Destiny Fulfillment Life Insurance (If Something Happens To You Do You Have A Back Up Plan To Ensure A System Is In Place To Still Fulfil Your Destiny Or Your Life's Work : Breakfast With Alfred - by Alfred


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Numbers 20:10-12 KJV

And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebels; must we fetch you water out of this rock? [11] And Moses lifted up his hand, and with his rod he smote the rock twice: and the water came out abundantly, and the congregation drank, and their beasts also. [12] And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron, Because ye believed me not, to sanctify me in the eyes of the children of Israel, therefore ye shall not bring this congregation into the land which I have given them.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to breakfast with alfred i would like to talk to you about something i like to call destiny fulfillment life insurance

let's open our bibles to the book of numbers chapter 20 i'm reading from verse 10 to 12 using the king james version of the bible i read and moses and iran gathered the congregations together before the rock and he said unto them here now you rebels must refresh your water out of this rock a muslim lifted up his hand and with his rod he smits the rock twice and water came out abundantly and the congregation drank and they are beasts also and the lord speaks to moses and era because he believed me not to satisfy me in the eyes of the children of israel therefore you shall not bring this congregation into the land which i have given them you see this is how moses destiny changed all because of an act of disobedience he was the one who was chosen he has he is the one who was prepared from bits to bring the people to the promised land but this simple action changed everything you know it took away

