Change The Culture & Values Of The Average Nigerian & You Would End Incompetent & Corrupt Governance : For Nigeria - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to for nigeria

i would like to talk to everyone about the situation in nigeria regarding the evils you know recently the emo state government gave 15 000 youths

and 250 thousand naira each

now this giving fifteen thousand units two hundred and fifty thousand are each at such a time as this you know seems a lot this talks about you know the basically the bribing of the governors to ensure that nigeria remains one and that's you know to stop all the agitation of biafra and all of that you know and also urban nation there's a lot of money being passed around there's money being passed around to governors and that is why you know clearly they are not for the ideal association you know and i have said before that before anything needs to be done there has to be a pulling a voting evil people need to know where do the rest of evil stand with regards to biafra and able people need to know also what do the rest of nigerians think and by tribe what do the houses think about the evils do they want the evils to be separate from nigeria i'm talking about the everyday people the everyday people have to vote sue every side needs to know first of all it is very important so that we can know where we are going but these things are not done you know so it's like how can you start the movement in any direction without knowing what the people want the people's opinions don't matter the governors you know of a lot of igbo um nations those are of a lot of igbo states those are not the people the governments are not the people they went to abuja and said that they they believe in one nigeria that they are not going anywhere that is you what about the people what do the people want that is very important this is why a mutant has happened this is why there was a french revolution because leadership does not listen to the everyday people take pose and understand what is the pulse of the people what do the people want and let it be known let the other people know you know if for example a poll is taken and it is clear that after the poll that 80 percent of ibos do not want biafra you know it will do something it will go a long way in stopping talks about biafra than anything that you are doing because now people who are saying biafra we now know okay let us see how the ebooks can work within the context of nigeria

you know and then they will address problems um from as part of nigeria you know there will address problems that affect the evil people as part of nigeria not us let us break ourselves away from nigeria understand that these governors if things were to go south you know recently buhari just traveled to the uk again for medical exam you know the only explanation for this constant traveling by buhari to the uk in the name of medical needs is if nigeria itself is what is making him sick before he became president was he always traveling to the uk to for medical reasons did he even have any interest in traveling to the uk for medical reasons it is when he became president that he started every now and then he travels to the uk and we live in a dang age where people who have even multi-millionaires you know people even millionaires they send for doctors to come to them

you see they don't go to the hospital a lot of the celebrities a lot of the multimillionaires don't you think that they have medical needs don't you think that they they have situations where they have medical attention but you never see them there it is just like the airports you know there are celebrities that you might see at an airport but there are other airports that are private airports that is where all the um the main movers and checkers a lot of famous people go to it is different from the normal airports the location may not even be known to a lot of people there are several private airports that people use to do all that jet setting where the the car actually drives you know right to the airplane you know the the car actually drives them that it's not like they they check in they they go to they walk into the airport they're checking and do this and do that and do that they don't go through that process they drive their car straight to right beside the plate and climb you know so when you understand um the difference is you have to um think about it can't the president of nigeria if he believes that all the doctors and nurses in other countries are more intelligent than all the doctors and nurses in nigeria in spite of the fact that majority of the doctors and nurses in nigeria schooled abroad they went to the same schools that's that's um person in uk that doctor in uk that he's trying to meet you know went to but why does he have to go to the uk is it in nigeria itself that is making him sick because that is the only explanation there's nothing stopping first of all the doctors in the in nigeria from attending to him there's also nothing stopping him from sending for a lot of people can send a private jet for the doctor to come to them

