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Comments Of Woke Joint Chief Of Staff : American News Updates - by Alfred


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the comments of the chairman of the joint chief of staffs you know in america you know his comments about whites um rich that he would like to understand white reef you know it's amazing how organized and critical race theory has you know grown by leaps and bounds and it has occupied so many aspects of society you know the greatest view of white people you know light-skinned people you know people whose um skin tone is light their greatest fears are apparently being called racists and that is being taken advantage of you know that has long been taken advantage of to manipulate them you know so when you want to make um light-skinned people you know people who are find complexion move in a certain direction just put the fear of or if you do not move in this direction you are racist you know it has gotten so crazy and anything that is viewed as oh if you don't move in this direction you are racist you know those things just keep on no matter how ridiculous it is it keeps on going forth you know nasa itself has gone work you know and

you know they are now referring to themselves as the pronoun the pronoun madness it's it goes without saying the relationship between someone called referring to themselves in the plural you know and what's um the experience that julius had with the madman of guerrero um the madman that jesus made and he he said i am that we are legion you know the demon speaking train you know acknowledging the multitude that was inside and now that we live in in a day where people are acknowledging themselves in the plural that that their pronouns are d you know to some people who are not sensitive or smart they do not see it but it is what it is it's just like people saying that everybody has their demons you know that we all have our demons we all struggle with our demons heaven forbid maybe maybe you but not me not christians you know you you as a christian you cast out the most what you say demons doing inside you but you see when you make that declaration not only are you inviting demons you have established that they have a place you have established that god doesn't have a place in your life but god is not in your hearts the word of god is not in your hearts but it is devils that are in your hearts that you have done that is why you will keep on struggling with demons and every once in a while you will be you know acting out and doing crazy stuff you know because that is what you have chosen to acknowledge now this shaman of joints chief of staff saying that he wants to understand white rich even he's saying that kind of goes against the nonsense that he's trying to speak he's trying to say that white people have rich you know white people you know this concept of white people are inherently racist is he not white so how is he trying to understand why it's rich if he if if he believes that there's white fish and he himself is white you know what exactly is he talking about you know so this if he can separate himself and say that he doesn't have white fish then white rich does not exist because you cannot be white and say that white people are racists except you why are you an exception you know and this um so-called um investigation into what's happened at the capital apart from the fact that it is established that members of the fbi were part of that and also the antifa were bossed in so that is not a pure trump crown as a matter of fact alex jones arrived early on that day and he told people to convert at a different location you know and um to protest there and he told them that if they go close to the capital and this is on video that if they go close to the capital that um the media will spin the story around on them he didn't know it to get as bad as what happened but that is what he said and this one on video but the mainstream media did not carry it even the fox news and the rest of them did not cut it was the internet that carried the video of what actually happened and that is why alec jones is not in jail alex jones would have been injured if he was anywhere in that vicinity he doesn't have to have done anything he didn't have to do anything his mere presence did like they were members of the proud boys you know who just because of their affiliation you know them being part of the proud boys you know they just lump them in into that situation even though in in their case like most of the members of the problems were not even near that location at the time you know so this is very funny because the the real um hardcore trump supporters and those who who really understand these things know that the media would would want to speak stories so they know what to avoid that is the reality they have been doing this for a long time so they know that the media will spin the story you know so they avoided certain things you know even branches did not even show you know so these are things that um you have to um understand the what happened at the capitol was manipulated that was the actions of largely um the fbi and their reports on it there are official documents they are cut documents that shows the fbi's involvement today and understand you you saw the video the doors were open why did they open the doors why would people be protesting outside the capital then you opened the doors they did not force their way into the capital we saw what happened why did the guards inside open the doors they opened the doors you know so that is all on video so what is that to investigate it is clear the fbi's involvement you know antifa's presence you know and what about all the um what are um capital buildings and you know all the courthouses on the um government buildings that have been bounced by antifa and paleo and are still being bound today the burning of all these places did not end in in 2020 understand that they are still burning um government buildings to today they are still born in it but of course the mainstream media does not carry that because of the person who who is carrying out the um violence you know when african americans are doing violence they don't want to carry it they don't want to show there is that's why you know asian lives matter has stopped because the people that were attacking asians were not white people if it was white people the asian lives matter thing would will be over the top but even the asians when they are protesting they never mention that look at um the african-american people you know not not black people of course no black is not the word that um should be used you know for it it will take some time for everybody to get used to stop saying the word black but black is not the word that should be used to describe any reason people because of the meaning you know when you look at the dictionary definition of the word black and the dictionary definition of in the word white you will see what i mean you know black represents evil it represents darkness represents unwanted undesired you know that is the definition of black you know and it was used strategically as a very powerful racial slow you know and also a programming mechanism a psychological mechanism you know to really separate um racist you know so um there's nothing um africa about that's what black soul you know it has to be dropped you know but i know a lot of people have been using it for so long you know you have to get used to stop using it you know even i you know i'm getting more used to you know leaving that behind you know so and that being said um this is very funny you know this is very fun and it goes to show what the devil is doing you