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Joe Bell : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie joe bill now this movie is uh crazy it's pure lgbt nonsense you know it stars uh mark wahlberg and it's basically about you know something unrealistic but very cliche you know what um the lgbt community will want it the entire movie is to inspire some party and understand that since hollywood um and the industries you know that are around it you know have as much money when they keep on pouring a rhetoric out there it soon becomes facts in people's minds you can put out a lie or you can twist the truth and the more you pray it out the more you will influence people in the direction that they are to think and that is what this movie is all about of course the entire industry the entire movie industry is like that and that is why it's important for us as christians to actually have our own plan to change this to actually be the light that shines in in this darkness that they have built and then swallow it up and destroy all the nonsense that they are doing this movie you know plays around with a cliche of basically um a boy being bullied for being gay in school and you know his his father finds out you know and it's like they are operating on the premise of everybody who is against lgbt is ignorant and you know they need therapy and you know they don't um understand you know they are just beguts and you know they are unaccepting and all of that then also it fits into that premise of people are born gay which is nonsense there is no such thing as people are bonky if people were born gay first of all the bible would have made it clear god who created man made it made it obvious that this is a choice and if you are doing that stop it it is that simple you may say that let us say that you a guy and you are you find men sexually attractive or you're a woman and you find women sexually attractive have they never occurred to you two different factors first of all since you do not believe in demons you do not understand the ministry of demons the work of many of of demons the things that demons do these are fallen angels they have their own ministry of darkness you you have ignored their operations in people's lives that is a reality you have ignored that because you have fell into the light that you know demons don't exist there is that then when that is taken care of you know most people may call it deliverance you know but you know when someone um you are introduced to the gospel the demons are cast out so you know that's mata is handled then what is left is your will

you know you have to walk by faith and work in the right path and seems to be okay it is that simple

you see when god says this is how to get your miracle that is it you see god says if if you are if you have those kinds of feelings all you have to do is walk away from it you know it is that simple it is as simple as that but there is something that when you have the holy ghost it becomes much um easier you know if you are trying to walk away without the holy ghost you are now battling with devils you know the mystery of devils so how can you overcome in that situation so you have to do it with the power of the holy ghost when when god is in you when you've received the holy ghost how where will all those just have any footing understand that what may be left of certain of those objects as long as they are stabbed they will die out and disappear don't have um literature or movies or websites or things that will trigger such feelings or trigger you thinking in that direction and understand the concept of what you put in is what you put out if you pour in the word of god consistently in you where will those watches come from where those feelings come from the bible says casting out every imagination that exhaust exalted itself above the name of god when you have that control over your imagination if your mind is going in that direction you stop it and of course that is powerful and understand that that is different from filling your hearts up with god's word that's why the bible says be you transformed by the renewing of your mind when you are transformed by renewing of your mind which is a constant you constantly meditate on the word you know you fellowship with the world even if at times you may fall you keep on going those audits and all those things will disappear and go away that is a fact the world will not tell you about all those who went that way and went out you know and at best they would say that it was a phase but there are a lot of people who were walking in that part of um going into homosexuality but they were saved they were and they they are free from it with evidence and all of that then the the world they would say instead of giving credit to god they will say it feels just like in the same way when somebody has cancer and god heals that person of the cancer after that person praise another person believes god after a person has passed us you know pray for that person in spite of all this that we ignore all that and say that the person fought cancer and won how is that that is not scientific if you are saying that if the person fought that fought cancer won then how did that person fight cancer and when can win against cancer you can then replicate it everywhere else it is just like if aspirin can take care of headache here it can also take care of headache everywhere else you see because if you are saying that it is the aspirin this person took this drug called aspirin and it took care of their headache then you can replicate it if you are saying in the same way that this person fought cancer then you okay you fight cancer how you know is it is it is it by determining that the determine that they believe on their own without god in the equation okay then replicate it everywhere else and when people say they have cancer tell them that gives the cure the cure of cancer is you being able to fight cancer all you have to do is fight so that is the cure for cancer why don't you as the world say that but you see the world would rather bring up all kinds of things that have nothing to do with science or facts or logic you know and then all in the name of do you know they can't discredit the truth and at the end of the day people suffer people end up dying but you when you look at it there's a strong anointing for healing when it comes to cancer in this world that is why you see a lot of people breaking free even when it comes to drug addiction there are a lot of churches and a lot of ministries you know that are responsible for setting people free from drug addiction you know in the worst ways and then people in the world we make fun of churches you know and they will attack it and you know they look for a way to give credit to someone else or something or the person who is strong and personal don't stick away the question of prayer if you look at those who survive cancer and those holiness you will see that the the denominator which that is common between a lot of those who survived it is that they either had someone praying for them or they themselves became stronger in the faith or they became christians that is the reality and as there's that strong anointing for that you know it's it would seem that it's easier for people who come to christ to look onto christ to get healing for cancer down in order um than in most other diseases you know so these are the things that you have to realize and of course the aspect of faith when people give out this world that people are getting healed you know there's more faith for to receive healing for cancer than you know other diseases when people believe that so this is a terminal you know first when the doctor says this isn't that this is a terminal it requires more faith you know that that most people who ignore the world or or puts um the doctor's word above god's word it becomes difficult for them to um believe in it in faith and therefore they end up dying because it is not a matter of your suffering that's changes things is not a matter of your crime before god that changes things it's a matter of your faith you know without faith it's impossible to please god you can be going through something you can be super sick and you are crying you are hoping and saying oh but i'm a good person that is not going to change things it is your faith that is going to change since you standing in faith and receiving the healing that is yours if you are a christian because healing is the children's bread you're standing in faith and saying i am healed i am well you know you declaring it's you um walking in it you're stepping up and walking into your miracle that is what's going to cause the change not expecting oh because god is merciful things will change god has already done what he has done it is up to you to respond to it he did what he did on the cross and on the way to the cross but he stripes you are healed those stripes that he bought before he got to the cross that is the legal right for you to never get any sickness or to have any infirmity in your body and if you do not believe this you would suffer so even if you may believe in other things about god you you will still suffer because you do not believe in this is the areas that you do not believe in you know the scripture that you do not believe in the revelation that you do not know or believe in you are not going to work in it to take advantage of it you know you might stumble on it by accident thanks to somebody else praying for you or you practicing the principle but your lack of understanding of fits would make it difficult for you to replicate it you know so that is uh the reality about things like cancer but when it comes to human i've explained to you this is something that is easy to walk away from you know there's the aspect of um having the demonstrator there's the aspect of continuously renewing your mind you know and also there's the aspects of casting on every thought and every imagination that exalted itself against the name of god and then there's the aspect of having faith that's yes that you can break free and that is it but in any case this movie casts that um image that the world pushes that um people don't change but the fact that many people have walked in the world homosexuality and have changed it's proof that people change that millions of people have changed there are millions of people who for parts of their life for for example five years 10 years they were homosexual but then they became christian and they changed they stopped being homosexual and they lived a normal life so that is evidence that there's no such thing as people are born gay and understand if someone wants to you use that craziness of people are born gay why is it that it is now that all this um pushing foot of lgbt is going strong that people are feeling that way and it's only in countries that just push the most that people think that way just like transgender the people who say they are struggling with them gender identity that they are men that are that they are male stuck in a female's body or females stuck in a male body why is it now after transgender the technology um and the and medical science that man knows about you know what doctors and surgeons can do now reach that stage before then why wasn't there people who were men talking female bodies why didn't anybody say that there were men that were stalking female bodies even in solomon gomorrah that was not seed you see the man who engaged in homosexual activities said that the women they knew they were men and they said they wanted men they did not say that they were women stuck in male bodies you see so understand what is really happening the propaganda of it if it is natural for people to be homosexual people who have always been homosexual you know and you will not be able to change it just like dogs back you know so even if you may not have been around in the victorian age or in the it in the 1800s or in the 700 or 1600s or 1500s the dogs then backed because it is natural for dogs to back so you you know that in the in that time it's not like dogs were making a difference and dogs were backing so in the same way you know if someone wants to use that um argument or someone wants to sell you that lie that homosexuality is natural why wasn't it natural or all along oh you know how many centuries mankind has lived you know and why wasn't it natural for boy to for boys to come and say oh i feel i am a girl stuck in a male body way before the transgender surgeries and the hormonal things and the propaganda by the government but when the um this leads this organization started teaching people that oh that and you can be a girl stuck in me a man's body or a man stalking a girl's body that teaching is actually what is creating the problem it is the things that the transgender and the lgbt community sees that is destroying the lives of these people you know of course this movie just panders to to um what the world wants to be pushed about the lgbt and all this nonsense and understand that it is a weapon for the destruction and and really um destroying so much of what man has built mankind has come such a long way when it comes to you know the journey of math you know so much has happened and so much has been lent you know we are aware of more so much but we are now in a day where you know it's like it's the progression has come to a decline and people are thinking they are moving forward when they are moving backwards

