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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie finding you now this movie is is starring katrin magna mara you know i probably um didn't quite get the name bets you know she's new you know at least this is the first time i'm seeing um a movie starring her you know to the best of my knowledge but in any case this is a romance movie you know finding love and it's basically about you know this young lady you know who is a trying to be a concert violin it's an aspiring concept violinist based on what i see in the trailer you know she isn't doing quite well she and decides to take a break you know i like going away to like relax and all of that and she ends up going to what it seems like um scotland on the plane she meets a movie star you know she didn't really know him but because his face was on the cover of a magazine or newspaper you know she made a connection and it's like a romance developed between him and her she doesn't really at first seem to like him but the um romance and the feeling is kind of still grand of course he's a celebrity has a lot of attention and it's like you know um

the aspects of destiny is based on what i see you know from the trailer it's like his life is going in one direction house it's going in a different direction you know but it's like he has to choose which way he's going to go is he going to be with him of course being with her means sacrifices and you know the issue with movies like this and a lot of those romance movies is that they end up teaching on godly principles and ungodly realities you know and and that is unfortunate because when people believe these kinds of things you know what people believe about love about romans about life you know their morals is formed by things around them you know you may be someone who says you're not religious you don't go to church but you see you still have values and it came from somewhere even adolf hitler had his values they may not have been good values but there were values in the in the sense that these are principles that he lives by you know there are values that could build up unconsciously and it comes from a mixture of the conclusions that you know what you believe and you know what you accept as a result of your experiences or the things you hear and that come to you know and the world around you the experiences around you you know like for example um in spite of whether you uh into a christian or you're into one religion or not you have your beliefs about marriage you have your beliefs about what should be done next if someone is unfaithfully married someone finds out that their partnerships you know what should be done next you have your beliefs your firm beliefs on what should be done next whether the person you stand try to work it out or the person should leave you know you have those firm beliefs where did they where did those fame beliefs come from you know now for a christian such things come from the bible you know but for you in spite of the fact that you are not a christian perhaps you do not subscribe to any religion you know these things comes and are formed you know you have strong opinions about this and one of the ways that most people get opinions that they do not realize it's from movies you know it comes from basically anywhere you know because it's a matter of garbage in garbage and that's why the bible says guide your heart to talk diligently both all that you got for out of it flows the issues of life you know a lot of words are coming to you look at adam and eve we are um here today and the it's the word that god created a perfect world took a different tone oh because adam listened to satan he listened to the serpent he should not have if he didn't listen to the serpent things would have been different you know there would have been no disaster nobody nobody would have ever died ever since the beginning of time and all of us would have had good great relationships with god and you know everything imagine how awesome things would have been if everybody had you know followed if adam had not fallen and man never fell in the first place which was actually god's original plan you see so um you you have to understand that all these little um things that are being taught you know they help to end up forming create um the the nation and the society that is why um some people see uh life imitates art it's because art teaches in fact look at how jesus thought he taught with parables if you look at a lot of the asian cultures a lot of ancient african cultures they taught each other with folk tales the mothers started the children with folktales this was before the educational assistants that we have now the primary schools the elementary schools you know high school universities see beliefs principles and morals common sense sentences was taught through folktales bedtime stories things of that nature that is where um a lot of the belief systems when you look at a lot of the apache and you know the different native indians you know the native americans a lot of their

