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Greenfield Students Returned After Parents Sell Properties & Pay 150 Million Naira Ransom

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References & Sources For This Video:

- 14 Abducted Greenfield University Students Released:

- Greenfield Abduction: We Sold Our Property To Pay Over N150 Million Ransom - Family: 

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

 the children in nigeria who were kidnapped from greenfield have been released after the parents united to pay a ransom that totals 850 million naira a lot of the parents sold their properties and their homes to secure this release no government official was involved no security personnel from the police to the military assisted in this the parents were extorted

the criminals kept coming back and increasing the price over and over again

until the total of all that the parents paid reached 150 million naira keep in mind that this is nigeria and this is the northern nigeria how rich are these people this has taken a great toll on the people the greenfield school was built to help nigerians in that region to help people get educated now we have a group of people who have taken to

terrorism and kidnapping nigeria has become the kidnapping

headquarters of the world there is so unfortunate and understand that this is all under the baharia administration the bularia administration did not involve themselves in any way in any of these negotiations or transactions between the kidnappers and the parents of the kidnappers this goes to show you the truth about the government and how they do not care about the people this is the same government that shoots protesters and leki this is the same government that shot protesters on surah in abuja just yesterday this is the same government that is constantly traveling to other countries and borrowing money money that will end up in the pockets of politicians and end up back in the bank accounts of politicians in other countries a lot of these politicians their children do not go to this schools their childrens are in other countries schooling comfortably

this is something that

needs to stop it is clear there needs to be a change of power a complete turnover of power of every position of power in nigeria it has to move from the hands of evil men to the hands of good men and this is something that has to be done

with minimum or zero bloodshed it has to be done because things like this cannot continue keep in mind the evil of this kidnappers and the nigerians themselves and it helps you understand why a lot of people hate nigerians outside nigeria when nigerians do this kind of things to other nigerians when use these kinds of wicked acts take place it reflects badly on all nigerians it becomes the mirror or the length in which all nigerians are seen

people may not realize this who are in nigeria but when nigeria becomes known for boko haram then when a nigerian goes outside the country he's treated like if he may be a member of boko haram in spite of the fact that to a nigerian a mere fact like him being igbo or excludes him completely and it makes it ridiculous for anyone to suggest his boko haram since boko haram only her fulani members and house members

in spite of that the whole world doesn't see that we the whole world lumps you into the group and see this is how nigerians are when this kind of wickedness takes place when people do these kinds of wicked acts

so many families have now been torched into poverty and of course this is the government the government you know which said that ransom payments will be a crime understand that in this case there are some payments have have taken place now you understand with the parents obviously no parent is going to sit back idly and allow their children to be kidnapped you know i have explained on numerous occasions that since no parent is going to sit back and allow their children be kidnapped many parents should be willing to die for their children to be released then putting a punishment of

15 years of imprisonment for pain ransom may not be an effective way to tackle

the kidnapping problem by taking away the incentive or trying to take away the incentive of kidnapping which is the ransom but since that parents are willing to go to jail or even die for their children that actually rules that out so that also means that you have to realize the most effective means of dealing with these kinds of issues it's first of all if we start with a government that wants to end it clearly this government has shown that it is not interested in ending kidnapping a lot of people who get kidnapped the money gets paid the police do nothing if anything the police becomes a hindrance and an additional body to the relatives and the victim you know of the kidnappers

in spite of the fact that this money is going to end up in people's bank accounts in nigeria end up probably leaving the country these people don't get cuts don't banks check transactions like this don't banks look into transactions like this let us say okay that the people paid in cash let us assume that the people paid in cash when people are putting these kinds of money in the bank don't the banks know don't the banks look at the kind of person and also look at how does this person have 50 million or 150 million heard where did this person get it from and understand that the same people who are doing this kidnapping do you want to when they send their children to school and expect their children to school peacefully and in what country do they want that to happen is it in the same nigeria that they are terrorizing you know of course there's the other element of boko haram who do not want people to be in school at all who believe that schooling is wrong who believe that education is wrong and that is actually part of their culture they are against schooling and so to them anybody that is since in in the school is an infidel and that also helps to explain why there is a mass attack on schools in addition to the fact that more money can be actual by the government you see this issue