you know and when i you know it or not there are hospitals that have provision for doctors who make house calls for special clients you know for special patients you know so there is a fact even when it comes to dentists a lot of celebrities they don't go to the dentist the dentist comes to them the doctors they have the the facilities and everything it comes to them so you mean to tell me that the the president that everybody you know anytime nigerians wants the president to do this and just complain that the president should do this the president doesn't oppose he doesn't listen and this is how a lot of the leaders are look at the evil leaders what gives you the right to speak on on behalf of all the evil eboo use now they have come up with this fascinating as a type of bribery you're giving 50 15 000 youths 250 000 naira ish you know and they did a quick a tremend um teaching them fish farming and things of that nature understand something um realistic about all this um stuff that you are doing you know this um so-called youth empowerment which is basically bribe money to to quell the agitation and so that people will stop um talking about biafra you see this is not going to work because people who who are talking about biafra we still talk about this you see and how long with this um 250 000 naira lasts and how many ebook people do you think they are you only get 15 000 youths what about the remaining millions it only takes one person to start a war all it takes is one person to start the war you have given you have spent this money on 15 000 youths you see what about the millions nigeria is a nation that has a population of over 30 million you know and some are saying it's over 50 million how many of these are ebolas did we know that a lot of them are ebos so what about the remaining over 10 million hebrews evil youth that you do not give any money you know and this one that you give you gave money did you give them with the understanding attached to it that um by the way this is um obvious bread by taking this morning you are agreeing that you will not be a part of any kind of agitation and even that's how far would that go you know so there are a lot of things that need to be done but this problem of the government um directing the people in what direction they should go without listening to the people you know a political leader in a so-called democratic society is a servant you are the number one civil servant a president is the number one civil servant you know governments are the bigger civil servant jesus said something very important he said in the kingdom of god you know in the world people um leadership is about them they want to load it over people i am the boss say i am in church but in the kingdom of god if you want to be the greatest you have to be the greatest servant you have to save more you have to be willing to wash everybody's foot you know that is what it's about you know do you want to be a king you have to be the greatest servant and seventh in in in in the sense of serving now we we look at service at the bathroom people don't own us every people don't look up to service people don't uh think that service is a great thing there are people who look down on hard work there are people who look down and walk it is unfortunate you know but um this thing is very um sad you also have to think about the fact that where did this money come from obviously it is after the whatever meeting they had and what about the money they gave the other governors now if you are saying that obviously that there are two explanations that this money was always there so you mean to tell me that the governor always had this money what was he using it for for his own personal bank accounts or you are telling me that the other explanation that this money was just recently given to the government to do this spreading so what is the what is it for what is this bribing bribery for from abuja for

you see so these are things you have to think about and understand apart from emotions what about enugu he didn't bribe the people there you know what about anambra he did not bribe the people there what about the evils in the different parts of nigeria you do not bribe them you only chose fifteen thousand used to bribe and you see you see you see the foolishness rather than you go through this um crazy means of trying to address issues of what you think is a problem you know you need to listen to the people i have said this thing has to start with taking pose let everybody understand what they want what is it that the people want what is it that the euro bus wants what is it that the impos ebos wants otherwise from time to time this thing will keep on propping up again propping up again because part of what's brought out to this beer frat thing is the way that buhari is running the country three hebrews know that they could ask for biafra before buhari but it is the way that bukhari's dream and the fact that he only cares about his own fulani people look at everybody in all key positions of power they are very pleased and replaced by who either a muslim or a fulani that is all true

the person that is in charge of you know i neck you know for voting is somebody that was bohari's media advisor how can the president's former media advisor somebody who was basically his um the head of his publicity you know for him to become president the first time he ran that is not the person he has posted to be in charge of counting the votes so how is he going to lose

