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hello everybody you're listening to for america i'm your host alfred

now i would like to talk to everyone in america you know whether you're an american citizen or yeah within that region you know right now i would like to address you know several things first of all you have to realize something very important and it's you know about the seriousness of the change with the schooling system in america the schooling system has turned into an indoctrination um machine you know a machine for indoctrination and transformation this is basically the same thing that the nazis did in nazi germany you know with the schooling system there and really um

change the way the young people think and how they view the world it is very important that you begin to consider you know the moves that has to be made for the permanent replacements of the school boards in america you know also push towards independence learning you know we now live in a time where people are beginning to realize you know that formal education is not more important than the education itself in other words can you do this you know do you have the skills to bring forth this results do you have the skills to do this job can you do this job it's now more important than the degree from the school that proves that you learned how to do the job you see what i'm saying and the formula education system only does it's it's as far as all these goods marriage schools you know which is now being eliminated thanks to the fact that it's now mostly for indoctrination especially in america you know it's part of that all it does is it shows that oh this person lent this this this for this profession you know you get that degree or that diploma or whatever at the end of the day you know but there is the learning on your own or you know learning from videos or reading the books the textbooks and you know getting the knowledge and being able to do the work you know so we must encourage that because when you look at things like um college debts and people talking about counseling college debt and all of that the reality of the matter is that there should be no college debt at all you see because whatever you learnt in college thanks to the technological gadgets that we have you could have learnt those things for free let's say that i don't i don't care what cause it is you know i would say perhaps for medicine there might be some exceptions but even with medicine let me use medicine as an example let's say you are studying to be a medical doctor you see you go to school and you know medical school and all of that what are you doing you go and take lessons you know you listen to your professor as he teaches you have the textbooks you know there are other external references that might be given and of course they are practical things you know that you are given the opportunity to do and to learn from the um lecturer or the professor you know or you know the head of that department of that medical department you know now all those things can be recorded

all the videos of all the lectures so all the teaching that he wants to do can be recorded and you can listen to it and learn from it and thanks to um a lot of programs even on a site that is made with javascript you can actually be tested on what you learned from every video you watched instantly you know after watching it and over time you know to refresh to see how far you you remember also when it comes to the aspects of the practical let's say performing operations the same way video games are used the same technology behind video games the same um design behind video games can be used to teach people how to perform operations could be used to teach future doctors you see let us say that you in your you are taught how to um perform an appendice for example in the same way a video game can be made and that is just a video game that will be made once that that's every single student will use a land so that saves a lot of costs as opposed to teaching different groups over and over again so the cost of just making that game where you know the the the player or the student has to get a hundred percent success you know that same thing there are a lot of stimulation games there are simulation games on how to fly helicopters there are stimulation games on how to fly airplanes their stimulation games on how to drive cars so stimulation games could be also made on how to perform operations

and that is for something like medicine

you see so a lot of other things could be done if it comes to the fact that okay at a particular point you know um there's a final exam or perhaps there are tricky exams that the person has to come in person to do so um that's the way the people who come and you know you pass those exams you know after i'm going through the program which is something you download on your computer for free and you you get all that video games even if it means the school using you know there are so many ways to make money from it and you know the school to actually provide education for free and be getting wealthier on it than it is now so the the problem of college debt is a problem of ignorance and of course these things happen when people um appoint um people who are not visionaries or people who are not prepared to think outside of the box and to and most importantly people who um listen to god you know you you have to have people who listen to god and people who um hear from god you know in positions of authority and power making decisions then you would see a great church so you need to prepare for that future and you you need to drive things towards that direction because the reality of the matter is that learning is free you should be free it is the educational system the learning system that we have created the official one that we have put such ridiculous prizes to it um getting the government involved just creates a situation where the more the government says we will sponsor the education of the people the more the schools say well say the government is going to pay it pay for it you know let's keep increasing the price but what but you have to realize that what they are offering can no longer stand really it's just like um for example let's say netflix subscription a netflix subscription costs like around 8.99 you know uh of course there are different prizes you know depending on um what you're going for but let's just um put the 899 option let's say you find out that you can get legally those same amount of movies those same movies and sitcoms on netflix you can get it on another platform for free 100 free but let's say that we play ads what are you going to do are you going to still keep using netflix or swish you know and be paying 8.99 where you can get it for free you know so why would you not see um what is happening especially when the the netflix in this case which is the schooling system it's increa keeps increasing its price you know the ridiculousness of the expense of the educational system is is crazy especially now you know and let's be factual a lot of kids learn better from video games and a lot of kids learn better from watching videos you know see for example you can perform an experiment with your kids um let them watch a documentary on a particular animal watch it with them on like discovery channel on or whatever you know watch it with them then tell them later to write an essay about what they learnt or let them talk to you you know about what they learned let them discuss with you what they learned let them you want you want to hear them out then pick another animal you know and let them go to the library or you know get on their um device and you know get a book on that animal read it and then tell talk to you about it or write an essay without looking at the book or what was written you know and give you information about it you will see that a lot of kids you know retain more from television from visuals the lemon from what they see you know the accompaniment of them seeing it and hearing it they retain it's much more so why can't we move the entire educational system and a lot of what is thought which is the same thing over and over and over again algebra will always be algebra you know why can't we make movies or video games that will teach algebra you know it is not going to be in the same category of of movies or video games like terminator and um motor combat you know it's a different kind of thing but you have to understand this you know this is for the purpose of learning you know if you can put so much money towards something that people will watch in them in a movie theater and they never watch again what about something that teaches something that people will learn for generations and generations and generation this generation will learn about algebra the next generation will learn about algebra the next generation will learn about algebra is is fixed but there's no movie or video game that teaches algebra what does that say about how smart we are when how serious we are when it comes to really um the importance of teaching kids why do we have to stick to a formula of learning that all kids must learn in this formula that they are seeing their parents learnt in spite of the fact that the world is changing and the way the things that the kids interact with their habits and what they are used to is all different

you see so um that is that we have to prepare for that and we have to drive things in that direction and drive it in the way that the gospel is put um front and center so that's that remember to go to if you've not given your life to christ make sure you click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip and see that prayer day thank you and god bless you

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