For Nigeria : Igbos & Non - Igbos Need To Vote On Cession 1st Before Any Moves Are Made


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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to for nigeria i would like to tell everyone in nigeria right now that's

given the state of things now you know what needs to be done before any move is made or any decision is merely starts a vote needs to be taken you know there has to be a vote among evils whether ebooks want to leave nigeria then there also has to be a vote among those who are non-able and let them see whether they want eboost to leave nigeria and the results should be publicly known both sides should know the results it's important that the ebooks know what other ebooks feel what is the view of the majority of ebooks because this is very important you know and it's one thing that a lot of people are not considering you don't have the folks who are saying biafra like unamdicalu you know and you know the ipob and all of that

you may feel strongly about what you feel you may be willing to die fighting for biafra but what about other ebooks it is not a personality it is not about you alone it's about all eboos are you going to drag all ebos into a fight that they did not sign up for because leo said that the activities of a select group of hebrew start the war now every igbo person is now involved and every non-evil person is also involved because now they are now cast on the opposite side but nobody ever sat down to to ask what are the views of the other side and what about the views of the ebooks the same thing should be done for the euro bus because the reality of the matter is that those who are willing you know to go to the extent of fighting wars are very few those who are willing to fight the world for europa nation are very few so if urban nation continues it is most likely going to be a massacre the same thing with the ebooks let us be realistic the ebooks were outnumbered then during the first biafra war this second time the outnumbering is even crazier keep in mind that many nigerians especially young people you know and those of fighting age has already left a lot of parents have seen that perhaps there might be a war so you know they put their resources together to help shift their children to another country you know a lot of the wealthy able folks their children are not in nigeria right now so these are things you have to understand how many people even want ebooks to break away and how many people even wants the eurobus to break away then among those who want this you know a poll should be taken you know during this vote also how many of them are willing to die to risk their own life for it then how many of them also are willing to risk the life of their loved ones to bring it about because when you look at this even if all the evils are on board if there is a war the ebooks are numbered number one the ebooks don't have weapons because keep in mind the the uk the the us and all of that are going to give the weapons to the houses because they are going to be going by the name nigerian all the treaties and all the deals that foreign nations have are with nigeria so they will just brand um hypo biafra as tourists which is basically what they did the last time they they labeled um ebooks as rebels and they made um

of course ojuku was cast as the king of the rebels you know the the shif rebel and they made gohan look like the merciful leader who accepted black the rebels after the um they lost the the war but see the reality of the mata is that you know um

this thing is driven largely like by selfishness let us say that you are a part of a group let us say you work for a company or let's say you're a student in a school and you know there is a change that is about to take place you let's say you want um

you want the school fees to be increased you know so that um your school be able to participate in like um into house spots and all kinds of things so let's um let's go in that direction let's say that there's a setting change that you're advocating for let's say that you want taps and um let's just say you you want steps that are closer to the dormitory or perhaps in every room within every hostel you want a private bathroom you want every hostel you know to have you know every every corner we have their own bathroom now that is a cute thing to want and it will seem that everybody you know anybody who likes good things we want something like that but the reality of the matter is that if you are fighting for that how many other people say they want that the fact that it makes sense to you and you want it understand that what you are fighting for is now something that will affect everybody have you ever have you taken a po from everybody else that'll be affected and ask them of their opinion of what they want if this is how biafra is starting it is not going to be good when it continues because we are seeing leadership that doesn't care about the opinion of of the people because as um any of the leaders you know the um for example you know with miguel you know the the who is always saying urban nation has he asked other urban people if they want to leave nigeria has he had enough insight to look at the polls the majority do not want that you see so this post needs to be taken and people need to make up their mind so that you decide on which way is best to go so before any other any forum move is made keep in mind that as people are signing up to be a part of the esn you know and all these little armies that are that are seen there for example biafra or whatever you are setting up yourself for failure because you have easily put yourself in a in a bracket where you be branded as stories have you noticed how they have been no more talk on boko haram and insecurity now it is now um igbo people that are now synonymous with bandits igbo people are now you and biafra evil people biafra bandits you can see how those stems are used interchangeably now especially by um northern um governors and political leaders who actually heal from the notes and are scattered all over nigeria keep in mind that buhari is strategically placing his own people in different parts of paso even if he does not run a third term it is the people that he has placed he has replaced everybody so he has his own plan and this goes back to what i have emphasized repeatedly about christians and our own plan everybody has political plans everybody lobbies apart from christians you know the homosexuals together and say oh this political party has to you know every political party bowser the homosexual party when it comes to america you know canada and all of that every company seems to look at how all the major corporations they during pride months you know they all put um the rainbow flag in their um company logos they alter their accompanying logos for pride why would they do that for christianity because christians are too busy fighting each other you know that is what we are professors of dream and we are too busy running away from power we believe that power is wrong you know that doctrine has gone we believe that prosperity is wrong when you don't have money how can you have a voice the bible itself says that you know the wisdom of the poor is not head if you are wise but you are poor

your wisdom is not going to be head so it's going to be pointless you see how many people do you know that have degrees and phds better poor they are poor lecturers and professors at the head who care who really cares apart from in the school systems you know and when they when they teach you know in in society at large when it comes to removers and shakers at their head do they have a voice can they cause change no you see it is not enough to be wise look at noah before noah built the act noah was very wealthy but he was not the wealthiest man on the earth and you know that's actually played a path in hindering how his message was received if noah was the wealthiest man on the earth you know first of all if he was the worldiest man on the 18th would not have gotten so bad that you know only his family will be righteous you know so that in itself sees a lot you know so we must begin to be smart but it boils down to this votes you know now since of course the government is not going to

um aid in this kind of what's by the way it's not like the nigerian government has had any votes that's you can see it's legitimate and there was no funny business attached to it however the people themselves can organize simply you know there are a lot of celebrities there a lot of people you know if nigerians want to talk about something don't talk about it you know even though twitter has seems to have been taken they're still instagram and you know or whatsapp and other ways that um nigerians can communicate you know there are a whole bunch of different social media apps now now you all you have to do is link to a pool and encourage every nigerian to take it you know of course there there will now be the issue of verification of if the person is really in nigeria but perhaps that is a starting place or just building an app you know that will be linked to an nia you know this is something that individual can do you know so that um at least um the records will show how many ebooks actually want to leave nigeria and how many eurobas really wants and what that what are they willing to do for it are they willing to die for it are they willing to see their children and their loved ones die for it you know is it that importance you know and this has to be made known and everybody has to be clear and see these numbers before any further steps can be taken you know before um you know which way to go so um that's it remember to go to alfredo's vip and subscribe if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu on when you do that the page commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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