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Never Have I Ever - Series Reviews - by Alfred


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 {Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about never have i ever now that's a netflix series under season 2 i just saw the trailer you know it is very important for us as christians to do something to undo the damage and the direction that netflix is taking the world and you know hollywood is taking the minds of young people now this um

series you know based on this trailer it's you know about an indian girl who lost her dad and now i guess since the father figure is gone and the um parental guidance which of course according to the cliche that they are trying to paint is that you know the strictness is i would assume no longer there you know it's just now the mom and she is now you know trying to be my american in the sense of being open and you know with relationships sleeping around you know the boyfriends and the girlfriends and which is not part of indian culture this helps to colonize the minds of indians a lot of people talk about colonization and you know colonization was such a bad thing but the people who are saying such things are actually involved in a worse kind of colonization right now and that is an ideological colonization you know the same people who talk about the colonization of africans say that it was terrible at the same people who would go to africa and say that you guys have to accept homosexuality otherwise we stop giving you guys aid you see that is the same people that we go to iraq and iran and give donations quote unquote donations towards promoting lgbt and you know gender reassignment surgeries and all of that for those of you who do not know during the when byron got into office the stimulus um you know the free money that was given out you know that um stimulus park a lot of it went outside the country but i don't know if people don't know how much of it went to lgbt causes outside the country of america you know that is colonization the colonization of the minds of different parts of the world it is the colonization of different parts of the world into work ideology you guys have to agree with weakness you know it's funny wokeness is supposed to criticize and condemn colonization you know and it's it's like oh the white man is bad and all of that but the people who are doing it are pushing their blm ideologies into different countries you know and they wanted to dominate because not just the media you know the hollywood is technically you know china is trying to take its place bits and of course china has already bought the majority of hollywood studios but you know hollywood movies are all over the world you know for example nigeria has its own movie industry but it is not all over the world ghana has its own movie industry but even its neighbors nigeria you know many people in nigeria have never watched the ghanaian movie and would never watch a ghanaian movie you know bet everyone has watched an american movie you see so you you you can see how the ideology that goes around with the american movies when american movie companies are um saying that they want by social unsuited midge 80 percent of sustainable percent of their characters to be lgbt you see they are changing the minds of people they are reconstructing the minds of people that is what they aim to do it's part of how unnatural it is and in spite of you you can imagine with all the propaganda and put for lgbt still less than five percent of americans you know identifies lgbt you know at the broadest estimates when you you know when you are not even considering you know those who are no longer in that lifestyle you had all those who were once there you know which is not an accurate description you're just trying to boost difficulties so even on the boosted level it's 25 percent in spite of all the pushing yet that is what they want to know the movies imagine going to mcdonald's you know and you know in spite of the dead and age relieving many people you know are all about health food and whatever mcdonald's is known for hamburgers let's see yes yeah mcdonald's they say we sell hamburgers you know and then imagine someone going there to buy hamburgers you know understanding that majority of the people who go to mcdonald's are not vegan you know anybody who goes to mcdonald's to eat is probably not a vegan or vegetarian you are not going there to look for vegetarian food they are going there to look for something with meat with beef you know pies and all of that so the thing is that imagine going there and then they say um we don't save hamburgers anymore we sell only vegan food you know but yes yes it is like the customers are still asking for meats but now you are saying that no you are you are going to give something else if 100 of your customers or 90 percent of your customers is asking for something that is where your focus should be on it's just like if you own a store and 90 percent of the people who come to your store ask for cutlery you know let's say that is what they actually ask for cutlery you have to make sure on your inventory that that takes top priority because that is what over 90 percent of your of the people who come to your business asking for you cannot now put books and spend more money on books and end up putting a situation where it's like um all your inventory is now books and people come and all of them are asking for cutlery and all they see is books and then they go away you see the thing of the matter is that you have to give you have to do your planning you know a business has to cater to its customer base you know what people want you know in america in spite of the fact that all this propaganda is being pushed and they keep on pushing it and pushing it the lgbt nonsense you know in spite of that it still hasn't gone um to um really occupy the minds of the general population and last scale but if they keep on pushing it the numbers will keep rising slowly but surely you know so the thing is that they are clearly about propaganda it's not about the customers and what the people want because when we are making movies for the entire nation and over 90 percent of the nation is actually

