How I Became A Superhero : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about how i became a superhero now this is from netflix you know this obsession with superhero movies you know we started you could say after the success of you know the x-men and the avengers and all of that you know with the spider-man a little that you know some people are going crazy with it and a lot of the

push towards that is because of the success of those marvel movies this particular one is not that's new but somewhat different perhaps because of the fact that you know based on the trailer you know it's in a different language with english subtitles you know so and sets um apparently in a different you know scenario from what one is a uh a costume so but in trying to be true to the superhero genre you know and you know there is this push towards the more realistic superhero genre you know which is trying to make it more real you know and letting go of certain conventions from the comic books you know and the cartoons you know so that is uh prevalent in this movie but it's it's just basically a very typical that being said i would like to emphasize the importance of false christians making the movies the superhero movies and the rest of them for the whole world to get into you know if you would like to be a part of making crystal movies movies that will actually touch and change life reach out to us on we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you