that's why i see antifa you see women's so-called women's rights feminist folks and you know um people being tricked into going into anti-trump rallies you know the media caused his anti-trump rally while the people who when they said they were going as a feminist rally are women's rights whatever nonsense this was that they were doing you know and taking things out of context and all of that but the reality of the matter is that you know

a lot of the people that are moving right now all their ways are wrong and they are they are not productive that is not the right way to go protesting is not the right way to go you know shooting protesters is not the right way to go shooting a a a protester who is a leader you know and who was once um running for president especially after what happened in leckie bridge shooting a protester is is foolishness you see it is foolishness

the idea of splitting nigeria ipob and all of that is also um foolishness the high pop or urban issue that is also foolishness and the politicians concerning like business as usual you know expecting to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results not listening to the people not caring about look at all these problems let us work together let us put aside our political differences and work together and give this give the people these this they deserve this that is foolishness the politicians trying to consolidate power they will soon have nothing to hold on to because everything will crumble they are destroying nigeria so all these ways are leading towards the structure you know in in any case um i've shared a numerous occasions um a great many solutions you know and i've always said that we should pray and listen and act when you pray god gives you instructions you listen to those instructions and you carry thoughts and this affects everybody you know martin luther king jr once said injustice anyways he tried to justice everywhere and that is the facts you see it doesn't matter whether you are in nigeria or not this affects you you know in south africa when they were throwing white babies into hot water a lot of people kept quite nice did not talk about this the mainstream media covered it up when they were killing or slaughtering white farmers in south africa later they started um attacking and burning nigerians and you know it led to the ceo of air peace you know bringing back nigerians you know how many nigerians lost their businesses in south africa as a result of that you see it now passed on to them but it's not going to stop when you ignore injustice anywhere you know it has its way of coming back to affect you one way or the other it will not affect you today to affect you tomorrow but it will affect your children to next tomorrow you know but it would always have its effects because you know evil or [ __ ] is not going to stop it's not going to isolate itself is going to spread you know so these are things that you need to know for a lot of further steps you know that will be given i would like you to go to alfredo vip you know and reach out to us with alfred and france you know and find out what practical steps we are going to take based on instructions that have been given to us after prayer because these are steps that need to be taken if we do not take these steps you know

the problems will only get expanded and to get to a point of no return not many people care if if all of nigeria is destroyed keep in mind that most of the powerful people in the world just tried to greatly decrease the population of the world using the kovid fiasco so they won't mind if millions of nigerians die as a matter of fact they are hoping it happens so it is up to you you know who care about human lives who value human life to um rise up and save lives you know and save yourself also because injustice anyway situation justice everywhere that being said let us pray

in jesus name all and him thanks for your love for your kindness and all that you've done for us for our prayer that's your grace your wisdom will continually work for us we'll constantly walk in our lives in the name of jesus christ i pray lord for that that we'll all have the boldness to take the right steps and do the writings and soon these problems will be behind us in the name of jesus amen thanks for joining me on that prayer remember to go to alfred vip and richards was you know thank you and god bless you

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