Never Dismiss Any Idea, Work Out The Kinks : Money Grows On Trees - by Alfred


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Psalm 118:22 KJV The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to money grows on trees today i'd like to tell you that you should never dismiss any idea you know rather work out the kinks in that idea let's open our bibles to the book of psalm 118 verse 22 i'm reading from the king james version of the bible i read the stone which the builders refused is become the headstone of the corner priest alone let me say that again the stone which the build has refused is become the headstone of the corner you know naturally this is prophetic and it speaks of jesus you know and interestingly this speaks of um many things in life you know and you have to understand something

you cannot

judge on external appearance you know sometimes what you think um is the thing that won't work is what will work you know what you think you know is not um advantageous to you will end up being you know what is most advantageous to you a lot of times we have all kinds of ideas you know it doesn't matter the nature of the idea you know some people like to categorize ideas as million dollar idea you know any idea that makes a dollar is a million dollar idea so stop looking at the rankings of ideas based on how much it is bringing you know rather emphasize and look on the value that it brings how valuable it is to the people that need it how needed is it how important is the problem that it is solving and do people appreciate it solving that problem

those are going to be people who are willing to pay for the problem to be solved you see so this is very important and a lot of times just like food you know when you build up food you know you put this ingredient and that's ingredients and that's ingredients you know you have to understand that these little additions could change the whole soup could change the whole food and make it something amazing you know in the same way a lot of ideas that you may have you know you may look down on it as it is not that good but if you think about it and work on it it's really from the perspective of how it helps people and focus on that remember i said that any idea that can make a dollar it's a million dollar idea you know because all you basically have to do is to

repeat it's 1 million times you know by creating a system that is automated and repeats the rendering of that service or the production of that product a million times and you will a million dollars is generated you know as long as an idea can make a dollar it is a good idea it's a million dollar idea you know so um that is something that you should understand an idea can look like it is only going to make um two dollars but if you work on it you know you will see that it can actually produce more and by the time you repeat it you know a million times you you'll find yourself with a company that is making 50 million or 500 million or 1 billion in a year alone you know so remove impossibilities and doubts you know prosperity is about your mindset how you think you have to have the right mindset and don't listen to those who the devil will use to pour doubts into your mindsets into your prosperity mindsets have the mindset of a king half the mind of christ the mind of christ is a mindset of prosperity it is the mindset of the lord is my shepherd i shall not want it is a mindset of my god shall supply all your needs according to his riches and glory what about his needs paul speaking he said all things are mine so he was operating on a higher revelation you know and that is the mind of christ you know you have to understand that there is no such thing as a poor christian the day you gave your life to christ was the day that you certified became rich nobody in this world can be richer than you as a christian because you are joined as with christ everything that belongs to god is yours you are joined every christ anything that god owns you own and that is an honor and that is part of the beauty of christianity

you know so these are truths that should never let the path from you you know and it's important that you understand we walk by foot not by sights we change sights by faith if any man believes in his heart he shall have whatsoever he says the words of jesus so we believe first our faith creates our faith our believing that we have received brings forth in the physical realm and the receiving so it is not seen is believing for the christian it is belief then you will see that is how it is for the christian that is the life of faith

so that being said remember to go to alfred's vip you know if you're not giving your life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that the page of commander has a prayer service and see that prayer and give your life to christ until next time god bless

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