at an incredible rate you know they think they are progressive and you know the the people who call these are progressive are the most regressive people in the world and they degenerate people and that is the concepts and the morals that they are upholding are personal to their kids and they are hoping to pass on to the generation and indoctrinate the whole world you see that is why we christians must take it seriously to actually move ahead of these people and indoctrinate the world with the gospel and yes i use the word indoctrinate because there that is what they are already doing and if you do nothing about it this is what is going to continue and this is what is going to end up meaning you know so that being said make sure you check out alfredo vip if you would like to especially be a part of making christian movies and taking over um christianity i mean entertainment has not just um um we are not trying to like start um oh christian entertainment is powerful and we are competing with this no we are going to we are going to come up with plans and you can be a part of it to actually take over the whole thing that is something that is very important you know not just entertainment the educational system the schooling systems the nonsense that psychiatrists are learning and are teaching people with psychiatry is the relation of the new world whether it's a religion in itself

and it is under satan and it's led by lies and propagandize these are the same people who are feeling for the lies to push for the particular rhetoric on cns and msnbc's they are the same people who lied who joined the world health organization you know and they push forth like they're the same people who you you see the psychiatrist who are giving people advice that yes you are a man stalking you stuck in a female's body or you're a female stuck in a male's body that is what psychiatrists are saying and these are the people that people are looking up that are going to receive advice from and paying exorbitant amount per minute for advice that will kill them and then those same people who are paying this exorbitant amount to make fun of puzzles and say oh they are collecting offerings to make matters what these same people are the same ones who we go online and start youtube channels to be collecting money while selling products and all kinds of things you know so don't mind the world and the things that they see we must go forth and dominate and indoctrinate the whole world with the truth so thank you god bless you go to and if you have not given your life to christ when you go to alfred click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you do that the page your commander has a proof of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that is it have a nice day


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