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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie how it ends now how it ends is basically a comedy that's thinks it's funny but it's not funny it's clear i have not looked into it but i'm sure a woman wrote this you know one of this modern day women so far from the trailer i did not get an excessive outburst of feminism but of course the liberal stuff is done it seems to be certain early but in any case the story deals with the aspect of dying and passing on and you know the what happens next you know and it's trying to deal with you know this lady that feels you know is trying to um based on the trailer i don't know if perhaps she got news from the doctor that she will die soon or she expects to die soon or she's just dealing with it because of the way um the the style of comedy is basically drum board there are so many things you know so she's trying to like get ready kind of thing but it's all brought together in comedy now the unfortunate thing about things like this is that the more information that is put out there the more movies and um content that is created and put out there that deal with this important topics that you know define um what most people will look at as religion or you know deal with debt and you know things like personal you know spiritual um stuff you know the more these kinds of things are put out there the more it creates

i would say you know it's it's blocks are the real thing you know it's creates a joke out of the whole aspect of things you know and you know when people create movies with alternative versions of what happens when someone passes on instead of everybody sticking to what the bible says it creates a problem you know because now it looks as it makes the bible look as one of the many explanations and you know like um it's just um one person's opinion there are so many opinions but you know that is unfortunate because the bible's opinion is true and if you do not see things through the eyes of the bible you will not make the right preparations and you will not be walking in the light and you are going to end up a big surprise in hell you know when movies don't deal with this kind of things if you are not a christian you are signed up for hell already because you see everybody all men have sinned and constructed of the glory of god so all men were going in that direction but jesus christ paid the price for us and if you are not subscribed to that it's like going into a restaurant you know and you know everyone is eating someone comes and pays the price for everybody but interestingly enough in that particular restaurant nobody has the right um amount of money nobody is able to pay the bill themselves that at the same time no one is able to pay for their sins themselves and go to heaven you can't pay for it yourself but jesus christ his blood is the only thing that is worthy and he has already paid that price so you have to subscribe to him you have to give your life to him you have to come under him you have to become a fool of christ if you do not do that then you you remain in darkness and you remain on that pathway you know it doesn't matter what explanation you believe of what um life is when someone passes on it doesn't matter um what you want to tell yourself the truth is the truth you know reality is reality you know we live in a day where the devil has deceived people into believing that they are individual truths who tell me your truth oh this is your truth this is my truth no truth is truth if we all have individual truths then you the you destroy all truths you know you are saying there's no truths you know you you you destroy the very concept of truth you know if we all have our own individual realities then reality itself you know by your believing and trying to operate in a world where everybody has their own reality reality itself is cast aside you know it is um what less so you know you your your perspective has diluted it has made nothing of it but it is still reality and it's still the only reality therefore when push comes to shove

it it is actually what's going to determine what is and that's the same thing with this issue of um since like what happens when someone passes on all these aspects all these things that are clearly defined by the bible that when you know people make movies on such topics that's by giving different alternative you know views and explanation they are actually creating an alternative explanation to what the bible says about something so important you know so this is very important we christians must make the movies we must the planning you know and orchestrating how to take over all hollywood and all the movie um industries and the world in such a way that there is no moving industry that is making anything on chris and i'm not talking about um just starting our own movie studios and industry but swallowing up everything such that nothing else exists keep in mind that the other side is seriously planning design you can see that with cancer calls so you can see that with you know the lgbt making demands like oh you have to have sustenance who percent gay you know the content is now created by certain bodies you know oh your content has to be this your content has to be this well you cannot put this in your movies the world is already doing this you see certain synesthetic with organization we are the ones that have life we are the ones that actually have a message we are the only ones that actually understand freedom and actually know what love is and that is why we must be the ones to actually um go forth and swallow everything you know so that being said if you have not given your life to christ go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu we know that the page of commander has a prayer savage and say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you