Kamala Harris Tells Guatemala Not To Immigrate To America After Running On Open Borders For All & Calling Trump Racist For Not Being Pro Open Boarders


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hello everybody i'm alfred i'd like to talk to you about camila harris you know going to guantamala and you know she she goes there she tells you not to come to america you know it's so funny um it's amazing the kind of things that democrats get away with and of course um when you have the media the virtue of the media feeding people constantly 24 7 a message a media that the people think is trusted and people have pre disposed themselves to believe and there's the problem with the world understand that man is the same a lot of people fight against religion for example but that's um everything that is in within the concept of religion are practiced and are within those who are against religion and i mean it is for example you could say that religion has a lot to do with um fit in the supernatural you know fit in the unknown fit you know believing in something but um look at it this way you know and let let's talk about christianity keep in mind christianity is not a religion even though most people um who are outside christianity want to classify it as a religion of course we have to fight against that you know especially since they are fighting you know if they can fight for something so crazy like pronouns you know they they are willing to put people in prison for using the wrong pronouns you know for um saying she instead when they prefer to hear he out for saying he went to privatization you know all those cancers we also christians will be able to be bold enough to stand and fight against when they call christianity something we don't want it to be called for example when they call it a religion you know when they try to like say oh because one or two catholic priests assaulted um a child therefore all christians or all christian leaders are pedophiles you know no we have to fight against that and call them out on it you know there are certain things that the left do we need to start doing an amplified and also do we much more you know it's um all around in different ways but we will have to do things that are not in violation or from righteousness you know and you know things that are not um against the word of god but we must be willing to stand up and fight and push back you know as a matter of fact is um um we should move away from playing defense you know we are not even playing defense at all you know but you know we shouldn't just start playing difference you know but move into offense and go after the world and you know um every single thing that doesn't have um lights any single thing that doesn't have christ in it because they are going after everything that doesn't have what they believe in it when they look somewhere and they do not see a child believing what they believe they go in there with the drug screen story are they going dictation kids about masturbation which you know um a schooling the us was was actually doing you know the school board you know um clearly i proved that you know for the school to be teaching kids you know you know grade school as you know young kids you know basically what you call elementary school kids you know about masturbation you know and encouraging them to do it you know so you can imagine that kind of nonsense you know they go after everything so we must go after everything you know it's it's very important that because this is a fight for this generation you know understand that the antichrist has already been born you know the man of sin that will be revealed you know bet um he's probably still growing up right now because we are you know clearly in the last of the last days a lot of things are happening and are happening so fast you know so many things are happening so fast there's really no time so you have to give your all towards um the gospel right now and to pushing the light and pushing um the message of christ um everywhere you know

when you look at um the media and how you know they walk you know and also the

different aspects of society and different organizations you know like you can see how there is even um a version of black lives matter between the fbi and the cia you know why is there not a version of um a christian organization within the fbi and the and the cie and you know um the

