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Acts 27:23-25 KJV

For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, [24] Saying, Fear not, Paul; thou must be brought before Caesar: and, lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee. [25] Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me. 

Acts 26:28-29 KJV

Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. [29] And Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear me this day, were both almost, and altogether such as I am, except these bonds.

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to laws of the land the topic of today's broadcast is lobby for the cause of christ every day let me say that again lobby for the cause of christ's every day let's open our bibles to the book of acts chapter 27 i'm reading from verse 23 to 25 using the king james version of the bible i read for their stood by me this night the angel of god whom i am and whom i serve saying fear not paul thou must be brought before caesar and lord god has given thee all them that sail with thee wherefore says be of good shape for i believe god that it shall be even as its was told me praise the lord what is happening here you see in this portion of the scripture um apostle paul was being taken to caesar by sea as a prisoner to stand before caesar too for to hear him out because you know the jews had persecuted him for preaching the gospel and they wanted him to stop so that was what um landed him into this situation this legal situation you know where he was actually a prisoner being transported and he was being transported by sea now listen to what this angel said you know he said that the angel of god appeared to him and said you know suit by me this night the angel of god whom i am and whom i save keep because keep in mind there was a temporal wind on the stand that before it happened god spoke you know god revealed to paul about it so he told them to wait but they didn't listen to him and this is about leadership by the spirits you know the spirit informed him there are a lot of people who are in a situation where you know they go out and they have an accident and they die that is wrong that is because you are you are you are you are silent spiritually you are you are different spiritually because such things they should be warning let us say you go out and somebody steals your phone there should have been a warning if you are sensitive to the sins of the spirit god should have told your god should have given you some instruction perhaps you heard it and missed it either be careful with your phone or keep your phone in your pocket don't let it out or keep your phone in your bag or wash your back or don't enter this kind of car or you know there should have been some warning that you should have been sensitive to because you have the holy spirit and you have angels but you know some people we are so concerned with the case of this life and they never trained themselves to listen to the voice of the holy spirit that is why these things happen you know that is why a christian can be can can go out one day and then he has an accident and die god you you should have received instruction don't go now go at this time or go later in the evening or don't go at all or don't enter this car when you're about to enter a car you should have had it you know because there's some of you may say um as a christian when you were in the car you should have decreed you should have decreed sorry and um all would have been will there is a place for that but it's also a place place for there are things that would happen but god you know there's some catastrophe that will still happen but god will give you a way of escape there are some times that god will actually want you to stand and speak to this storm and change it so perhaps you are in the kind you declare and declare and there are testimonies of khans that have some assaulted 10 times 20 times and the christendos inside came out alive some cases others died but he the christian who was declaring and and um calling on the name of jesus when they called some assaulting was the only one that came out on toss sometimes they come out with only one small wound you you look at the car the car has broken and twisted and twisted and twisted but and you wonder how was this person thrown out of the car how is it that they came out of the car

it it is the hand of god and you have you have to understand this these differences with um the world that we live in as and dealing with storms and since that happened but in any case paul knew beforehand by the spirits and told them that there's going to be a temporal storm you know and they didn't listen they listened rather to the one who was an experienced character who had who has lived all his life on the on on the ship and all of that you know who has lived all his life on this you know that's through the ways of the waves and was like no no no the weather is going to be good but now it has happened at um paul won them you know because of course he couldn't not refuse to go because he was a prisoner he had to uh he he was not in charge of himself because he was a prisoner you know so that was uh the thing now he's saying that even after that you know when the the storm had come and everything was going crazy and it was clear that these people they'll probably end up shipwrecked and they will also drown in the sea this is what the angels said and there stood by me this night the angel of god whom i am and whom i save saying fear not paul for thou shall be brought before caesar i'm showing you something very important the topic of today's broadcast is lobbying for the case of the gospel every day lobby for the case of christ every day you see the angel is saying that will be brought before caesar so he's telling him that the reason why you have that they are being saved you know and he's telling him the point this is very important it's very important that you are brought before cesar why so that he can lobby for the case of the gospel what did god want apostle paul to do before caesar keep in mind you know in in in the bible it is not written about in the interaction or any interaction between paul and caesar but he can show you what the will of god was for god to send an angel and to deliver this message of course um angelic visitations is something that should be normal to us besides we have angels with those 24 7. you know bets you have to understand something that is very important god wanted him to lobby look at what happened before that when you look at acts chapter 26 verse 28 to 29 the kingdom version i read then agrippa said unto paul almost there persuades me to be a christian and paul said i will to god that not only thou but all that hear me this day we're both almost and all together such as i am except for these bonds that is what he wanted to do he wanted to lobby for the case of the gospel before caesar if he had done that and it went successfully julius caesar would have become a christian just the same way he wanted agrippa to be a christian you know if julius caesar became a christian he would have forced all of rome to become a christian nation under the tutelage and under the instruction of the gospel according to what paul preached understand that this thing still happened later but under a different roman emperor which is why we have the roman catholic church you see so that um emperor who later converted to a version of christianity or created you know fell into his own version of christianity that created the roman catholic church imagine if it was done during caesar's time all that persecution was not necessary although the the gods put that the roman catholic church it will not even be called the roman catholic church let us say that it was still called that it would have actually been a roman catholic church that was based from apostle paul himself that was teaching what apostle paul himself thought which is not the case and imagine what christianity would have been today imagine if all that power would have been you know with with the church imagine all the lives that would have received imagine the words that would have never happened imagine the peace that would have rain imagine all the miracles all the healings remember that hank achieves um aprons from the body of paul was taken to people and people were getting healed so imagine that happening throughout the roman empire and you know beyond and imagine this message of love being preached to the gentiles so the romans would stop conquering people and killing people if it was the gospel according to paul you know that was preached and keep in mind that as i'm saying the gospel according to paul those of you who feel it somehow it his gospel the gospel according to john the gospel according to luke the gospel according to matthew so you have to understand what i'm saying so if it was that gospel according to um paul that was being preached imagine and under julius caesar when julius caesar had you know the roman empire was the number one was so big and so large imagine the breaking down of all the idols and all the god gods goddesses and goddess you know all those and whatever that do romance and the greeks worship and then replacing it with christianity imagine what would have happened and create true christianity not the catholic version