how is he going to how is he he his party and his interest not going to be protected in a system that everybody has seen the corruption and the corruption is so obvious so you see in addition to prayer there has to be a move a peaceful move and plan for the replacement of all these key people in power we have to do it on a cultural level the evil people and you know people in general the young people we have to have a different culture we have to replace what was there this culture that allows us to be easily bribed this culture that allows people to you know easily let go of their principles that money can control them in either way that needs to stop that culture needs to be put to an end and the right principles you know godly principles and you know the rights um financial education needs to be put forth and people need to believe in honor and understand um that when they are given a position that they are entrusted with the wealth of others they will actually take care of the people and they'll put the people's needs and wants first not their own personal desires for their own bank accounts you know keep in mind this money i'm sure donations were given to other governors but this emo governor is the only one that is passing it and think about the one that he kept how much was he paid for this from abuja you know any time um this biafra team comes up there's payments to be made that is the same thing with um the niger delta issue so you see these constant payments you know a lot of people don't know that a lot of those folks are paid a lot of people also don't know that a lot of boko haram members the ones who say that they are repenting you know not that their repentance are coming to jesus christ so but they are giving it up you know their state muslims and all of that those ones when they were granted amnesty they were also given a lot of money in addition to the money that they collected before they had been collected now people are complaining and are wondering about bandiche

and the kidnapping it is something that is created by the nigerian government the the boko haram's continuous existence and all the chaos and kidnappings in the notes and all the moves to push evils out of the north keep in mind that let us say that you are igbo and you are leaving the notes out of fear of you know something is going to happen to you if you remain i do not what happens to the land that you own what happens to the businesses that you own what happens to the market share of the products that you give out you see all of that is now something that a lot of people who stay behind you know a lot of those um muslim allah hashes and you know wealthy folks are actually going to get richer from so this chaos is making a lot of people wealthy but at the end of the day in the long run it will affect everybody which is what a lot of people are not seeing a lot of this alahadias that are sponsoring boko haram haram and the rest of the i don't see you know can you smuggle for example um even a wristwatch can you smuggle a wrist washington nigeria let us say that even toothpick when toothpick was banned how many people could smoke who could smuggle to speak into nigeria yet you are telling me that people are smuggling guns and iggy 47 without the government knowing think use your head you see the boko haram issue and all these so-called budgetary you know even with the niger delta the guns that these people have is you know the politicians that put it in their hands so that they will win elections then the people now end up you know after the they have spent all the money they got from and all of that they still have the goals they now use the guns to start kidnapping people and start robbing people but is the politicians that created this problem

you see so um there has to be plans to replace the entire political class across the board in nigeria otherwise this will keep on getting worse and these people have escaped plans a lot of them none of their children are nigerian citizens you see their children are not only abroad they are not nigerian citizens for a lot of them some of them they are children that do have citizenships that their children have nigerian citizenship and uk citizenship or nigerian citizenship and candy canadian citizenship or for or switzerland you know and all that so um this is something that you have to understand understand that citizenship can be bought with money there's such a thing as citizenship by investor you can buy citizenship with money can do apparently a lot of things in this world so you know that being said an active plan you know must be put in place first of all you know there is the aspect of voting you know um voting has its limitations because it's a matter of who counts the votes it's not a matter of um voting in itself if everybody votes for a but the person who counts devotes wants b to win it is b that is going to come out as the winner of the vote you see so there is that but the area i want people to focus on right now is on the culture what culture do the igbo people have what culture do you raw people have we must change our culture because it is all from us that these politicians are coming these politicians are coming from the people it is out of the people it is not like the politicians are imported from other countries you cannot blame this on the white man on colonization the politicians are picked from the people so if the politicians are corrupt the pool from which they are picked from is also corrupt so what is the culture of the people what is our way of life what is our mother's opinion what is the principles of the evil man

you know the does the ibu man value honor does the igbo man value you know putting um um responsibility first and integrity first you know apparently that is not strong in the culture because if it was the politicians would not be corrupt