that accomplishment that fulfillment of his destiny today i'm talking about you know destiny fulfillment life insurance you know that is what i would call it right now but you see it's very important that um first of all you understand your destiny in god you know which is um how god wants you to carry out the great commission you know anything outside the great commission is you it is not good any goal of yours any ambitions of yours that are outside the interests of the greek commission is yours it is not goals and therein lies a problem you have to actually be dominated by your own you know um i would say you you have to be dominated by god's own ambition and god's will and god's plan for you not your own now you have to understand something the same way someone has life insurance in case the person what is going to happen you know is the same way you should have destiny life insurance in case you know your your in case something happens that prevents you from fulfilling your destiny how you want to carry out what you want to carry out you have to have a plan that kicks into effect and you see the the thing is that many people of the world many of the greatest men of the world had this the rothschilds have this the rockefellers had this that is why their vision continues after their debts look at the founders of the freemasons you know look at most of the freemasons that um wrote books and had plans that are still being carried out today they are not alive to see the carrying out of their plants you know and their vision for the world but they put systems in place that even after they go the world will still walk in towards the direction that they wanted to look at um the one world government the original creators of the one world government are all dead you know the original people who manned all these committees you know all these that had all these globalist divisions a lot of them are all dead but their vision lives on look at the rockefeller foundation they are still carrying out the visions and the goals of the rockefeller you know the original one who who have passed you know so this is this is something that you have to understand we as christians we should have plans you know let us say god wants you to um change the world or in perhaps um entertainment in this area or to build satellites you know and propagate the gospel or to do something with um some other kind of technology that many people don't know what back um ground plan do you have in place perhaps you want to do something for god in the area of politics what plans do you have in place behind you that outlive you and are bigger than you so heaven forbid if something were to happen to you it will still it still be carried out you know in this case of the scripture that we read you see moses um goal of you know which was god's goal you know he aligned himself with god school you know of him actually leading the people to the promised land was still kind of after he was gone you know and you that was god's involvement and you have to get god involved in this also you know this is something that you you have to take seriously perhaps you have um a vision for your church there are a lot of people who when the pastor or the general of asia you know dies the church dies also why is that you should have planned you know because understand that in spite of the fact that yes as a christian we don't die you should not expect debts but you should have those insurance mechanisms there it is wise for you understand that you could have your own personal rapture it has been done before and there is nothing stopping god from doing it again with anybody he pleases and i made personal rapture like your own elijah or enoch experience where you are just cutted away your work is done on it and what cutters you away even without dying so even if you are walking in that blessing that is above death and you are raising the dead you know and you can come back from the dead you know how to by the spirit of god so even if you are working in that realm god can carry you because understand that even if you are raising yourself from that is not by your part it is the power of the holy spirit so you are just there you are not using your own power you are just there you know but your relationship with god and you know it is um yeah um um working in delegated authorities if the holy spirit does not want you know but of course we know in the case of raising the dead he wants because his will is clear you know he wants us to live and not die and he has already given us his life but let us say that you want to do something and the holy spirit doesn't want to do something you cannot use the holy spirit's power to do something that the holy spirit does not want to do you see so um that is that is something that is very important and that will help you understand why um things have not gone into the realm of magic where people would you know just wake up in the morning and say i have buffed in the name of jesus and automatically they are just in the twinkling of an eye they are miraculously backed my teeth is brushed in the name of jesus and then automatically thinking of an idea this is automatically brushed you know if there is a need for that let us say that you are walking through the desert like the children of israel where their sandals were growing with their feet as they were growing and their clothes were not very enough perhaps if you're in that kind of situation or you're a missionary you know you're in that kind of situation then you can expect that kind of thing and you can believe for it you know and it might happen for you you know but um understand also there's there are many things we have to learn about faith for especially that kind of miraculous um um life that's that i'm not talking about in this in this kind of brain so um it's important that you understand that that is why sometimes um because of our lack of understanding of all these things sometimes things like this happen once in a blue moon or you know some people it never happened to them and they wonder if these aspects of the miraculous is possible you know there are people who believe called for healing very quickly if if if they fall down and they had the wound they have the enough faith to lay hands on it and be healed but they don't have enough food for money to enter their bank accounts you know they don't have faith for prosperity they don't have faith for god's provision when they have worked and their salary has run out you know and the month is still remaining like most people say there's months at the end of the salary you know when the money has you know it's now up to next month before they can get more pay and you know they are in a um tough situation perhaps because of an emergency or series of emergencies that are rules you know when they are there in that situation most people don't have the faith to cook and understand that no matter how much money you have you know your needs um our wants or your requirements for money also changes so just because somebody has millions and has you know airplanes and has you know this and that you know doesn't mean that they are they are not in in the if they are in a position where they are not above you know um financial wants you know the realm of financial i'm living above financial once it's spirit inspiration and you have nothing to do with your bank account what i'm trying to pass across to is that no matter who you are you know you are going to be in a situation and a position um where you have to realize that it is not dependent on what is in your bank account what is in your bank account will not be enough for what you want to do and that is where your feet will have to kick in so you you will never outgrow the need for fit in finances because what you would need to use money to accomplish we keep on expanding you know if you have a mediocrity we need to further jets you know you need to use those jets for several useful purposes you know nobody just has a jet for the sake of keeping it you know that is not wastefulness and foolishness and such people will soon come to poverty you know so that is the fact no matter how much money you have a million dollars minus one dollar is no longer a million dollars a billion dollars minus one dollar is no longer a billion dollars a trillion dollars minus one dollar it's no longer a trillion dollars you know so those are things you need to comprehend and understand so back to what we are saying you know you need to have that plan in place you know if someone passes on for example if you have not written a will understand that the government has written a will for you you see the government has really written the government of the nation that you live in already has laws on what should be done with your property if you have not reached a will there was a time that you know in a lot of nations because people were not writing wheels because you know a lot of people think that by writing the wheel it means like they are expecting themselves to die they look at it as um bringing misfortune to them so far trying to attract misfortune so that kind of belief has helped a lot of banks gets really well because a lot of money in a lot of the old banks you know the people did not write wheels so the money was there and of course there is the um issue of people not knowing that their relatives have this money and that's money a lot of wives don't know how much money their husband really has you know and i'm not saying that yeah the old man should tell your wife what