principles and beliefs are in stories because that is how they pass down um learning you know so the story every story had a message and a moral to the story and you know the plot of his story goes with that you cannot say that you are just for entertainment which is why like for example movies like um the godfather you know or scarface when the movie glorifies a criminal or a mafia or the bad lifestyle it's very unfortunate especially if that person um gets away with it that is why at the end of scarface you know scaffolds died you know as in the movies cafes and at the end of you know the godfather you can see that things didn't really end well but you know by glorifying that or trying to um add some human aspect to evil people in the name of trying to create a character that is uh multifaceted and saying that nobody is 100 but 100 percent good that is terrible in when it comes to a movie because you are trying to um push for the points you know when you're trying to create a so-called complex character that has good size to him and bad sides to me you know um it's like the good guy has or the hero of the movie has done as many bad things as the bad guy or perhaps not just as much you know you you you do injustice to the telling of the story what message are you sending that if you are clever enough you can get the will be doing but whether i like it or not you have sent that message so you see our stories whether you like it or not it has a moral you know based on the outcome if i tell you the story of someone who still rob a bank and they ended up living happily ever after i'm telling you that if you are smart you can get a weird crime now if i put a cash to it and at the end of the story the guy gets the receipts on it but then he dies and stands before god and ends up being held or something like that you know that is a balance which is what um some people um especially with the movie could try to in this early days push into movies when some people did not care about that and they were more interested in providing a shocking movie like if you look at a lot of alfred hitchcock movies you know they seemed it was all about um what was um going to really shock people the most what is going to be more unexpected it was more about um the style of creativity and you know the arts he did not look at a message but he had sent a message you know so um like you would see movies where the mudra kills um and actually gets you which is then that is how it ends and it seems to have a karma effect to it because perhaps the guy killed somebody who killed others you know then alfred hitchcock comes out at the end and says that um the guy was eventually caught and went to jail that was kind of like a balancing act but in the movie aspect itself he didn't show that but you know you have to be mindful about this thing this things are very powerful and this is why we christians should be at the forefront because at the end of the day these stories these things that people are teaching about romance and about love is what's going to control like imagine how many people would have been set straight if they had a godly perspective of love and romance and finding a spouse in this movie called finding you a lot of people we have this crazy aspect of you you need to choose and um finding the right person you can you need to choose between like um your your heart's desire you know your career and the right person if you need to choose between your career and the right person then that is the wrong person if that is the right career it's that simple if that is the right person then why did you waste your entire time on the wrong career but you you can't have it both ways and of course there's also the aspect of people what is your purpose you know so is he going to leave his career as a successful uh movie star you know just because of you know a girl in a relationship and then she will be able to pursue her dreams as a concept of our meanings what does that mean what is that about you know you may say um he is not happy in what's in being a movie star and all of that but the reality of the matter is that um happiness is a choice you can choose to be happy anyway and for support was happy in you you can choose to be happy and with happiness is a choice so if you are not happy in a job that is not the point the point is does god want you today if god wants you there if you are making an impact there if um it's a blessing to the world and it's a blessing to god you know it's it is for the good of christianity and you you believe god wants you to be there that is what matters then be happy you as a christian can choose to be happy you know just be happy is that simple because you have the holy ghost and you know the fruit of the spirit of joy when you have joy how can there be sadness you know joy is way deeper than happiness you know where there is joy you know there there is obviously um the atmosphere for happiness to run amok you know that's where happiness you know i have happiness um whenever um happiness is alone without joy the happiness can be taken away from you but when there is joy happiness cannot be taken away from you no matter what happens you know so that being said i would like you to go to alfredo vip if you like to especially be a part of uh making crystal movies or you would like to start your own movie studio you know you like to look into it if you're a pastor you know you have to change your drama department into a movie studio that is simple you know your the church stage you know you could turn it into a set on um non-service days and let them um starry movies and you know even the church could be a life audience so you could even use it and actually create a stage play kind of thing you know let it be um put up start a separate youtube channel and you know like a lele ponce kind of thing you know for your church but you know the stage place your drawing departments um puts up you know let it be there and and push the gospel forward you know you brand it in line with the church of the name of your choice let's say the name of your church's

mount zion so it can be mount mount zion drama or mount zion famous you know so it's that simple um richard was an alfredo vip and if you've not given life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu a page you come out that is it's a template you know you you know recite it to just um tell god you want to become a christian you would like to give your life to christ and you know walk away from the world basically so that's there for you on thank you and god bless you

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