you see so um this is not something for you to get emotional about and see why he was talking this way about the ebooks or about eurobase or about any other tribe you know this is just facts the culture we must replace the culture with a godly culture with a bible-based culture you know a culture by the world the word of god must be what forms and creates our culture it's just like in in nigeria there is something called nigerian time or african time where it is part of the culture of nigerians to be late if nigerians say that something is going to happen let us all gather here by 5 p.m that meeting is going to start by 5 30. even in churches a lot of churches service is supposed to start by 10 a.m but everybody shows up you know for the for the place to be food it is now 11 a.m african time so one hour has gone by you see so that is part of the african culture it may not be intended a lot of you may say why would you say that that is the truth you know culture is not what you want it to be culture is what is what how do the people behave what is the way of life of the people you know even airplanes you know you you an airplane in nigeria it is shadow to take off by 9am but by 9 15 it is still there on the ground they are doing this and they are doing that sometimes the plane will now finally leave by 12 or by 1 p.m even with planes then later when there are accidents and you know all the plane crashes in nigeria has been a result of mismanagement it is this incompetence that is part of nigeria's cultural incompetence look at every single thing you do in nigeria somebody asks for bribe bribe is now part of the way of things you go to your post office to collect something that you have paid for that they should buy right bring to your house you now have to pay them bribe to give them what belongs to you what's what you pay them to to to bring to to you they look at them um national id card you know nin they say it is free they are like reports people who try to sell it blah blah blah blah blah you go to the government office itself and they say you should have you have to bring 15 000 naira

that is the nigerian culture

that is the culture of the tribes within nigeria that needs to change what is our control the culture needs to change the way what is acceptable behavior what is the modest operand among nigerians it needs to change that is one thing you know other strategic things have to be done to ensure there's a replacement

of every layer of government with responsible people with good people not people who are pocketing money if the governor is giving out 250 000 to 15 000 youths how much did he himself pocket how much did he give to his remaining um government friends and what about the other governors you mean to tell me that all these governments had this money that belonged to the people that they are using for their own bank accounts or this is fresh from abuja to them to bribe them regarding biafra and their pockets in it so these are things you have to think about you know so um we need to act the sooner the better look at the coronavirus nonsense there are still people who are getting um the virus who have been tested positive for the virus even though they have received first job a second job yet you see places like um river states where they are there the governor is very happy saying that the the second round of jobs have arrived very stupid people who take the vaccine and by the way do not um have sex or reproduce with any individual that takes that vaccine do not because you don't you don't know what they are putting in people's body right now um this is something that alex jones talked about you know human chimeras and that they were actually experimenting with mixing human beings with animals you know there are a lot of scientific things we are living in a day where people can actually operate on a man and make him look like a woman and people can operate on a woman and make him look like a man a lot of strange things are happening this is that of biblical proportions since that actually merged into the book of revelation we need to be careful so not every human being is a human being or a human being anymore you know by the time people alter their dna and all that is an altar that are not you are not a human being anymore what are you do not reproduce with any of these people who are taking vaccines who are taking weird things you know now they are saying that um the job has to be taken yearly it has it went from one job to two jobs to three jobs to it it's like it's on i'm not indonesia renewable you know how many there are there have been debts vaccine that's which the media is trying to shut um cover up there are people who have taken vaccines the vaccines have died there are people who have taken taking it and they had allergic reactions but all these things are being kept under wraps you know all these things that people are happily volunteering to change their dna remember what happened in the days of noah and the viruses as it was in the days of nova so it was in the so it will be again what happened in the days of noah fallen angels had gone into human women and had reproduced with them such that majority of the human beings on it were not pure human beings the way half demon have human and the bible says that their hearts were evil continually why won't their hearts be evil continually because they are not 100 human they are half demon so when a demon and a human being you know reproduces together the creature that they give back to this abomination that they have given back to now they are injected since you don't know what they are injecting and where it came from what kind of creature or abomination that it came from and what it is actually doing to you because one thing is for sure all these vaccines has nothing to do with any um virus because these virus people the people that are taking the vaccine are fully vaccinated many of whom they were not tested positive for it for the for the virus after they took the vaccines and all of that later they were tested positive for the virus so it is not helping everybody knows this you know at least those who have brains have seen it but people are still pushing it you see the nigerian government pushing it the stupidity anybody from the uk or from america the u.n pays nigerian governors to do anything they do it look at what the ebook governors are doing and you want and you are screaming for biafra it is this same ebook leaders that are being paid to do anything that you want to be your leaders in biafra they will kill you

