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Infinitum : Subject Unknown : Movie Reviews - by Alfred



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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about infinity you know subjects unknown

this you know it's quite interesting it's you know let me just read out the official synopsises jane is trapped in an unknown world with endless possibilities she has to discover a way to access them and alter her reality before she is destined to repeat the same test with anova again you know that's a very interesting synopsis but what i got from the teller is basically like someone was chosen randomly you know it seems like a number of people were chosen randomly against their ability to and they were stuck in an infinite loop by some kind of genius you know um and by an infinite loop i mean that the same day was happening over and over again but this was done to conduct a study you know between variables and constants to know how um one can actually alter reality you know so obviously the person behind the cutting can be able to alter people's react realities on a mass scale you know so that is um kind of like a sci-fi world concept but of course there is um there isn't a sci-fi setting of you know the usual um things with that even though the plots looks um that's where it's actually pulled from that genre of sci-fi so it's basically what that is and you know if the the character basically has to outsmart the juniors behind us the cutscene so behind the scenes so he's manipulating that loop of the day repeating itself so that she can break free from it you know so that is basically what the premise of the movie is about you know there's so much to be said about it it's a typical sci-fi stuff you know sci-fi stuff doesn't make sense but in spite of that it has to teach something it has to be about something you know at a very less it could be a warning about people trying to um control other people you know the dangers of that and that could have been going into or should be going into you know i don't know then again they have already finished making the movie so who knows what direction they went with um teaching that particular lesson in a bit whatever the objective is is up to them interestingly i don't see any bookness in this movie at all you know which is amazing and starring i am you know mclean you know he's a very popular actor i believe is the same guy from lord of the rings you know gandalf who played gandalf i think and love the rings in any case that's that if you are listening to this and you haven't given your life to jesus christ go to click the salvation prayer link in the main menu and do that the page commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that is it for today thank you and god bless you

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