you know so we won't we won't even have the bible as it is we will have more books because the the roman empire since it's an empire though once a possible to really document all his semester really write down imagine peter and imagine the protection they will give the book so the bibles there will have been not just the bible there would have been other documents and punishments from apostle paul from peter from john and all this imagine how powerful it would have been the entire course of the world would be different even the book of revelation would not be in the way that it is

it would not if julius caesar had become a christian

and turned all of rome into a christian empire and all the reasons of the plane that he had conquered and think about if he had that mission of i am not going to take the gospel to the rest of the world and the church you know kind of what happened with the roman empire you know because if you understand the catholic church the pope is supposed to be the vicar of christ and the ruler of the world he's supposed to be jesus on earth that is actually the the meaning of the word poop many people don't know that you know he is the representative of jesus on it that is the that is the meaning of the word pope you know difficult of christ so that is um and he has the power to forgive sins just like the priest and all of that so that is the concept of that which has nothing to do with the bible that is not what the bible says at all you see so imagine if that power was there so now we you have to understand this because there are a lot of people who think that christianity should stay away from politics that is of the devil you want christians to be muslim understand that the entire old testament is politics jewish politics and that is why you see wars do you think god is concerned which was on the affairs of men all of that was god's um people of god you know and their their earthly wars and issues that they face and when you look at the old testament where nobody was even appointed a leader unto the anointed by god himself so god was the head of the politics you know god determined who is going to be that he is going to be the king they have to be anointed by the prophets and of course in those days the prophet was the mouth of god now we are now in a nation of prophets and priests you know we are now a holy nation you know all of us christians we don't need a prophet in between us and god you know we cannot come directly to the throne it is not now something that only the high priest can approach at the different times of the year if he is not if he's not cleansed he could end up being killed and he has to be dragged out by europe those days are over this is so you have to um

understand this you know that is what the old testament is the old testament politics politics politics and the new testament is persecution an attack on those who believed in god and god himself as jesus christ you know thanks to politics the killing of jesus was politics jewish politics all the jews believed you know in the laws of moses and all of that the laws remember laws what are laws politics there is not like they they were they were spiritual you know there was a spiritual aspect of jewish law and then there was the war then there was the um literal aspect kind of like um think of america today and you see oh churches have their own way of doing sins and their own this is what you have to do and christianity has on them we have the laws of the land no in that dream society it was one that was politics you know to them god was trying to destroy the law but jesus said that he have not come to destroy the love not come to destroy the politics you know i've come to fulfill it you see it is because of politics god not been number one in politics or you know being obeyed and fooled in politics that you see bad things happening in the old testament and also in the new testaments you see that is why it's very important for christians to be leading in politics i have explained it on several locations god is light therefore anywhere you you god is absent anywhere god is taken away from is darkness that is there because darkness is not the opposite of light darkness is the state of anywhere where light is absent if you take away light from anywhere else from anywhere what you have there is automatic darkness there is no debate there is no either or there is there is no other option as you take away light from the what is there in that that states is darkness so when we take away god from politics we have created darkness and how can you be led by darkness and expect to live in a and expect to be led in a direction that is not destruction christians should be the the orchestrator of politics