they will kill you that is what they will do is it the same leaders that should now be your leaders in biafra it is not going to improve matas it is actually going to be worse so um the what needs to change is the the leaders good men you know honorable men have to be in positions of authority and government has to be small people have to have more rights than the government the government should have more limitations you know the government should not be able to control every single thing that people do look at how many businesses have been shot down because of the lockdowns look at how many people's lives have been ruined because of all this logged out only v and the nigerian governors and all of that in spite of all the proof that has come out about all these vaccines you know bill gates white's wife have left him warren buffett's eyes has begun to open and he has left him i i won't be surprised if aliko dangote has not you know because you know africans there's a way they think it's all very unfortunate but people are now opening their eyes and seeing that bill gates and dr fauci gave money to the same lab where this virus came from they were the ones sponsoring it so you have people in the u.s who are saying things like um oh we need to be more eco-friendly oh we need to stop this because it is inhumane oh we need we need to stop um this and put this um restrictions um over label oh people need to be paid one million dollars you know per hour you know although of course i'm exaggerating but all these type of things then when they are doing it other countries are not operating in such ways other countries are not burning you know using oil america is burning using oil and other things in the name of going eco-friendly and then the same people who are in america pushing this taste will now go behind the scene and invest in china and other countries that are actually using oil look at um biden and trump now that trump has gone and the pipeline you know that trump was doing has been destroyed america has gone away from being energy dependent and guess where the oil that americans are using is now coming from it's coming from russia the russian pipeline was approved so now all the money that would have been made you know from by america and would have remained in america now he's not going to the russia the russia that everybody you know the media was saying that oh that's um president trump was a russian operative and all of that nonsense now russia is benefiting from biden you know in in billions per month per month because that is where the oil is coming from in the same way they will preach a lot of things but they are doing analyzing you know they oh they should stop animal testing when it comes to science they should stop this and stop that but as they are saying it's in america and are putting those restrictions you know they those same people the same leaders are going around to other countries where those research has been done and are investing there now it has come out that bill gates and dr falchi you know we're behind the woohand lab you know where this virus came from that they had been sponsoring it and this is something that alex jones said from the beginning even pastor chris talked about this and see that these people were behind it you know with um chris actually um he pointed you know um bill gates and fortune for also added them to differences you know he tried to avoid mentioning names but these things has been said but it was called conspiracy theory now that everything is obvious sadly in nigeria what we have is people say something else you have arrived news and channels and all of this that are subject to the government you know that are fined by the nigerian broadcasting corporation and you have bohari trying to censor what nigerians are saying online trying to censor twitter and all of that and and trying to uh monitor like if you know trying to turn nigeria not just into a kind of um big brother society like china but kind of like north korea so it it a time will come when it's not be possible to fight back you know right now is a time where um we need to do what we can to replace this current um set of governors and leaders with honest men and good men who actually care about people who actually use their brain because this set of leaders anywhere you pay them money to go they will go

you know and and they put their own interest they do not care about um nigeria that is reality the people who are saying that one nigerian ninja they where are their children their children are not in nigeria

their legacy is not in nigeria if anything happens they have their private jets to just vamos they have they have their you know their foreign bank accounts already established they have their houses already established in other countries

they are they are actually imposters and they have no loyalty to nigeria the the one nigerian they are saying just because it is a wealth for them to steal money and to take money out and you know oppress people and take it elsewhere a lot of things will come to london you know all this money at the end of the day that you know um donations and all kinds of um money is given to politicians and all of that from all these organizations the uh world bank and all of that puts in africa in greater debts yes they these same world banks have ensued know that the politicians are corrupt and the money will come back into their country because it is in their country's bank accounts that that money is going to have to be kept and therefore working for the economy and in their banking system and thereby also you know growing their economy not africa you know so um that they said let me stop here if you've not given your life to christ go to alfred vip uh click the salvation prayer link in the main menu that the page commander has a prayer of salvation say that prayer give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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