Don't Come Alone To Church, Bring Unbelievers Along : Sunday Morning Sermons - by Alfred


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Mark 16:15 KJV

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to sunday morning summers today i'd like to tell you that you shouldn't go to church alone you should also bring along unbelievers let us open our bibles to the book of mark chapter 16 verse 15. i'm reading from the king james version of the bible i read and he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature praise the lord you see there is our mission this is what we are for and you know churches should be structured in a way that you know it is acknowledged that they are going to be first timers they are very important and the churches should encourage congregants as a matter of fact structure your church services so that every church service is like an event where people can invite their friends to come you see that is how it should be and you know let them be different kinds of fountains which is you have to allow yourself space to be creative it's unfortunate that creativity only belongs to the world at least that is how it would seem in spite of the fact that we are christians who save the creator

we are create we are we are those who serve the creator and yet we are we are not being creative as we should be you know the ones who should be the most creative are the christians it should be us you know so embrace different concepts and ideas there are a lot of people you know a lot of churches that have the funny notion that church has to be in a traditional format if if it depends from that you know if for example if a church has a concept where there are lights you know and it's fancy food you know and it's kind of starting to look like you know a a a movie or a music show world or something of that nature there are some people who seem to think that it is wrong that's why it's the church doing that no you are bringing people towards the gospel is that is is is is the presentation that is brought forth is sin no you have to understand that there are certain things that seem to have been part of certain belief system that should not be there are certain things that seem to have been part of christianity like there are people who feel that um a christian has to wear suits you know that is not part of christianity did jesus wear suits you know the clothing has nothing to do with it if someone wants to um

wear half tattoos and you know piercings and all of that what matters you know modesty is based on primarily you are not showing skin that should be covered as long as the dress is covering skin that should be covered it's a go you know there's nothing wrong with a pastor with tattoos and piercings and all of that you know but we seem to have created a look that this is how a pastor should look any person that is going away from that any person that doesn't wear a suit you know we begin to look at him suspiciously that is wrong you know you are beginning to depart and that has gone into how a lot of trust services are organized so it's just a boring thing you can do something different every single trust service like for example a church service which is more of a concepts you know better space for preaching the world innovates um it is packaged as a concept you can do one that is packaged as you know it's theater you can do one that is packaged as an opera you can do one that is packaged as a tv show you know and then people from the audience people from the congregation ask questions you know we're discussing the the pastors and all that everybody discuss you know you can do a whole bunch of different creative things you know the important thing is that the gospel is preached and the lives are changed you know the entrance of the world give it light that is what is important the light has to go forth and you also have to attract these people the devil has

been the one that is attracting all kinds of people and a winning and he has one people to his ideology

