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Eden : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about eating now eating is uh a word that obviously comes from the garden of eating when you hear eating you think about the garden of eden now it's interesting the obsession that the lgbt folks have with um christianity and the bible and setting things from the bible like you know the rainbow now with eden this movie would have been a very interesting modern mystery you know if it was structured um much more properly but most importantly if there was no there wasn't a strong emphasis on trying to push lgbt narrative and you know feminists um whatever women this women that prove women this you know that aspect of it you know makes men you know the villain the the the constant trying to cast or create the world where all men are the villains and you know it's the woman against the men you know it's women against the men it's very um unfortunate especially for a plot it's like that is so not real so how are you going to build plot stories where the the men leaned towards you know a direction that is disadvantaged for women and you know the way the men are always dumb of villainous in one word the other you know this is the same kind of nonsense we saw with uh charles angel you know the nonsense version that was starring that girl from twilight bits in any case this is not um it doesn't strongly push it but those elements are there and it has affected the plot greatly you know and let's talk about the lgbt angle you know the lgbt votes are less than one percent of the population why push it on why do they keep pushing they keep pushing so that you change the minds of people so that the percentage of the population that lean in that direction will keep on rising and rising and rising that's why they have such targets and that's what they why they do such things because it's all about propaganda and trying to really change the fabric of you know the nations of the world and you know create a one-world government in one word whether you know a one way of thinking you know that is what this is that is all this workness is you know from moving with you know and they have overtaken everything you know from the so-called um civil rights movements you know it has turned into blm you know feminism that used to be about um giving women opportunities in places where the agenda would have been um used to work against them you know in the sense of for this we don't give women this job you know all of that and that is the thing when such things are defeated that the world used to be that way once upon a time you know most nations not all because you know women ruled a lot of nations and every nation had their own culture but some cultures predominantly you know the western culture you know which for some strangers is used to be the measurement for the world for example people say um things like 50 percent of marriages end in divorce that is in the western world not in the rest of the world how many divorces do you hear of in nigeria how many divorces do you hear of in africa how many divorces do you hear of in the philippines in asia you know how many um chinese people get divorced you know so that statistics of 50 of marriages and divorces is for western countries for america is for canada you know those are the folks but sometimes you know these people try to push the statistics that happens for them on the rest of the world and you know collectivize things the treatment of women you know when it comes to women not being able to get such a job that is your culture once upon a time but when that stopped you know there are still people who want to still push the narrative of the oppression continues which is the same thing with black lives matter oh the oppression continues oh things are both oh things have not improved since 1960 oh things are still terrible for the african american nonsense you know so this kind of obtained you know which um lent itself to many plots and when people see these things everywhere they begin to live in an illusion that this is real you know movies may be movies but movies influence people's perception of reality because a lot of people's principles and precepts are changed and altered by movies and tv shows whether they realize it or not i'm sure many people would not admit it i'm sure that the great the vast percentage of people will say that no such things don't influence me but it is influencing you it is changing the way you think it's it is altering your own real world view which is why we need to be the ones that are leading with christians we need to be the ones that are leading and making movies and cartoons and you know video games entertainment you know also the news media we should be the ones that have all the radio stations and the tv stations you know we show on the satellites themselves even the satellites that are in the space are in space so we are not paying rent to anybody or we are not subject to any universal body you know we should take over the organizations that um wash dog over what the media does you know for example you know there are organizations in the uk for example that banned or find you know christ embassy you know persecutes when his tv station said it shoot about um kovid um 19 asked questions about it and also talked about the 5g you know which is a problem you know 5g is still a problem that is the reality of the matter you know but there are people who um it has to only take out things like oh if you believe in this disease this you're a racist you know so they just collect device all kinds of thoughts so and basically if you think that there's something wrong with 5g probably it's trump supporter and erased and all of that you know so just because you believe that there's something wrong with 5g but you see the the reality of matter is that that technology needs to be worked on you know the 5g technology you know it needs to be worked on and of course the internet of things this obsession with connecting every single thing to the internet isn't necessary and what happens when there is a hack a global hack you know just the same way we had the pandemic crisis there will be a tech crisis where a lot of things will be hacked especially the financial systems and the banking systems which is a fact you know and all these things are making certain groups of people rich rich you know it's not about being rich now it's about absolute power unquestionable power power that can never be taken away from them that is why they have things like the great reset it is not satisfactory enough that they are the richest people in the world it is not um something that makes them pleased anymore they want to make sure that you can never become a billionaire you can never become a millionaire that is why they support community my marxism and the more communists that marxist nations become they get richer