um the uk's you know their own secrets um mi 16 operations and you know whatever they call themselves and whatever secret organizations the russians and all those folks have you know we need to have all that and way much more and you know once we do that you know we are not serious we are leaving a lot of places on tone you know now to get back to karma kamela harris you know she created this crisis how abiding on what they said you know they basically said that president trump is racist force telling people not to come and you know they run on the ticket of when we get into office not only are we going to you know welcome all um people to integrally flood into america you know they will get all kinds of benefits that's what they ran on that is a fact now she is going to guatemala and telling people not to come to america not you know they shouldn't go to america you know it's funny and she still has refused to go to the border and when she was asked about it she was playing um gymnastics and saying that's where that is an attack by the republicans it's funny and it's unfortunate how people actually listen to such nonsense you know it's not an attack by the republicans it's a fact you know why haven't you gone to the border and you know this is a crisis that you created this is you you know some people in guatemala was angry with come along with a current sign saying that she should go back home and rightfully so you know because she created this crisis because of her a lot of people have now been trafficked away from guatemala into the u.s and they are going to be sex sleeves some of them have been killed on the journey some of them will be sold into all kinds of weird things and they may end up in some way fight when the middle east or something that they didn't bargain for you know so um human trafficking is a is a real thing you know ivanka trump did a lot to fight against human trafficking and she made a lot of progress but thanks to biden all of that has rolled back by quite a lot you know because what buying deal buys making america look like oh we are welcome we are we are open to as many people i want to come you know that opened the fraud gates you know and there was a lot of human trafficking you know all the hard work of trump all the hard work of ivanka trump you know all of it you know so it's unfortunate and of course the media does not focus on it and since people are so silly that they um their reality on what the media sees you know the media has become like you know i was talking to you about how you know the similarities between the same thing that is between those who believe in god you know or those who subscribe to religion are also within those who um it is for example a someone who believes in god may say um i believe that um when this person dies they will go to heaven or they they believe that's what they do so someone saw us whatever belief system they have tells them that this will change or this will get better you know and it takes to look at that and say all of that is nonsense but yeah the ethics looks at the doctor as his god the doctor says he will die in three weeks does the it is understand that does the atheist um look into it what facts does it understand what is anything about biology or anything about medicine no but it just believes it because the doctor said so so the atheist is now in a position where the government and so-called official experts are his goal that is why you can see a lot of people believing dr falci because they are in the position where you know the so-called authority figures you know the so-called oh this is the official body oh this is what it is you know that is how they are you know in a godless society that is where people would believe dr falci and look at how things have stand out for them you know because so-called um experts that they are god look at all the crazy people who believe in um global warming a lot of the things that global warming um has been seen you know a lot of things that is global warming allah is having said have not come to pass have not happened and didn't happen at the time frame that they gave that it would happen they it came and passed and nothing happened you know yet there are still a lot of people who are um believing in global warming and are pushing it and all of that and they are allowing it to change their lives look at all the people that are vegan now you know show me somebody who became a vegan and his life span is longer than those who lived before him for centuries you know all the human beings that have lived that were eating meat show me the person that was that's actually you know um the vegan has not outlived more than those people is there anybody that is a vegan that has lived longer than any person who has existed before who also admits you know or has come prove that they they have they have a healthier life the same people will say that being fat and does not prove that you are um not healthy you know you know these libras they say that um being that after already a lot of people who are not fat that are also not healthy that they are sick and ill and all of that therefore being fat you know is not um proof that um you're healthy you know and they want to encourage being fat it's one thing to tell people you know just on a matter of politeness and etiquette that they shouldn't make a fun of people that are fats you know and that is okay and you know the reality advertising that nobody really does that because everybody has really relatives or they themselves are fats you know so making fun of people because of their weight is a childish thing that actually does not even continue after kindergarten i don't even know anybody in high school even in junior high school that makes fun of people's weight you know that is so um weird you know especially when you know high school college you know who makes fun of people's weight that oh this person is fat he's fat nobody does that but it is when people start pushing and start saying that you know um oh if you do not approve of it you know if you do not approve of people being fat you know how you deliver that message oh um you want fat people to be on the cover of magazines oh it is good to be fat when you start doing that now people will not talk about it they you cannot create a narrative that they are they are fat shaming that they hate people who are fat no they say you know the people that are kidding have always existed with fat people and i've said nothing you know but it's when you started pushing for that narrative that it is healthy to be fat that it is okay to be fat you know that body positivity message and you're doing it in a way that you know is crazy because when you are you are doing the body positivity you know yes what is positive about somebody being fat if if you are fat you need to lose weight you know there's nothing positive about it you know so it's not positive so when people call that out now you now start accusing them it's just like the same thing that happened with um um like christians and homosexuality the reality of the matter is that christians never commented about it as a matter of fact in christianity we didn't even say the word pregnancy especially in church you know that since that that's within people say we are not even allowed to touch a talking church for majority of the existence of you know um trust building some people going to churches people were not allowed to speak inside church it was common etiquette you did not talk in church you know so there was the um there's this move of people saying that um um christians are fighting you know christians hates homosexuals and all of that we don't even talk about this and nobody preaches about this you know until you know we didn't do that for many years for the you know when look at the victorian era when look at the edwardian era when you look at you know um after that you know during the um the first world war era the second world war era you know all those eras you know nobody talked about this in the church nobody talked about homosexuality it was not talked about you know we couldn't even say what pregnant we said they were expecting and that was even considered kind of crass it was not even really seed you know we would use stems like suicidal is with child also you know that that was the term that was used susan so he's returned we didn't talk about we didn't even talk about sex there was no preaching or any any semen about even heterosexual sex in church it was not talked about it was not addressed it was considered kind of vulgar to even address or say from the pulpit it was not talked about at all within the written anyway but you know when you start pushing um homosexuality of course then people will not start talking about it especially when you start accusing christians about and start saying do they approve of it you know the fact that they do not approve of it you know is is not something that you can use and say oh that is evidence of them hating you you know if i think that the lakers the lakers basketball team you know the nba let's say i think that lakers suck does that mean that i hate basketball does that mean that i hate the mba and um does that even mean that i hate the lakers you know i don't have anything against any members of the of the lakers that just means that i think that the team is not good it is that simple it has to do with um the gameplay but you drop fyi for your information i think that the case is cool but i'm just using them as an example you know and by that i mean their play you know um i know kobe um has passed bets you know that was when i um cared to watch about watch the nba games and you know kobe was one of my favorite you know players in the league but um not notwithstanding i'm just trying to let you understand the differences you know which um and how people can make something to look like what it is not you know it just like the lisa drama i believe lisa versus does a certain health um someone that is really into fitness you know she has been into fitness for a long time you know she is um a lesbian even and she said that um lisa you know that what is positive about lisa being fat you know and she was attacked for it that is not fat she me and of course since she is white they want to like oh you know that's oh and since the the lady was um white that's the dream fitness um expert lady you know was white uh a white lesbian and you know lisa is you know african-americans so it was like um look at um

