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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to ask is picture banned in nigeria you know obviously by now most of you might have heard about twitter being banned and of course this is very strategic because you see the reality of the matter is that the current administration the buhari administration has its own goals and its own agenda which is separate from the agenda of all nigerians it has a very um fulani agenda and it's eliminating all its opponents you know by taking away twitter keep in mind that there are a lot of pastors and preachers and ministers in nigeria who this is how they reach out to the world also there are a lot of businesses there a lot of nigerian businesses who this is how they reach out to the world this is how they expand their business this is how they expand their um reach you know their customer base you know when it comes to marketing twitter is one of the key ways in nigeria facebook twitter and instagram are very big for businesses and promoting businesses as well as whatsapp and that's how a lot of businesses you know communicate as a matter of fact even most of the largest um

direct to customer businesses in nigeria they talk to their customers on twitter they have their own supports handle you know for their company where they interact with their customers even banks in nigeria interact with customers via twitter so by taking away twitter you know that is an attack on a very important aspect of the nigerian business and also a very important aspect of churches

you see how can you be an administration that says you believe in infrastructure and building but you have caused more destruction to amer to nigerian businesses by taking away twitter all because twitter deleted one of your tweets so you banned them from the entire country in comparison to donald trump where you know donald trump was stricken off twitter while he was still sitting present and even before that every single thing he posted had a warning label on it twitter the same facebook that is same you know facebook is the other sides are busy extending the banning yet president trump didn't ban sweetheart from america you know in spite of the fact that um americans are so clueless to see the danger of all the social media companies united for a political purpose and the political aim of kicking one person out of office you know how does that not infringe on any

human rights or concept of democracy you know but in any case to get back to this matter i observed that from nigeria you know one cannot log in or view patreon now patreon is actually one key way that nigerian creatives you know those in nigeria who make youtube videos or you know who make content for youtube you know social media content that is one of the key ways to get support you know there's adsense of course when it comes to nigeria adsense is big and then also you know things like patreon you know because as long as it's online and the services are available to nigerians keep in mind that some foreign businesses don't make their services fully available or available at all to nigerians you know and there are the reasons for that is best known to the company for example paper in when it comes to nigerian paper in nigeria can open a paypal account to send money to buy things but cannot receive money and that says a lot why is it that in nigeria cannot receive money when they open a paypal account that is a nigerian people accounts so nigerians go around this if they have um connections you know to um either happen a foreign visual and virtual accounts or if they can actually travel outside you know open a bank account from another country or uh try to circumnavigate it that is how most nigerians do but because of that paypal is not a big um service for receiving payments like it would have been if paypal had opened itself to nigeria two today paypal is not open to nigeria as a matter of fact when people have started for years he did not even allow nigerians to create the profile to even send money it was later they opened it after years and years of you know nigerians talking about it and not really asking for it you know which is a different topic altogether but you see some companies restrict their services but in this case this is a new development this is an attack on creatives but most importantly on the church because you see paypal is big i mean um patreon is um heavy when it comes to donations you know and that is the platform no you create stuff and you receive donations that is one big um way to receive donations so of course there is the um hype hub and you know receiving donations and there's also the um issue of like iphone receiving donations so the issue of boko haram receiving donations but interestingly this was never an issue since and of course you know also in nigeria cryptocurrency has been banned under this administration this administration is doing so much to make the lives of nigeria's difficult