know these guys are doing everything that they can to occupy every aspect of government i've talked to you about big big stands for blacks and governments you know that is what the acronym stands for big you know so that is a racist race-based organization it is basically you know the ku klux klan now just changed race the racism is even worse because black lives matter is worse than the ku klux klan black lives matter has is responsible for more deaths than the critical scan ever could be you know how many people have been killed thanks to the defund the police of the black lives matter and also um the in in their protests you know david don and the rest of them how many people have been killed you know how many deaths look at chicago you know um chicago is the worst place to live in the world right now it's more dangerous than a lot of war-torn countries you know and because of the people who are carrying out the killing because the shooters are you know dark-skinned so you know that that aspect you know they try to strip that under the rock but at the end of the day what happens is that there's a great elimination of dark skinned people and there's an underbelly hatred for dark skinned people that are growing even among the so-called people you know who are so-called allies who are saying all kinds of things do you think that the celebrities in hollywood who are saying black lives matter are happy that they are losing jobs not because they are not able to deliver with their talents but because of their skin color you know recently they just made a movie um they had a default you know which is just crazy a cowboy movie where over 90 percent of the people are you know dark skinned and of course you you you the protagonists you know though they make the the white man look like the enemy that seems to be the theme and that isn't that movie is not even as woke as most of the nonsense that comes out you know the wokeness keeps on growing and understand that these wokeness is for the purpose this is an establishment of a redhead this is the shot of work it's actually um the the one world religion many of you do not know it but that is what it is growing into that is what it was actually created originally to be you know it has a greater power over deciding the morals what is right and what is wrong in the minds of the population more than christianity had even in the days of you know the catholics you know at least that that is the direction that is going you know i understand that in those days during the dark ages there was the um going around to actually random people who do not have the same beliefs and burning people and all of that many people do not understand that but it's a matter of the spirit of power it has nothing to do with um christianity itself because this spirit can take different forms and disguise in different shapes and penetrate different belief systems or religions you know it's all about control you know it's all about power it's all about the ability to um control people and even that is what the vaccines are look at all these crazy people are walking around with masks very unscientific and look at all the the foolishness of the world leaders this is why all these people have to be replaced by christians that is the only way you know and and that's that that is um something that must be moved upon as quickly as possible that being said you know remember to check out and make sure you subscribe you know and you know get my phone number put my phone number on your phone and email address you know in case the website happens something happens to the websites you know uh as soon as you know most of these guys are obsessed with burning and censoring and shadow bunnies so i won't be surprised if sometimes when you visit my website it doesn't load you know i wouldn't be surprised so um they own the internet you know your website is not your website you know because if you think i'm lying don't don't renew your subscription for your web website payment and see what happens it is not your website you are just paying um rents you know it is just lists to you you know it doesn't belong to you you know so there is that obsession with control when some people are still dealing with trying to um accumulate figures they want to move from oh i want to have millions i want to be immediately i want to be a billionaire the difference of the people who are like oh i want to control this disease this i want to control human beings i want people to be like cattle you know and it's unfortunate most of these people you don't know um to what extent most of the people who are behind this i even have humor you know most of them could be and i'm sure a lot of nephilim obviously uh within that misc so the hatred for humanity is there that is why they are pushing for lgbt how does lgbt make sense how does a woman marry a woman make sense what does that do to population what does that do to donation how does that make sense if women will marry women and men will marry me we will be here today you know this obsession with all kinds of tricks to decrease the world's population look at how many people have been killed you know during this crude um so-called um pandemic which is basically a pandemic you know the the measures that the government put in place have has actually taken more lives than the the virus itself as a matter of fact people who went to the hospital who had the virus uh majority of them are ended up dead more than those who had the virus and stayed at home if you had a virus and still i told you you had a greater chance of living than those who went to the hospital and that is a fact it is unfortunate but that is the way it is they are by the way in case you do not know there are many people who have been tested you know for um the virus in spite of the fact that they are fully vaccinated there are over 4 000 people but these cases are being restricted from the media from the mainstream media the mainstream media does not want to show it but they are aware of it you know the vaccine is not the vaccine it is it is not it does not help with the coffee the max wearing off max does not help with the covey at all these things don't help but why is it being pushed so you have to understand the real purpose of all these games that they are playing which is why i emphasize you know if christians you know not christians in them only people who are actually chosen by god people who actually believe in god people who are listening to to the voice of god until they take positions of power people who are intelligent smarts you know some people think that god only appoints people to be ministers pastors prophet teachers there are people that god appoints to be political leaders look at the old testament all through the old testament see what happens you know god appointing people for political purposes you see so until the right people are there because the wrong people can't be there and right now it is evil people that are dead that is not god's will there are people who have this illusion that everything that happens you know they say um everything happens for a reason so they are trying to say god is behind it you know that god is going to um god is actually working out something no that is a lie that is why god jesus christ told us that we should pray that god's will will be done on it as it is in heaven god's will majority of everything that happens on earth is not god's will it is up to us to pray unto full instructions and acts for god's will to be done on it and understand that they are layers to god's will there is god's good will there is god susceptible and there is god's perfect way if somebody comes to your house with a gun

