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Facebook Takes Down Pro-Israel Page After The Page Received Over 800 Thousand Anti-sematic Comments In A Day


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Click Here To Download: Facebook Takes Down Pro-Israel Page After The Page Received Over 800 Thousand Anti-sematic Comments In A Day

References & Sources For This Video:

- Facebook shuts down pro Israel page with millions of followers: 

- CENSORED: Jerusalem Prayer Team Facebook Gets Taken Down:

- UPDATE: Facebook Shuts Down Huge Israel Prayer Page Targeted by Radical Muslims for Hate Speech:

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about facebook taking down a pro-israel page you know after the page receives over 800 000 anti-semitic hit messages now some of you are aware of the um issues between israel and palestine you know the people who say that pakistan and all of that within that region which all started after president trump left office and this says the laws when president trump was in office there was peace in the middle east he was actually up for receiving a nobel peace prize for it you know people were talking about it but apparently nowadays the nobel peace prize is an award for terrorists and evil people to win you know it is um given out by um elitists and people who have their own agenda but that being said you know it even got to the point you know during president trump's um um reign you know you had israel flying over iran which had not happened in how many years that was how much peace there was thanks to the abraham accords you know and guess what the democrats beat on it and in certain times saying that uh that um president trump has done nothing that there has always been peace in the middle east what kind of nonsense is that you know before trump we see how there was there was always war there was always um problems in that region but trump came you know because of the kind of man he is and because of the negotiations that he did you know he made the right choices did the writing and you saw how there was peace after he left byron comes into power this um drama starts again and you know in spite of the fact that you could see that israel was having to shoot down the missiles shot by the people that were called palestinians though the main media was showing you know because israel shot towards a building where hamas was staying and interestingly the american media msnbc was staying in that same building what was msnbc you know what is american media doing living in and and occupying the same quarters that hamas a new terrorist organization is inhabiting are they not working together but in any case because um israel attacked that building and brought it down you know which was a strategic military move to make that is what they carried that is what the news media carried out they made israel looked at the aggressor but we could see and this is why um we should be careful about the internet and all the censorship on the internet because it was thanks to certain videos that are unofficial you know and of course the israelis you could see the missiles that the palestinians and the people the hamas folks basically were firing towards israel israelites you know the jews had to go and hide in broncos they had to you know go and hide they left their homes you know they looked for places to hide and each time a missile will come israel will fire a missile to to um hit the other missile that the hamas is shooting in the estuary to explode in the air and it will you know arrive at his target and land um on the people so it was basically an anti um missile defense strategy and you know hamas kept shooting and shooting and thankfully israel had enough missiles to shoot at their missiles so that was going on and going and we saw videos of that but um of course the globalists and you know you have to understand what's really happening black lives matter um and all of the lgbt and all these different organizations there are different pieces of the same puzzle each of these individual organizations that seem like they have their individual goals they are all working together for a big thing that is why you see certain things that don't seem to make sense in the path of setting minute groups it is because of the bigger goal like you see black ice matters saying they want to destroy your nuclear family how can you say that yeah for african americans you start an organization for helping african americans and you put it in your mission statement to destroy the idea of the traditional family you also see um their push for the lgbt inside it what is it doing there what relationship does an af someone being an african-american has to do with lgbt it does not have any relationship but you see these little things are all pieces of the same bigger goal you have to look stunned from a vantage point and look at things you know from a higher ground then you see what is really happening when you are in the action when you are looking at it from the ground you are not seeing all the aspects of it you see black lives matter lgbt all the so-called um

activist organizations they are working for the same goal they may look different but they have a universal goal and they are all tools to bring about the new world order they don't have to be but they have that is what they are now they have already been taken over the ones that are not part of it are being attacked