interested in

so when over 90 of the nation is only interested in a 17 that is what you have to give to you know over 90 percent of the population is not interested in lgbt but they want to promote they want the american society and the whole world to be like that that is why they are pushing that even in their foreign movies and of course um america owns um like youtube and all of that and that is what they push in foreign countries in countries where those kinds of ideologies are illegal so they are pushing for colonization you know they are pushing for the colonization of different parts of the world every part of the world as on an ideological basis and that is what blm and all these um cats are doing this um series you know which obviously is um selling india a liberal blm lgbt um kind of mindset you know when it comes to relationship this um promiscuous behavior the normalization of promiscuous behavior sleeping around with um so many people and putting parents who forbid that as all their streets you know when when a parent does not agree with that no that is good parenting if a child says they want to join that should a parent say well i'm i'm i'm going to allow you you know you have freedom do whatever you want no you know and as a matter of fact these are the same people who we fight against parents wanting their kids to be christian they would say like the child shoes what is that christian parents have the right to train their children in a christian way you know these people will want to push for lesbians to adopt children and for gay for um two men to adopt children and quality family you know that the child now has two fathers or two lesbians to adopt a child and and they say that now the child has two mothers you know all these kinds of nonsense and they want that ideology to be passed on from the parents to the child they want their parents to be training their children to be so-called

gender fluid oh i do not pick my child's gender i allow my child to pick the agenda understand something about a child a baby comes into this world knowing nothing a baby does not even know how to speak it is you that taught the baby how to say mama the baby heard it from you guys the baby has to be taught abc's the baby has to be taught everything so it is you that has to also tell the baby that you a boy or a girl and this is what this is why you know you you boy biological because of this you know and all of that that is how it is always going to be it is not imbued if you believe that it is imbued that the child will discover by themselves that they are a boy and a girl or a girl you see then learning is not necessary don't send your children to school don't tease your children abc's unwanted trees don't tease your babies that let them know it's impute also but if you think that it is necessary for you to teach your kids you know if you're if you're before your your kid knows what the cop is you guys listen to me you may not you may take it for granted but even something as simple as a wristwatch you see you had to first of all know what it is as a child you probably saw so what is you you also have to learn to tell time it is not something that you came out of your womb you know inherently knowing how to um tell time you are not an animal that you know a lot of animals you know especially wild animals a lot of the learning process and a lot of things about their instincts is inbuilt and because of their they do not continually learn and grow and increase the knowledge that is actually one of the key reasons why humans are at the top of the food chain if lions were able to open up books and read and understand there will be a problem

you see if lions were able to learn and make discoveries on science and technology if lions were able to learn english and different languages if lions were created without ability then there will be a problem the the big thing that really keeps man aside and sets man aside you know on is simple level from different um animals apart from you know key things like we are created in the image of god and all of that you know and of course because of jesus we we are completely different um we are we are different species we are we are not animals but you see the the reality of the matter is that on this physical plane you know this is why demons have an advantage this is why demons are a problem you know this is why angels you know when you look at that because demons can learn demons can study demons can grow but animals a lot of what they are doing you know it's like beds that fly um towards um east for the winter you know that is how did that particular species of beds react every year it is imbued they will always act like that and the the the children of those beds we act like that you know every summer winter they fly in this direction that is how they always act you know their behavior is predictable it is just the same thing with most dogs that's why you can study dogs and you can see you know a lot of what they know and they do you know in spite of the fact that you can teach dogs tricks and all of that a lot of what they are doing is based on instinct and you are an audition you are doing them is on the foundation of their instincts but you know with humans it is different we can learn and expand a lot of what you know you know is because of what was put inside you what you learnt you know so you cannot look at a child and see you will let that shout choose whether he is male or female and then you are teaching you are the one who is actually teaching it because um before you taught the child that you you a boy or you a girl but now you are teaching the child you are still teaching but you're teaching the child that you can choose that there's no sustained agenda you choose whether you want to be a boy or a girl and due to advances in science and technology if if you choose girl and you have the and you have the equipment for a boy you can go towards the sides of gender reassignment surgery and take hormones and start cutting off body parts and all of that you see that is the new teaching that you are bringing but understand that that decision is not inbuilt you know we meet the world how it is and we learn about what is we learnt that one plus one is equals to two you didn't invent it yourself you learnt it you met it here you know even the person who came up with the words one plus one you know one and then plus and all of that one it is based on variables and that is proof that there is a god because in another language for example in igbo one is ufo you know in spanish you know they have their own word for one in india they have their own word for one so the thing is that it is still variables and a variable is basically like um