and you should seem to defend yourself that is god's acceptable will but that is not god's good will or perfect for you it is not his will that you know that you kill even in war you know when you go to one you kill people look at david you would think that of course god was with david when he killed goliath but what happened when david wanted to build god the temple god told him that look you have blood on your hands you cannot you are not worried to build my temple so to tell me that otherwise that david was killing goliath god was looking at him like this is disqualifying you from certain things you cannot walk in certain realms of glory and grace because of this your killing of goliath because by killing the light you have killed that his killing of goliath was god's acceptable will but it was not his perfect will and it was not his good will understand these layers to it you know so first of all there are a lot of things that happen on it that's not only those most of these things fall into these layers and depending on the people on the christians on it and what they do that is that are not at all in any of these layers any that is there they are completely against god's will do you think that it was god's will for lucifer to create a devil out of himself for him to fall away you know and let pride take over his heart and then for him to cause so much curse that was not god's way it was not his acceptable will it was not his good will he was not specifically understand that god does not control everything even though he has the power to that is why when people say things like god is in control you are lost no when you say god is in control you know there is the faith declaration of of you're saying god is in control it's more of um um there's the you saying it i'm like um yeah you're giving god church but that in itself it just took for you to like really put things in god's hand you have to submit yourself to god's will and that is for you but saying that god is in control you know god does not control the whole world and what is happening you see because god is a god of free will god gave other free will if god was in control in the way that you are saying god is in control adam would have never