keep in mind that the vice president was against it but is the president that is right and his other advisors the vice president made it clear that they should not have banned it but the cbn governor and you know the presidency they decided to ban cryptocurrency in nigeria that is very unfortunate and that is not wise allow nigerians to invest in what they want to invest in you see they have restricted a lot of nigerians from making money a lot of nigerians who invested in cryptocurrency um prior made a lot of money now you know the so-called concerns about safety and criminal activity and criminals um using cryptocurrency guess what all the kidnappings that are still happening in nigeria are payments not being made through banks why can't you track down people uh and even cash payments and all those deposits if if if you are talking about concern about criminals using the it's what about all the stuff that is happening with cash payments you know how does a criminal ask for 50 million or 100 million even as much as a billion naira how is a billionaire transferred to one person to another person without bank the banking system cashing it it is impossible it is impossible for the banking system not to catch it even if you say that the person wants to withdraw one billion naira how does somebody withdraw one billion naira and take it to your location and somebody carries dewey and where will they keep it when they still put it into banks how does the system not cash this what's good is the banking system and all the automation and all the algorithms that now exist in nigeria and you you are telling me that people are shifting over this money and it is not being seen the the reality of the matter is that um especially during this administration quite the number of criminals are now ruling you know nigeria has always had the uh problem of corrupt people or criminals ruling now this um current administration under the guise of eliminating corruption is putting only muslims and fulani people and those who he trusts and those who have their jihadist mindsets in different positions of power so he's reshuffling and removing people i'm accusing anybody that he wants you know this and that person of corruption the reality is that they are all corrupt and this administration has been the worst so far that nigeria has seen in in recent years even worse than abasha you know this this administration has you know

clearly in the mind of the youth and you know when it comes to the danger to the economy and to the future of nigeria you know the buhari administration has been worse than the abasha administration way worse you know because he even with the treatment of the biafra you know he he's doing things that point towards war basha as evil as he was and as obsessed he as he was with killing everybody that opposed him he did not drive nigeria in the direction of war