you can see that is why some of these little groups are attaching themselves with other groups that actually work against them like you can see lgbt lining itself up with islam how can lgbt and islam work together the two messages are contradictory but why is the activist movement for islam you know are also in union with activist movements for lgbt how does that make sense according to the quran muslim homosexuals and um lesbians and gays should be killed according to the quran so how can you mix them together you see that is what i'm telling you these are little bits you know that when you look at it from a vantage point you see they are working together towards the same thing and someone who has not revealed himself is in the back of it controlling all these different pieces and the people who are in these independent organizations that have setting goals think they are working towards um just that vision it's kind of like working for an organization you know where you you are just a secretary in one of the small offices you are not seeing the big scope of the entire organization and what is really doing and the effects that is creating you know so in such cases that is why some people can actually start an organization that is a front for other things but people in that front think that they are in a legitimate organization they don't really understand what is happening behind the scenes they don't really understand what's happening behind the other doors you know because they don't have access to it and you know they are focused on their own part of it you know so so this is very important for you to um really understand and that will help you understand why setting um even social media companies have certain unified views facebook has shown its hand on different locations since all the social media companies on what they want politically they want only democrats in power they don't want people to be pro american pro right they want um to use that um so-called you know pro black i've talked about the problem with that word black but you see that is it true for the destruction of something else you know the so-called pro-black organizations it is not about um helping african-americans or people of african descent it's part of a big attorney just what can be used to go to the door it's what people cannot abuse it's what people cannot challenge it's kind of like using a child as a human shield you know so you use african-americans and you know their history with slavery as a shield for your own agenda so you use it like oh um blm oh this is about um helping african americans it's about preparation for african-americans but there's something else behind it which is really about so at the end of the day a lot of african-americans will get crushed in the process but that movement will not be able to be criticized and pushed back against because it's like oh yeah you are racist you're attacking african-americans but that movement is really not about african-americans it's about what is behind it the movement that is behind it's the the the organization that behind it is using that um so-called movement or that so-called pro-black movement as he has a human shield for it to carry out his own ghost and his own um agenda you know that is what it is look at facebook facebook taking down the a pro israel page you know this is so funny and you know facebook also um extended and donald trump's banning you know from facebook to um they extended it for two more years you know it shows you what they are about you know it shows you we don't want this political party to be we don't want this review this is um how we call the shots and this is why i emphasize about christians taking power taking money and our money and our power should be used for the gospel because by the way we'll all leave it behind do you know some of you will sleep and by sleep i mean person now um for those of you who have the revelation of um eternal life in its fullness you know that means you are not going to sleep you know you also would hopefully have the revelation you know and i'll write a book about it later on the fountain of youth because the truth is that the fighting of youth exists and it has always been in front of you the fountain of youths is the holy spirit the spirit of god in you christ in you the hope of glory the holy spirit in you if that spirits that raised up jesus from the dead dwells in you he we vitalize your mother body what is your mother body your flesh your physical body he will vitalize your mother body vitalize we give life to it we renew it we refresh it we keep it young and we give it vitality so it will not decrease in vitality so the holy spirit is the function of youths you know and you may ask why aren't people working in it what makes you think that people are not working in it you know there could be one or two people around the world who may have caught this revolution and have been living in it there is so many secrets that this world hold that you do not know about you know but apart from that on a larger scale you have to understand that the revelation you do not know you will not enjoy for example you can look at many trees that are you know moving in great frames of the anointing when it comes to healing you know you see people using their shadows to perform miracles you know like apostle paul did you see people doing all kinds of things now that were not um done just a few years ago why is that it is not like the holy spirit did not um could not do that to through us years ago he does that we did not have the revelation is your the sub the the level of um the life in christ that you demonstrate that you live is dependent on your level of growth in the sins of god the level of the word of god in you and your level of faith you cannot live above your level of faith you see and in addition to having faith you have to learn how to build up yourself on your most holy face and you do that by praying in talks jude say that so if you don't have the gift of tongues you have done a great injustice to um your faith

someone who prays in tongues someone who has a gift of songs and prays in tongues you know cannot be put on the same level with those who you know don't you know those who do and those who don't cannot be on the same level you know so these are things that um you have to realize and understand but in in any case you know remember what i said you know facebook what he's doing is not surprising you know project veritas x um reviewed um um content about how do a shadow burning christian some pink chests you know these companies they want to shut they don't want to make sure that the gospel is not preached look at um president trump in spite of the shadow burning the shadow banning is not enough they want to make sure that he's not on facebook at all because they know that people will go to facebook and go to his page even if he does not show up in the recommends i've talked about that even on youtube youtube does not recommend a lot of content based on what it is because youtube you know the the the people the the board of directors they have what they want to push they have the ideology they want to push and also we christians we must understand the power of you know all these grassroots protesting or and all this um contacting companies and trying to pressure companies towards a certain view there is a large part of her that is just for sure because those companies have their own um principles you know and a lot of their principles are already in line with what the people are so-called protesting for you know even though some people may not see it the reality of the matter is that companies like coca-cola that are seen that are um seminar memos telling employees to be less whites and doing all kinds of internal educational programs telling employees to be less white that anti-white's agenda and the entire global picture of what they are trying to build you know the leaders within coca-cola are all for it so a lot of democrats and a lot of um crazy people will be sending letters and saying you know that um what is to fight against racial injustice and blah blah blah you know i won't even go into the stupidity of the term racial injustice because for for you to say racial injustice you have to understand that it goes both ways it does not just apply to you know injustice against one race you know these so-called people that are always in racial injustice they are actually only creating racial injustice against white people thanks to their efforts and what they are suggesting all they suggest is um take away jobs from those who have light skin you know white people and give it to those who are dark skinned that is all they do and of and give it to those who have african descent no but that being said it all boils down to the importance of you know taking um power you know um completely against away from the wall and let it be in the hands of the saints you know the power and the money in this world has to move away from the world and be in the hands of the church otherwise we have left all the power and all the money in the hands of the devil who has been defeated you know we have left it in the hands of his children you know and what do you think they are going to do they are going to do the works of their father which is the devil you know that being said you know

if you've not given a life to christ go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the menu you know and say that prayer day you know it's important that you give your life to christ and also you know subscribe there is a lot of content on alfredo's vip that will be a blessing to you thank you and god bless you

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