you know and he keeps on getting worse yeah of course if you don't have christ you are your natural state is darkness where you are in is in darkness but the devil you know in spite of the fact that these people are in darkness already the devil keeps selling them new versions of darkness much more for them to get deeper and deeper into darkness new scenes new abominations for them to embrace new concepts that are demonic you know they go from um so-called tolerating lgbt for example to um oh they now have to fight for lgbt rights otherwise they are um against it if you are not fighting for it you are a bigot you know so all these kinds of concepts it keeps on getting worse you know and like for example now everybody has to use a pronoun you know and if you are not in the lgbt if you are an automotive show you now call yourself cis that is actually buying into that and you know claiming that um entire world you see satan keep selling them more but we are at the church we are not creating stuff to sell to the world because you have to understand that this message of the gospel has to be sued by the truth and said it not those are those are the scriptures you know so we must give folks the truth and they must in turn give the truth to others but we must package the truths in a way that a great many people will come sweets what good is a lights that nobody uses because people do not realize you know it is shining and of course if people don't realize it is shining is it really shining you know how effective is it if is it really being a lights you know so we must really be light that means that people must see us people must take notice of us so in a sense yes chess after celebrity and i'm not saying that you chase after celebrities being members of visual there is no time i mean it's just after you becoming a celebrity let all the celebrities be christians and let all those who are not christians you know be kicked out of celebrityhood basically that is that is what i'm saying you know some people go to the accent of um bringing celebrities to their celebrities from the world and giving them a poop is letting them sing for example their mission you let them sing a gospel song from your puppies they are not worried to stand on that puppet let them grow like everyone else you know when you give people special treatments in the body of christ like that you'll end up creating problems in the future look at churches where they brought in celebrities what happened the celebrities later complained when there was one little um scandal or whatever and left the church and actually helped to destroy the reputation and when it comes down to it if you are thinking that a celebrity attending your church is going to bring people how many people will eat brink and how many of those people will stay understand that christianity is hitting of the heart they have to believe in jesus you are not selling them nike you are not selling them sprites they are not selling them coca-cola they actually have to believe in it so it is not like this celebrity says oh come to this belief system and you know such things don't work when you look at um the area of politics or okay look at tom cruise with the church of scientology how many people became scientologists because of tom cruise and how did that work out for the church of scientology you know look at how hollywood pushed anti-trump rhetoric and politics how did that work out for the holy boots hollywood celebrities when they pushed um politics on the people the fact that people may jump over each other to listen to your music doesn't mean that you can show them anything at all including a face of the hearts like their belief systems or religion or things like um politics you know understand the place of the holy ghost you know the blessing should be with the church and you yes an anointing that um goes with ministry so by the time you start giving um people in the world um leeway to be doing things for your church and representing your church they are not doing it to the anointing so you you get in trouble and that is an opportunity for the devil to operate and to actually end up destroying your trash at the end of the day so um it's very important that we the sense ourselves are the creative ones really sense ourselves at the celebrities you know there are those who are against the concept of celebrity pastors you have to be a celebrity pastor

god wants you to be a celebrity pastor if you are not a celebrity pastor or if you are not heading out in that direction you are lost because how are you going to be the light how are you going to affect change celebrity just a word for someone who is famous and if you are not famous how would you preach the gospel to many people you have to change lives how are you going to change many lives if many people don't know you

you know so the you have to understand that you a lot of what a preacher does is teaching spreads giving people information you know what he tells people healing people is amazing but you know someone can be healed and not receive the gospel let us say that you um a preacher goes somewhere and heals people but does not share the gospel but somehow you know the anointing is strong and they are healings but there is no um call for salvation there is no call to be a member of a church or a fellowship and to grow in the things of god everything that person has done is basically lost it is not um on record for the church you didn't help anybody what you did is just a free version of what um a hospital dose you know perhaps you are going to be um current illnesses that's medical um

science right now or at that time may not have the solutions for but still that is just basically what you are doing you just um operated a like a a portable sick a portable hospital a pop-up hospital that is basically what you just did you didn't give people the gospel so you see this message of the gospel must be given by someone and those that someone you know has to be famous look at the big changes in the in the landscape of the world when it comes to christianity it was brought about by men who believed in prosperity the ones um who were often called prosperity preachers or people who are famous you know but certainly they had money behind them look at the souls that pastor benihin has brought to god look at the source and the impact of pastor christopher may look at the source and the impact of um someone like um the great billy graham you see that is something that is very important you know you have to be a celebrity

you have to as a pastor and your muscle you should encourage your congregants to be that also you know beyond just celebrities in their own world because people can be celebrities in their own neighborhood in their own world among those who know them they can shine they can be useful they can be people who um the people who know them um consider them great of great value because of how much they add to the lives of others around them but keep on expanding that the more you expand your circle how is that not increasing in celebrity hi is that not all about celebrities don't but it's celebrity with a different celebrity that is changing life celebrity that is with the gospel that is merged with the gospel and spreading for the gospel celebrity that is the light of the world so when the world and the other celebrities in the world their own light is to bring people to themselves to point people to themselves and to and it's increasing their pride and it's boosting their ego and it's making people see oh look at how great they are in their talents or in their field of operation your own celebrity is pointing people to jesus don't be fooled and allow only the devil and his kids to be the celebrities don't be a fool and allow the devil deceive you that christians should not be celebrities apostles should not be celebrities and pastors should not be famous christians should not be famous we need to be you know so that we can dominate this world with the gospel and change lives you know for we behold the truth that being said if you are listening to this and you've not given your life to jesus christ i would like you to go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when doing that the page commander has a prayer service and say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ thank you and god bless you

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