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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie halloween kills you know now hollywood gets a lot of um slack for remix this is actually the 12th installment of halloween kills you know and so i i should know that this is halloween kills the 28 21 apparently it is something they want to be making and releasing every halloween you know so they can get an audience you know to hopefully um really feed off halloween this being said we christians we need to do these kinds of things for every animal holiday especially christmas of course we need to flood christmas with christmas paraphilia movies music and everything flowed but christ beats not stuff thinking about rudolph the red news reindeer and santa claus no but jesus you know because a lot of this rude of the redness need reindeer and all this santa claus nonsense takes attention away from jesus it takes attention away from the christ in christmas and of course um there are those who have pushed for happy holidays now halloween and every other holiday even these so-called pride months and you know the pride season they are planning for which will eventually be pride year you know we need to push back against it understand that all these things are prophesied um in the bible it is written that in the last days men shall be lovers of themselves you know forgoing the naturalities of the body you know man loving manner woman loving woman and that's what we see with the lgbt movement that is a fulfillment of of of biblical prophecy but sadly as it is with these people they are blind the more bible prophecy is revealed you know in everyday life the more the bible is proven true the blinder these people are you know so they don't see that what they are doing is the fulfillment of the scriptures you know and they are on the wrong end of things because they are heading towards hell you know but in any case this movie is basically about the serial killer and then trying to stop this miraculous which is basically it gives a lot of jason and freddy vibes you know so he he wears a marks goes around killing you know the official synopsis for this particular installment this 12th installment is the saga of michael myers and laurie strode continues in the next trailing chapter of the halloween series you know so um this is um

interesting we must um and by interesting i'm not saying the movie is interesting i'm saying um the whole uh situation of course this is slasher movie you know just and it's like killing killing killing and you know the good guys have to go through hell and hot water to try and stop this serial killer and of course cindy is a series you know whatever kind of thing they'll do to him is going to only be temporary you know so um that being said

if you like to be a part of making crystal movies and you know making movies that really like replace and really fit into these holidays and all these strategic things you know reach out to us and afraid you are looking forward to informing perhaps you want to start your own movie studio you know or like i said every church your drawing department is a movie studio you know turn it into a movie studio you already have cameras and all of that turn your drummers into sitcoms your drawing department you start producing sitcoms you know um or stage plays that are filmed and you know put that on the web put that you know get that um on tv channels and all of that you know so let the gospel preach through that by the way that is what jesus did he told stories he was a storyteller that is kind of like a movie producer you know so um using the frame means to really get his gospel days of extreme importance so make sure reach out to us on alfredo vip you know and um we're looking forward to hearing from you now if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfred.vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do that appear to come out as a prayer service and see that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that's it for today thank you and god bless you

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