a a bucket that is a bucket that you know exists that you can feel something you know that is um basically um the the context i'm using the word variable you know because you can't make it up it has to be sue it has to be based on something that is bigger than what you're trying to create you are creating on something that existed you know so in one language it can be called one in another language it can be called another word you know in another language it can be called all kinds of different words but it refers to the same thing it proves that there is a constant there is a constant fact that one plus one is equals to one no matter what language yes yeah you are saying one plus one is equals to one in you know so that reality is a variable that you met here you may have discovered the existence of that variable an assigned name to it just like gravity you know before isaac newton so-called came up with the concept of gravity are you telling me that people who existed before him didn't know that when you throw something up it will come down are you seriously telling me that all the hunters and every people that everyone that believed that existed before isaac newton didn't know that if you throw a stone in the air it will come down is that not gravity so how can you now say that isaac newton invented the law of gravity you know he just gave assigned words and clarifi put some clarifications around a constant around a variable that has always been there a lot of the things that we see are advances in science and technology you know are just man learning about the world around us these things were always there years before every the the invention that will come out next year the instruments and the equipments the elements that are needed to build it existed ever since the days of ada it existed since the the days of abraham isaac and jacob it existed since the days of ancient rome you may say why wasn't it built it was because mass knowledge did not comprehend the world around us as we do now they probably didn't know as much of the elements and of the periodic table as we do now but guess what in spite of the fact that they did not know the word oxygen they were still breathing oxygen in spite of the fact that they may not have known the the the elements of the periodic table called oxygen they still knew that if you put somebody's head in water now that person will not breathe so the constant still remain is it's a matter of um lack of oxygen in the water and of course you know people can't breathe because of oxygen so the the factors were still working but we did not understand it to assign names to those variables so those variables you know actually prove that there's a go and that is why all of science proves that there is a god and there is intelligent design because if there is no intelligent design what are we studying what is science about you know so um all of what i have explained now shows this point but you see it's very important that we uh as christians really take over and change a lot of these concepts because this indoctrination this move that um hollywood is doing they won't stop it and it's up towards um building a one world government and one world order and the pandemic or pandemic you know have shown

the reality remember when the documentary plan demi came out and we saw how evil and the media was they deleted it from so many people's accounts people's accounts were being shut down even from people's google's drive people who downloaded that documentary and kept it on their google drive or their amazon drive it was being deleted

which goes to say that a lot of the things that you are storing in the cloud been looked into by the cia so also in the name of fighting terrorism and you know um all of that you know your phone calls are being monitored your ip address is being monitored the websites that you are looking at is being monitored the words that you are using you can you know that even with google sometimes when you send someone email there there's a future now for automated reply so there are a lot of algorithms that are really looking for keywords and are actually categorizing you into different categories and they are also using to perfect marketing so they can know based on your conversations and the websites you visit they know what products you want to buy and they know what range your bank account is in because they are seeing they are crying out analystics with cookies and with all kinds of um stuff that is available on your app and in your phones you know they are gathering information with all the time sizing websites on what kind of videos do you like to watch what kind of products are you interested in you know how much did you spend when you went shopping when you shopped on social websites what is the price range so that is why for example when it comes to stores like amazon and walmart and all of that if you have an account on amazon and you search for the price of a product on amazon if you go to a different computer and log into another account and search for that same product on amazon you will see two different prices a lot of the things that you are looking at when it comes to shopping online you know they are targeted for you so the price is not the price that they are showing someone else when they look when they when the analysis shows that you are within this price range that you know you like you can buy susan so products you buy this kind of rock for at this price that is what is linked to your account and this is i'm not talking about even your accounts on that website i'm talking about general because you are you you have a digital identity that you do not know about that is used to market products specifically to you but it's also used to socially engineer you your likes your dislikes your political beliefs when you feed certain people certain kinds of news that is why they will lean towards certain directions you know so all these things are going on we need to circumvent those kinds of things right now so if god is speaking to you to start your own companies you know or reach out to us and partner with us to join the investors club do that it's very important that you do that so that we go around a lot of these things that these companies are planning because they're just plain evil you know that being said um remember to go to if you've not given your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the menu of alfredo's vip thank you god bless you


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