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I Was Cancelled On


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about being canceled on some of you may know that i had a profile on it no longer works you know and i just um got an email that you know my accounts had been deleted you know and that um if i wanted to like um contact them for if the mistake had been made you know there was a link that was done all of that you know in any case i've just decided to leave that particular site alone and you know this is very interesting if i was saying the things that everybody wants to hear i wouldn't face these types of obstacles and keep in mind that i am not the only one who faces these kinds of senses anyone who says these kinds of things every platform has their own rules every platform has their owners and their owners have their agendas and they have their vision for the world so they eliminate sensor or shadow band scenes that goes against that vision you know that is why certain kinds of contents easily get promoted and certain kinds of content don't get promoted in spite of the fact that this is a world where there are all kinds of people originally with different opinions different interests so there's space for everybody however thanks to the fact that you know if you own a platform you can do what you want to the platform you know this is the kind of thing that happens now i know that's why i suspect that when it comes to the that is setting um internet personality had a hand to play with it i won't give the person's name you know but i created farm profiles for several people and only one of those accounts is missing that means that it is most likely that it is the owner of that account so so that accounts and took action you know went to you know about you know deleting my profile and all of that and it goes to show several outsides about human nature there are a lot of people you show them love and they respond to that with hate and you see it repeated you know with certain people you know for example um somebody calls in on a show with a celebrity or internet personality and the fact that that person called you know and it's a segment on giving advice and that person you know did that that person has some respect for you you know but a lot of people they are more concerned about you know they they believe in the idea of um it is only me and everyone else has is beneath me or everyone else you know is trying to take my spot or i i don't get it you know but whatever is the case you know people attack people they shouldn't be attacking like for example if you are doing a man on the streets kind of video and you meet people and you are interviewing these people and you find out that this person is your fan you know this person um watches your video and the person gives you props you can't then start insulting them or creating a scenario where you will not end up making content where you disable or you make them look dumb you can't ask them questions that you know they can't answer and then packages in a way that they look dumb understand that trivial questions it is not everybody that knows them and it's not everybody that cares about a lot of things a lot of people don't care about politics you know so when you're asking certain people questions about um politics uh who is their congressman what is the name of the congressman all of that granted all these things are important to know but the average person does not know that and that is a problem but you can't do it in a way to keep on making people look bad especially when that person tells you that they watch your show or they are subscribed to your youtube channel or whatever um platform you post your videos to so these are things that are funny and it goes without saying you know if you are that way you need to reprint from that you cannot make enemies of those who you have already won over those who um have some love for you you know it is not wise but in any case when it comes to and a lot of other sites because um i'm used to posting links to a lot of social media sites it's like our summarizer written to just alfredo's vip links you know i know that is um banned on facebook and instagram but you know perhaps that is the best thing to just to you know but um we'll see you know maybe i'll continue posting um the whole whole list of um social media bits you know some of them end up getting the platform and i can't go back to all the videos of all content i start removing those links but most of those links end up not working because um i've been the platform from those particular platforms and these shows also the importance


your own platform this is what i've been saying you know christians you know we need to have our own platform and this is not even about that christians you know this is about me i need to have my own facebook i need to have my own instagram i need to get out of this and you guys can join me with alfred and friends you know and we can do it you know uh i need to move away from saying christians need to do this christmas institute and stats you know i need to do this and actually take action and i do it you know because that's the way um progress will actually be made expecting all christians to wake up and take certain actions at the same time they need a leader no they need a leader that they say thank you and god bless


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