eaten the forbidden fruits as a matter of fact your love for god will not be genuine and authentic because you will not be in control of yourself think about it like a zombie if zombie is not in control of his faculties he just looks for meat to eat it looks for human beings or flesh to eat in the mythology of a zombie you know so think about that kind of control which is what the devil wants and which is what the 666 is that is what the mark of the beast if the mark of the beast is about control you know the control of the mind you know and that is imagine of the robots you know the imagine of technology with humans so the human is actually the machine that is why have you ever thought about it why is it that god will forgive out of hitler if adolf hitler had repented in spite of what he did god would have forgiven him has that ever occurred to you that is why you know in subscription you know you would see something like um um the person being restrained from repentance so that the person will be punished that kind of setting you know that kind of concept being given in the bible but the reality of the matter is that you know god forgives you know if we forgive out of hitler you know if adolf hitler had repented we all know that he didn't but let us say that he repented he will forgive and he will expect the jew who was a christian who became a christian you know who was killed in auschwitz or whatever to to be friendly with adolf hitler on the other side i'm telling you that that is god so um if god is willing to forget to forgive even someone like adolf hitler if he had repented you know why would god now say that i will reject someone who takes the mark of the beast what is so different about the mark of the beast you see you the people who take the mark of the beast you know they put himself in an irredeemable position and you know you have to be careful that there are also people who say things like um that nobody can be deceived into taking the mark of the beast that the bible doesn't say people will be deceived into taking the mark of the beast that is a stupid thing to say read the bible the devil is the deceiver is there any part of the bible that the devil did not bring about anything without deception everything that the devil does anytime the devil wants to introduce anything he starts with deception so why do you think that people will not be deceived into taking the mark of the beast don't say that well i did not know that it was it was the mark of the beast and i took it anything that in any shape or form resembles the description of the mark of the beast avoid stay awake it is better to die you know it is better to lose your hand and to make it to have you know if if any parts of your body causes you to sin you know just was speaking you know so you you have to understand these things understand what is more important you know so if it means fighting to you know to the death and understand that many people have passed on you know many people have um been killed because of this christian faith so it is not new you should not have the fear of death if it means death but don't take any vaccine or anything that in any way shape or form resembles the description of the mark of the beast you know the people understand that those people that have taken a first job they are now talking second job and third job you know and the there are those who are not talking about it's been an annual thing that we need to update and update and update you know it is not about that virus the virus is not the issue this is about you being a slave you becoming a machine understand that on an economic level you're already a machine for the government especially when you all your life you you walk all the money that you made you know some of you are in debt you know you are owing you're living your life on credit so you are the money-making machine of a bigger entity of the government and of the banks so they are actually you know you are working for them you don't know it but you are a slave because all the work you are doing you are just acquiring more interest on all the things that they are going everything that is around you you are going and this is how it is in a lot of developed nations and that is the formula that um is at the best applied in socialist and communist countries at the best at the very best you know it obviously never lasts long enough for that to really um work out well you know communism and society never actually lasts long enough for it to actually work out for people to see that particular structure really um take its roots but that is what it is you know you are already working all the work you are doing is for the government you know especially what that there are people who are paying over over over 80 tax how are you not a slave how are you not a sleep when you are paying over and all the work that i do you you you you came into this world you know you were born you went to school in getting debts and all of that being taught by the government what the government wants to put in your head through its educational system and everything that you are doing you know it is a result of for you to get a job and for you to pay taxes to the government for the rest of your life how are you not a slave for the government

now it has gone you know up to the the the point that the government also wants to own your mind and what you are allowed to think with political correctness and you know oh this is offensive that is offensive and and and it's funny because there is two sides to a coin you know if it's offensive you know on one end why is it not offensive on the other end you know so all this funny things it's all about control so this is why i keep emphasizing the christians right now we have the numbers right now we have the ability don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise we need to make sure we take charge of this entire world you know acquire all the positions of power and never let go it's very important because these people who are on the other side they are doing the same thing and they do not plan to let go and they plan to come after you and your children a lot of your children are being taught all kinds of nonsense in school from masturbation to drag queen story hour even the military is now celebrating drag screen you know they have their own drag queen um paris stuff that you just did in the u.s military what concerns promoting men dressing like women and dancing in the u.s military how does that help the us military but it's a matter of ideology what they want to teach and what they want to push forth you know so um all of this since the bible told us of office but sadly we didn't prepare we are just expecting we expect um persecution or expect to pray and you know whoever is empowered to work out a bit you know when satan puts his mind in power it's like praying when the antichrist is in power when you pray for the antichrist when he's in power what good what good do you hope to achieve from that prayer you know do you want to now pray that the antichrist will not work for the good of the of the center for the christian

anyway um understand that they have been different antichrist-ish people even before you know they may advocate like nero and you know all kinds of different roman emperors you know that being said remember to go to alfredo vip and if you haven't given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo vip imperial commander has a proof of salvation say that prayer and give your life to jesus christ that is it for today thank you and god bless you


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