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Joshua 23:10 KJV

One man of you shall chase a thousand: for the Lord your God, he it is that fighteth for you, as he hath promised you.

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to students entrepreneur today i'd like to tell you to consider partnering with other students you need to consider partnering you know with other students when it comes to your business ideas and your entrepreneurial ambitions you know let's open our bibles to the book of joshua chapter 23 verse 10 i'm reading from the king jones version of the bible i read one man of you shall chase a thousand for the lord your god he it's it's that's fighted for you as he had promised you you see you have to understand this um concept of 160 thousand and two chasing ten thousand you must know that there is an advantage with partnership and partnership with the right people you know two christians in agreement is way more powerful than just one christian flying solo keep in mind that flying solo you can accomplish a lot but imagine when you partner with someone else who is also you know

built from the same clothes you know cut from the same clothes that's creates a great advantage if you form a partnership with somebody who is not cut from the same clothes who is not a christian like you doesn't work in revelation like you who doesn't have the kind of um anything it's possible mindsets you know i can do all things through christ's mindsets and you bring that person as your business partner it could results in a lot of problems it probably would you know the scriptures make it clear do not be on your own equally you don't believe us you know that goes beyond just marriage you know in partnerships in you know working together towards setting goals you know imma straight three can two work together as unless they agree when you're on two different planes there is going to be um friction in how things are going to be done and it is going to impair you're achieving that goal as a matter of fact it is better for you to fly solo towards that goal than for you to partner with somebody that is cut from a different class understand that we as christians we are special we are unique we are we are we are not like others you know 7 corinthians 5 17 says if any man being christ is a new creature all things are possible since i become you not that one new creature you know you are a different kind of being you're a different species you are different from mankind you are now in god kind you are different you are you are different from the normal man you know normal man gets sick that doesn't apply to you with you sickness is a choice but he strives you were healed nobody gets old and die with you that is also a choice you have the holy spirit the life of god in you and you have eternal life so death is a choice for you you know that is your natural state the supernatural is natural for you when jesus was walking on water that was natural for jesus

in the same way as he is away in this world such things are your natural states you know you are different so when you are in a situation where you are doing business with someone and the spirit of god speaks to you for example that the way out of this situation is for you to sway seed to sponsor the gospel to help the ministry and then you know that will work out to um um take out the limitations from your business so whatever um is in that way when you bring that kind of idea to somebody who is not equally you someone who is not cut from the same cloth someone who is not of the same you know make up and it's not in the same place or environment that you are in christ you know if that because you know there is the case of even if the person being a christian you know there are different christians you know there are different kinds of christians you know who are on different levels of growth you know there are baby christians they are you know christians who are elders you know who are referred to as you know so there are different levels of great and they are of course people in churches where they have been fed all kinds of doctrines that have nothing to do with the truth so they believe all kinds of craziness by the time you bring that person this solution that we should give and then it will solve this problem that person would think you're crazy you know and if somebody else in the world would think oh look look at how crazy you are and see how um preachers have really deceived you you want to waste money and giving to preachers and all of that that is how they will see and then you will lose your miracle and your opportunity for that business to move to the next level even in setting goals you know the way a christian goes after things it's different from the world when you look at um for example the roberts university and how it was founded it was just a story of faith you know god tells someone you know you start your own university you own your own university and then they believe by faith they don't have any of the qualifications in the eyes of the world they don't even know what it takes to start a university you know in most cases the president may not even have enough money to buy a house for themselves but god has spoken to them and you know he goes forth and at the end of the day there's a big university you know and that's the kind of story that roberts university has and you know there's covenants that has similar stories you know covenants in rest in nigeria you know there um other stories like that you know when you look at christian businesses it's so different you know you you see the place of faith in it now imagine taking that idea to to somebody in the world if you partner with somebody that is not a christian you know you have a mentality and a mindset of faith you believe in the impossible you know you believe that all things are possible but however that person is looking at things from a canal perspective and he's saying no this cannot be done oh you don't don't have this we can't do this we can't do that so your partnership now becomes a hindrance it actually becomes the devil's handcuffs over your wrist to keep you from moving forward so it's very important that when you partner you partner with someone who is cut from the same clothes you know of faith you know and you know mostly someone who listens to the same sermons you listen to you know someone who has a high level of spiritual group perhaps the person might even know more than you and have more faith than you you know those are the kind of people you should um partner with and you should work with christians you know it's crazy how some people um rather prefer to partner with non-christians you know it's crazy how some christians will start the business and we want to partner with the non-christian because they say i don't know christian is qualified no not in partnership that is that is not so of course when you are hiring employees you know you hire um with qualifications as the main priority and of course you should structure your business in such a way that the gospel has free flow so people who come into your company you know are in a position where you know it is so easy for them to just become christian because of certain things you have put in place keep in mind that the world has you know created its own structure to infiltrate companies where they are teaching um they are teaching employees of different companies to you know be less white you know to bind the critical risk theory to buy into all kinds of um demonic theories lgbt and transgender nonsense so we as christians we should in our companies you know make sure that there is a set up for free flow of the gospel and you know people are more inclined to give their life to christ when they come to walk into the company you know so um that's it remember to go to and if you've not given a life to christ click on the salvation prayer menu you know the salvation prayer link in the main menu and a page commander has a prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ that's it for today thank you god bless you

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