look at this african um look at this white woman this is an african-american and they wanted to add all of that to it but no she was making a point you know like what is positive about being fat you know you you can't push that body positivity you know all of this you know it's part of a larger game and people need to become wise to it you know and you know christians until we get um money and control the media and get the power and also what is our plans beyond the church what is our plans for education what is our plans for taking over education what is our plans for taking over politics you cannot just pray you know we pray and expect god to do this and do that no god has put us here to do things people don't understand that god is looking at you to do something god puts you here to do something imagine if a possibility just prayed for people to get sick i mean i mean sorry to get healed you know and i'm talking in reference to

the man alligator beautiful if apostle peter did not go to him if our possibility did not approach and you know say silver and gold i have not bought you know what i have um i give unto you you know keep in mind that is the man that um made a comment but a possibility redirected the man's attention to something else i can actually give you healing you know and you know heal that man let's say that peter rather was like you know god is going to provide god is going to change since god is going to do miracles and just sat back in his house and prayed and lived his own life you know live the holy life you know um the godly life and you know did not do anything that man will still be there what i'm trying to show you is that god wants you to to to be the change god wants you to cause the change god is going to use you that is what he um um he wants you know and that is why when you are criticizing preachers you are criticizing god when you are criticizing televangelists you are criticizing god because that is how god changes life you know you can't um think that god will just change sins himself you know he will come down and change and start turning things around himself you know he has to walk with man you know the bible talks about you know the disciples that they what um they as they went you know they performed signed a miracles the lord walking with them you know that you have to walk in union with the holy spirit that's just a partnership with the holy spirit you know and that is how god works god changes things through the um activities of the sense the activities of christians the activities of people you are me you know so if we don't do anything and we are just praying we are not serious because god wants us to go and it is when we go that he will now work with us to bring for the change you know if you want um the political scenario to be better you want um politicians to make the right choices what are you doing what have you put your leg towards what i what hand

have you played you know what are you doing actively to make that happen and god will be a part of that when you when you do when you go forth you can't just pray and you know that is all um prisons do we pray and it's people like we expect god to come down and just walk things and chase that is not how he does things you can see it with all the miracles you know that's where right by the hands of the saints you know even the shadow of peter and you know the handkerchiefs and aprons from the body of paul you know all of that so these are things that you have to you know think about and understand that being said remember to go to alfred and subscribe you know um also if you've not given life to christ there's a salvation prayer link in the main menu click that um link and see the salvation prayer give your life to christ thank you and god bless you