but the people in those nations can never become millionaires anymore when your nation becomes communist you know when you are paying um 50 capital gains tax you will never be rich you know when any time you you um someone passes on you know and their inheritance is sent to their kids they have to give like 50 percent of it to the government there will be no general generational wealth ever built and unfortunately a lot of african-americans this is what they support they are supporting parties that are doing these things so they do not know is that what they are doing is creating a situation where they will always be receiving handouts there will always be handouts they themselves will never be rich let us say that the government gives all african americans 10 billion dollars you know it's not possible you know okay let's just say um one million dollars even that is um mathematically amusing bits let's say that it goes on and of course it increases um the national debt of america bets let's say they that that is done what happens next it's a system that keeps on taxing the rich and you see there are a lot of foolish people who say that when you tax the rich it does not affect the poll no when you tax the rich it affects the poor because from from the aspects of the rich investing companies that hire you that hire everybody or they start companies that hire everybody now you are taking that away

you see so that is not good that that that is one thing another thing is that you are taking away the buying party purchasing power from the people there are a lot of goods that are bought because people have excess cash there are industries that exist because of excess cash you see there are a lot of things that i want for example video games if you don't play video games you won't you know it is not a need but a lot of the video game industry is a billion dollar industry if you do not have money you know what is your greater priority having electricity or having a video game or having water you have to pay your lights bill you have to pay your water bill you know those things are of higher priority so a lot of industries keep getting in in tighter spaces when you are decreasing the amount of money that people have you know then they will not be spending that much so these are things that you have to understand you know it is impossible to increase the taxes of the rich without increasing the taxes of everyone else you know understand that it is it is actually um also impossible to increase the taxes of the poor without increasing the taxes of the rich however it will not affect the rich that much because you see the poor are needed you know let's say that there are millions of poor people and they are like two billionaires if the so-called poor people are taxed they don't have money to buy the products that they reach on the companies off you see there's not enough money for them to start to buy the gucci's to buy the the the designer clothes to buy the this and that and all of that all that shopping you know interestingly the market for the luxury industry is poor people because you know billionaires and real uh millionaires millionaires especially when it comes to second generation third generation they don't buy um um designer clubs or designer or whatever and they do not really patronize the luxury industries mostly for people that patronize the luxury industry but you have to understand that apart from even apart from laundry everyday goods the goods you find in the grocery store if people are highly taxed they won't have money to buy as much goods and love that so the the billionaires will not make as much money you see so um this is something you have to understand but of course when you tax only the poor the rich are affected less than when you tax the rich but the reality of matter is that taxing anybody because it's it's an economy everything is in a sec everything is flowing if you tax one side you have in indirectly taxed every side because it affects everybody so that is reality when african-americans are pushing for more taxation on the rich you will never become rich that is what it means and like i said if you have if you are given one million dollars damage you don't have to give how many of you to the government so what point is it it's like the government giving you money here and then taking the money away from you on this other end via taxation that is what you're supporting but african-americans are clearly not the smartest bulbs in the electric shop and they have never been that you know there was there has never been a time when african americans have been known for any degree of intelligence on a collective level you know but um that being said this eden is a movie is is quite terrible you know it's it's terrible it's it's really something that should provoke you like christians we need to get into this this is the indoctrination the lgbt indoctrination nonsense that is going to be fed into the minds of many young people and that being said if you are listening to this and you haven't given your life to christ go to africa vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you do that the page commander has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ also if you like to make um christian movies good good so afraid of your perishables also contact details today thank you and god bless you


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