you see all politics they them you you don't fall into the evil of those who say criticism is because of christ not being in politics all that persecution happened and the persecution that we come during the time imagine if christians were in positions of power in the days of the tribulation period then it should not be tribulation period think about this if christians are the only ones in power in during the tribulation period it is not going to be the tribulation period that is why of course there is going to be the rapture that we take away criticism of and you know those people they are not going to be christians in a lot of positions of power or any as a matter of fact even right now there is no christian that we know of empire that is following the cause of christ that is following the vision of god right now that is why we must pray that you know those seats themselves do we have something about them and that it is they are going to be only filled by people of god by people who god has shown people who are anointed of god and people who do the work of god and will of god it is one thing to be anointed of god is another thing to do the will of god consistently in that position david was anointed of god but he did not always subscribe to do the will of god saul was once anointed of god but he did not always commit himself in that position to do the will of god so that is very very important you know so we must create situations where we the church put people in these positions and they are accountable to us the church you know so they consistently in addition to being chosen just the same way stephen was chosen to replace judas's karaokes we must have people who are chosen by the spirit to fill every individual position people from within the church people who have grown in the word of god with us people who we know as part of the church who have grown with us we've assigned them to you be the president you be the judge here you run for senate here you believe you be the representative there you'll be the governor there and we all agree that we vote for this person we until we have that kind of plan we are going to be in soup because we are going to go in the wrong course it is up to us the initial of persecution and the initial of things before the rapture before the rapture if we do the writings we can live a life of smooth sailing and enjoyment but if we do not do the right things like taking control of all the seven mountains of power and beyond if we do not do that we are going to have a lifestyle of pre-tribulation before the tribulation that is part of the reason why god did not specify so much about the state of the degree of sufferings of this sense you know before the rapture it is not clearly specified in the bible it is up to us it's what we choose to do do we choose to take charge and leave these heads on the rapture as victims or do we choose to leave this earth as people who are escaping persecution oh persecution is rising but of course it will be worse during tribulation oh thank you god for helping us escape no it is up to us right now that we no longer have societies like um the ones in the days of pope where it was a matter of who your parents were that determined your position and you know um you being distinguished in battle you know in one all those kinds of things you know advancing in class was rare you know of course women could do it through marriage you know that's all enough and of course if your daughter is married to a man of a higher class that kind of upgrades your class but the good news is that your future children are now in a class above so rising was a completely different um case in those days but now we have um situations where people can stand up and vote you know and thanks to um capitalism anybody who has a good idea can become a millionaire a billionaire so we need to take advantage of it and fix ourselves in positions of authority right now it's very important don't listen to those who say that politics is um should be separate from the source you know don't listen to them as a matter of fact be careful of those people on three with those people it is because of compromise it is because of um not um 100 commitments to the cause of the gospel that america drifted away from being a nation that was under god to what it is now that the nation that is offensive to say that is one nation under god that is what happened it is because of the compromise that and our believing that anybody can come and you know um it's a free and open society worship what you want now they have been they have created a platform for a one-world government where um on the one-world relation where it is only one thing that should be worshipped and there should be only one view or all of you must believe this all of you must believe that there are many roots to go all of you who are christians must believe you you have to forsake this scripture description you have to obey this only what is politically correct is what overrides whatever the bible says or whatever the quran says or whatever the buddhists see you know it is only political correctness it's not the one true religion that everybody must confirm their own belief system into you know because of the fact that when christians were number one we allowed it we were believing that it is open now our openness has been to reduce someone into the house who has taken power and now wants to ban us and prevent us from even seeing jesus in public

imagine during the lock down the the government's having the next to say that christians should not sing praise and worship in church but people can go to club and dance and fornicate and do whatever they want and drink and kiss and all of that but people are not allowed to sing praise and worship in church because it will pass the coronavirus imagine that it is because of this um foolishness of christians not having plans to take over politics you can see what the angel of god appeared to powerful that he should stand before caesar he wanted him to witness and to convert caesar julius caesar imagine how the world would have been different if that happened imagine all the lives that would have been saved imagine all that money used for the cause of the gospel used for helping people used for healing the sick imagine the ministries that would have resulted imagine the advancements that the world would have seen if that happened or the prosecution of christians would not have happened it would have stopped if julius caesar had been converted all the persecution and chastener way chasing christians left right and center would have ended that is god's plan some people believe that whatever happens is god's plan no god has this plan if you are poor that is not god's plan if you are happy that is not god's plan

it is clear you know i reach above all things are both all things that are prosperous and being good health even as they're so prosperous god wants every part of you to prosper to be enjoy so the fact that something's happened doesn't mean that it's god's will so the fact that the world has taken the cause that it was does not mean that that is god's will you know and that is part of being a king being a king does not mean that whatever you will will be you know you have to honor um certain factors of reality which is what people want you know so um god is a gentleman and god um gives people free will he doesn't force his will on people you know but he will have his way when he wants to have his way that being said we've come to the end of this broadcast if you are listening to this and you like to give your life to christ go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and if your commander has a prior salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ so that is it for today thank you and god bless you

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