you see he did not make moves but like this presidency is clearly making moves in that direction when it comes to the banning of patreon you know if you're in nigeria you have to use a vpn you know and you know act as though you are logging in from another country or visiting the site from another country to to use patreon you know it's very interesting you know and the twitter banning was public what if the presidency is banning other sites and these are strategic sites especially sites that affect the church patron seriously affects the church you know this is a good way for foreigners to support the church and especially um everyday people you know and upcoming or starting um ministries you know to really receive donations from outside nigeria it is true patreon you know that is one of the best ways i can get you know the everyday person from america to support a ministry in nigeria church in nigeria or in different parts of the world is true patron as well as those who are creating christian content or just those who are creatives those who make youtube videos you know and other um kind of content that they give that you know they have some they give for free and some they want you know people to pay for they give away everything for free but say you can support me through patreon you know patron has been taken away from all nigerians you know this is very unfortunate you know there's a possibility and the question of is this a move on patrons but the patron itself ban nigerians you know from logging in or is it the president that banned nigerians from going to patreon you know the reality of the matter is that patreon hasn't canceled the accounts of those in nigeria you know those in nigeria who built um their proof of house you know um uh who have their professional picture but it's very interesting we live in in a very interesting times there are so many things happening there are those who are trying to control the social media and control the rhetoric you know um years ago the concept of the internet was to open up the world to let human beings free and let human beings be able to communicate even the visions of companies are changing like you know facebook's initial vision was to unite the world and to let everybody communicate i need to become it to help to build a better and safer world but now they are the kings of censorship you know the mission statements of like for example google you know which one of their taglines you know internally with the company was don't be evil they have removed it you know and of course these people you know they probably think the word evil is offensive and you know and there's no such thing as evil so they the these companies that initially um started on the general idea of the internet being open and free and letting people express their views you know now it has turned into cancer culture it has turned into you only have to have those views and any of you that's contrary to this view that we want to push has to be eliminated you know so it remains to be seen i like to ask anyone watching this video you know to if you are not in nigeria use a vpn and log in from nigeria and you know post your comment and reach out to us you know that's um ask alfred online at or ask at alfredo vip and you know communicate to me what is your experience are you able to log in you know from nigeria are you able to um visit patreon from nigeria you know you can use a vpn and check then if you are in nigeria try without the vpn accessing patreon can you visit patreon the spectrum work then also you have to use a vpn download a vpn you know i recommend proton vpn you know all you have to do is create a proto mill you know it's safe and it's the company is based in switzerland you know so it's use it has this free option and paid option use description is free option works good you know the paid option are is many times faster but the the free option is fast enough so use the free option you know and check out you know if um you can then log into picture using a vpn you know try um connecting as we in america or something and see what happens you know they there's also um the aspect of you know because it's a question of is its picture that that is banning nigerians you know is it the company that is making that decision or is it the president that has behind us since banned picture from nigeria you know so these are things that um we need to look into and understand you know and we have to make sure that these kinds of things don't happen anywhere else you know you may not be in nigeria and you may be like i'm not in andrea what how does this concern me remember the words of martin luther king jr you know injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere you know because evil spread evil copies when you allow darkness to live in a place it will expand there would have been a second world war if the whole world addressed adolf hitler when he invaded belgium if after he invaded belgium and took over belgium the whole world said ah mr hitler come we need to talk you you can't do that you need to give belgium back you can't you can't do that if the whole world did that there would have been no second world war there was a second world war because everybody was holding their arms it does not concern me it took so much time before america got involved in the war it took so much time you know britain only got involved in the world when it came to their doorstep america you know it took a lot of persuasion and all of that it is after um adolf hitler attacked america you know after um bombing you know it never obeys i believe you know that is when the america began to take it serious you know it's unfortunate don't wait for evil to to meet your doorstep to come to your doorstep before you um try to push it back or try to stop it because that's you mean you may not be so fortunate that time may be too late injustice anyway so you try to justice every there are a lot of people who want to say things like why does america want to be the police of the world why do they want to be the world's worst dog that if america does not feel that place somebody else will and what if that person is more sinister remember the antichrist you know so the the antichrist is coming there that position is going to be filled by someone and you see whoever feels the position like for example who is more powerful the the the leader of the united nations you know all this um world economic forum and you know the world all these um organizations summits that's like the g8 and all of that the leaders of those organizations are more powerful than the presidents of individual nations because whoever becomes presidents of the individual nations have to fall in line with the agenda of the leaders of all these g8 and all this economic and world economic forum and all these people that have great reset plan for the war which is very dangerous because these are unelected officials who are actually truly ruling the world and deceiving the world that people are thinking that they are in democracies you know think about america for example democrats and republicans first of all they have deceived everybody that you are either here or here a democrat or a republican but that is not real but that aside irrespective of whoever wins you have to fall in line with whatever is discussed and whatever is agreed and whatever is the universal vision of the g8 and the world economic forum and all these united nations all this this difference but look at how all the doctors were slaves to the world health organization the world health organization opened their mouth to say that um a drug that had been used in africa for thousands of years and has been used to fight malaria in africa successfully said that it was wrong that it that is dangerous that everybody has to get vaccine all the wisdom of doctors involved in all the all the knowledge of doctors in all countries all around the world had to bow down to the world health organization is not better that we christians are the heads of such organizations and create or create such organizations or swallow of social organisms those are more powerful than the presidents those are more powerful than the kings those are the true rulers of the world you see so um that being said back to this spiritual issue remember what i said you know try using a vpn i'm not using a vpn you know from nigeria and outside of nigeria to see the um results i really want to verify what the problem is you know and you know also send letters to picture you know addressing this issue so we we can know for sure whether it is patron itself that banned nigerians from visiting patreon remember that paper has a similar thing paper does not allow nigerians receive money you know they want nigerians to be poor something you know and there will now be the same hippocrates who will go to america and be saying oh we care about um um africans and people of afghanistan so black lives matter oh this that that that but they come to africa to persecute and destroy africa yet they go there and be screaming black lives matter that is the those that is the companies look at starbucks if starbucks pays for its coffee if starbucks was an honest company rather than putting black lives matter this that that all the coffee that you take in starbucks is from africa all the swiss chocolates the expensive chocolate that you guys are eating all around the world in the the most luscious restaurants that chocolate is actually from coco that came from ghana

look at the state of ghana do we you know this these companies are so funny they will come out and say um black lives matter who we care about um dark skinned people this od president trump is ravis oh these guys racist blah blah blah but they are the ones that will do everything to try to enslave africa and pay africans little for so much and keep on um robbing africa you know but um that that is that remember to um check out alfredo's vip if you are listening to this and you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu you know when you go to alfred the vip prayer of salvation come and say that prayer give your life to christ thank you and god bless you