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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about something very important you see

you have to understand certain um important things about god and you know how god works

the idea that

you know probably because jesus said you know when he stood before pontius pilate that you will have no power unless it's if it wasn't given to you from above you know that does not mean that anybody that is in a political position of power is put there by god that is not what that means understand that you know if that means that everybody who is in the political position is put there by god what would he say about saul why did god try to take soul you know why did god anoint david when there was already a soul in political in a political position of power you know you have to understand that this world that we live in the earth is not under the control of god you see that is why god said you know jesus said that pray that's you know that will be done on it as it is in heaven in the prayer that many people refer to as our lord's prayer which is not really our lord's prayer it is the format of prayer that god was given to disciples you know and the relative of the admitted that that personality of the prayer makes it clear that god's will is not done on earth it is up to us to to perform his will to bring it forth to bring his will on it we need to pray and we need to act there is the prayer portion of of of it and there's the action of portion of it the things that happen in this world are not um oh because it happened therefore god did it no there are people who say things like everything happens for a reason that is a lie you know and they are saying it today to the point of oh that god is god god let this button happen so that something would come out no you are confusing god bringing light out of darkness god turning a bad situation into a good sin you know god being a master tragedies and turning something what the enemy meant for evil god has turned it around for good do not confuse that with a an elaborate plan or by god to bring evil evil evil and then bring good at the end it is not god's mothers operandi there are a lot of people who believe in wilderness period and that god would take you through this there's somebody who said god will abuse you and then he will use you you know all these kinds of phrases that that rhyme better crazy god does not abuse people you know if you feel abused you know when god is using you you have a big problem you know there is something wrong with you your priorities are twisted your understanding there's a problem why would you feel abused you know and if you are abused it is not god that is doing the abuse it is the devil is doing the abuse if god calls you to do a work and you do it and you encounter difficulty it is not god that puts you in that difficulty that's what you think as the fairy dust of the enemy understand that the devil has his system and the devil attacks so that is the devil attacking you it is not god it is up to you to with god go against that you know use the scripture use the soul which is the word of god against that situation against that fiery death against what is happening and make sure you have your shield of faith that it says that you need and that is what you should use you know these are things you have to understand the fact that somebody's in a political position of power doesn't mean that god puts him there that is why it is important that we must make sure that the right people are there understand that david majority of his young life was about him being placed in the right position of power and look at israel states when they were under soul when it was not ordained for saul to be there to be the leader in every portion of the world god has people that he knows our best go best you know um it is it is best for this place to be in a position of power you know israel was was wise enough to beckon on god to call on god you know on helping to choose that person and that person was chosen we are the prophets and the prophet to anoint that person you know so based on god's instruction you know it's not based on who the prophet wanted and you you can remember that david was not even the prophet's first choice you know when the first son you know came out you know and all the other children came out you know god kept on rejecting rejecting eject and the prophet was like wait are these all your sons you know and then they say ah there's this one guy that is taking care of sheep you know so when they brought as he came the prophet anointed him so you have to understand that there is somebody that is supposed to be in positions of power but the devil looks at these people and kills them or attacks them or makes sure that they miss the mark that is why the devil went after jesus as a baby understand he killed and he he led for every young child that was under the age of two years old was killed in that region that is what the devil did the dev lock is straightening the devil still does that of course jesus is jesus but there are other people who have great destinies look at john and how john was beheaded that was the devil that did that so the devil occurs straight strength on on attacking people because he sees their destiny when you look at the book of revelation you will see the story about a pregnant woman that was running you know and you know she was being chased she ended up getting to safety but the devil wanted to kill that child and that isn't about abortion the devil knows what he's doing there are certain strategic people understand that yes as christians we do not believe in astrology but um part of the reason there there are many reasons why that is but it does not take away from the fact that the the astrology you know reveals stuff on reality we live by the world you know and we walk by faith you know so um that being said as people who live by the world and work by faith um we are not to look at astrology what is going to happen is that i'll come i'll continue this um broadcast later you know let me just stop here remember to check out thank you and god bless you wow


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