you do is your business you know it depends on you you know yourself and you know your wife so if it is wise to tell her if it's his wife's not to tell her then don't tell her so it's that is entirely up to you you know so these are things you have to understand when it comes to your destiny as well you have to plan you know and so your choice your your your destiny has to be taken care of you know so if something happens to you you know will your plans and your vision for the world be carried out remember it is only a few people because they have made these provisions for like the rothschilds and you know the rockefellers and all those folks you know and they have used foundations they have written um they have converted their ideologies and their beliefs for the world into books and into bundles of ideologies that they have given life to in organizations and they have used it to permeate different organizations so as long as you know life continues those ideologies continue look at adolf hitler you know adolf hitler's ideologies antifas ideologies and if i may not know it most members of antifa may not know but what they are what they are doing is exactly the same thing that adolf hitler did and what he believed they hate jews just like adolf hitler hits jews they believe in communism just the same way at ophelia believes in communism the the the primary the the demonizing of a people you know did adolf hitler demonize jews then they demonized jews and white people so if you actually take a um the book by adolf hitler minecon the english puts an english translation and take away the cover you know replace the cover with like antivirus manual and give it to a member of antifa to read they would like it and read it and they will love it you know it's just that same spirit behind the communist manifesto which those people love you know it's the same thing so even that of hitler died his vision for the world his ideologies lived on and of all places for it to really prosper it is america of all places imagine the irony so this shows you the power of what i'm um talking to you about you know destiny fulfillment life insurance you know so you may not be alive to fulfill your destiny or see what you want come to pass like um um moses did not see the people moving to the promised land but god told him and god told him why he's not giving him that privilege um moses obeyed god and set things in place to make sure that the people still got to the promised land you know he still trained successors and you know his successor and who made sure everything being placed so that what they will they will still end up in the prison because understand that um you will not be surprised if um no plans were made and you know the people just returned to egypt which is what's what you know previously many years ago they would have done so it will come as no shock to you iran of course being led by the spree being ghost prophets is something that someone has to be trained for by another prophet a lot of times especially in the old testament so um all of that you know had to be done all that preparation had to be um put in place so you also you know especially i'm talking to good people righteous people you know you have a good plan you have a good vision for the world you may not be the one to see it's come to fruition but make sure that you have a life insurance system a destiny fulfillment life insurance system that even though it is not you that brings it to pass someone else will look at the new world or the one world order and all of that the people behind it the people who actually started it you know i'm not here but it has lived on look at when the us started running to problem next thing they found the world economic forum this same group of people you know there is different um that same world economic forum that is for great research and all of that you know that is saying um you will not be happy and are writing books like and fought industrial revolution these crazy people who are currently holding meetings before they held a meeting about a a basically a pandemic like the corona happening and making plans for it now recently in their last meeting they held a meeting about um a global economic crash and right now everybody is doing their banking online everybody is buying crypto so by the time that these people crash all the computers in the world crush all the computer systems and say that it is one powerful viral blah blah blah but it is them that created its you know the virus will obviously be real but it is them that created and of course there will be the fight of oh don't mind people who who don't believe the virus and bull but it is the same people so all the crypto that you have of course they would have sold their own crypto and imagine the curse that the world would be and the world will now be in a position where they need the government to back up the crypto because all the money that you have in crypto is not backed by the government you know so in the in this case it is even eliminate banks and just creates a universal central bank for the world you know so of course it should be controlled by the same people who we create the virus to crush all the entire systems of the world because reality admitted that just like the bible says that it will be impossible that you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark that is telling you that paper money will no longer exist in the future that is telling you that gold all these kinds of money will no longer exist in the future the only kind of money that we exist in future is digital money and it is not money that is based on a device the device will be in you either in your forehead or in the right path so that is the only way to buy or sell that is going to be the only way to make payments so one universal payment system for the world paper money is going to go away and you can see all these people who are talking cashless society especially in africa they're going to africa catholic society calculate society you know so there is going to be a war on trade trade by batter a war on gold the people are buying gold silver and all this precious minerals there there's going to be a fight for it you know to destroy it so that there will be the control of buying and selling it is all about control there is no reason for people to um stop other means of currency but it is a matter of control these people want control so understand that right now there are different organizations that are in battle for who we have the most control of everything no one organization from now has that global control but that fight will keep on going you know of course the antichrist is the only person that we have majority control of everywhere for a very long time you know so and he will cause a lot of chaos and kill a lot of people but that being said make sure you remember what i said you know make sure you pray about it and tell god how do you put something remember adolf hitler and the nazis look at how their ideology is prospering in america among antifa among the leftists among all the correct people look at how they are using his his his what he taught as a handbook even though he's long dead so you can say that he lost the second world war but his ideology is alive today and he and his ideology is apparently it seems to be winning in america right now so what is your own um plan because ideologies are more powerful than any physical combat anyone can fight so make sure that you that your destiny you know whatever you are here for whatever god has placed in your heart to do is you need to start shushing all over the world is it to start it just only in one city is it to go into christian entertainment and you know change the whole what is your plan you have to establish a plan you know a backup plan like anything were to happen to you your that destiny will still be fulfilled in respect whether you are present or not you know so that is that um that being said go to alfredo's vip click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and when you do that the page you come out as a prayer service i say that prayer i gave your life to christ it's very important that you do so also make sure that you you know keep on praying you know and tell people about jesus christ be a weakness for christ you know it's easy to win so the same way you talk to people about football sports basketball blah blah blah tell them your story you know you don't have to phrase it as you're about to preach you know just tell them about you god has an impact in your life you know you tell them how god has impacted your life and changed your life and you know just a an honest conversation don't it doesn't have to be theological as a matter of fact once it becomes too theological that is when you often lose them or you are going in the wrong direction keep it simple and basics and tell them what just christ did on the cross and that the salvation for them you don't have to answer every single question about christianity just focus if they try to go and jump around oh what about pastors dangerous what about this no no no bring them to forget all that look at what jesus christ did would you like to be saved this and that and that just focus on the cross and then win them to christ then after that you will see that even their continents will change and they will now become more accepting to the rest of the things you want to tell them about christ you know so that is that thank you and god bless you

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