under this present administration and the present governance is giving wings it is giving rocket boots for it to go even faster and even higher

i can assure you that right now that the griffith school and other schools in the northern region and other parts of the country still have no security today it is one thing to always be reactive and wait for people to kidnap face and then say that you are a government and that you are um involved and you are trying to retrieve the kids but how about the prevention it is it has been said prevention is better than cure how secure are the schools now this shitbox schools for example even now i'm sure there is no security if ban if the same criminals and the terrorists were to attack them they will be more unsuccessful because there's still no security now how secure is any school in nigeria and of course this creates a situation where the wealthiest and people who have really made a great impact in nigeria people who contribute to the economy are now fleeing nigeria in droves naturally a lot of this don't touch the mainstream media if you are somebody who still looks at the mainstream media as in your worldview and your understanding of what's going on is based on just what is on the mainstream media i feel sorry for you you are for me most deceived you know this is very unfortunate you know this is something that is quite terrible i have said on numerous occasions the several solutions that we must put in place you know and you you should reach out to us so that we can talk and we can actually get to form our own coalition our own united nations you know our own organization that will be powerful and change the course of this world the buhari administration and this entire season don't doesn't seem to have its end in sight very soon so there must be majes puts in place to override current governments without even having to overthrow the governments so in other words ruling and running nations even without being in the seat of power that is official in as much as that is something we must do we must also take all the official seats i have said it on numerous occasions we cannot expect evil people and people who do not care to run the nation in such a way that will benefit you or benefit humanity you can see these parents they were able to put up 150 million understand that there's also the matter of ritual killings and also the issue of those who are ritualists who buy human body parts for either cannibalistic purposes or for witchcraft purposes so even the poor is not in a position where they can say well i don't have any money nobody's going to kidnap me you have human body parts attached to your limbs and bones so you can be cut up into different bits and pieces and sold for a lot of money in spite of the fact that you do not have a dime in your pocket so the kidnapping is not restricted to only the rich or the middle class these people are not wealthy but they have had to sell all that they had for a lot of them this is a great reduction to their wealth this is nigeria they they are forced to bring 150 million and you can see this wickedness when this wickedness the outcome the what you say is what you reap you know when it is put into play there are those who will complain and ask silly questions like where is god sometimes when you see something is happening you do not see the full picture so you do not know in some cases it's a harvest of a seed that is sown what these kidnappers are doing have seeds that they will see the harvest of either in their lifetime or their children you know but that being said we must take action not just in nigeria but in other parts of the world good people honest people must go into power and you know i am doing all that needs to be done and i will do even more to make sure that this is so because we cannot keep allowing evil people rule us and expecting good outcomes we of keep saying politics is a dirty games oh there's that there's nobody that is more terrible than a politician or a lawyer or politicians are crooked or lawyers are evil when we allow the lawyers to be evil people and the politicians to be evil people how do we expect to have peace and happiness

so this must change you know and this is something that um we must take very seriously and it's something that i'm i am leading you know so i can appoint and say this is who is going to be the governor here this is who is going to be the leader here this is who is going to be the judge this is who is going to be lawyer and approach people who are not good from different positions this is something that must be done you know just said ever since the days of john the kingdom of god suffered violence and a violent ticketed by force if we do not take it by force so many lives will be lost and i'll have to talk to those of you who has are waking up don't let the fear of death stop you we are both dead we are bigger than death but we must take charge and we will take charge

and the gospel is going to be preached all over the world understand that all these chaos took a different turn after the first lockdowns and the um clamping down of the gospel and of the church

you know now there are a lot of pastors who are speaking worldly things and are saying worldly things unfortunately there are a lot of persons who have lost the way so they have been misguided they are fed into lies they are saying things that are not of god things that are not in line with the bible things that you know that the holy spirit cannot be saying to them things that are out of line with what the holy ghost would say and the direction of the holy ghost

so that is why such things you know must change the gospel that i preach has to be moved into every part of this world this gospel it needs to take dominion and be number one everywhere in this world then and only then can we see peace and lasting security the rapture

that being said thank you and god bless


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