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Candyman : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie candyman now candyman is a very upsetting movie it's propaganda on steroids it has the blm aspect to it you know this nonsense this critical race theory of blaming you know white people for everything and making everything about race you know it's something else in this case it's kind of like a horror so the blame you know there's the blame on the white people you know that naturally but a lot of feats you know the villain is um the candyman you know a um monster a horror most and of course all this moves into the realm of um witchcraft and the supernatural which is not good especially for you know a lot of african-americans you know they are being sued and a a new culture and they don't realize it they are being sold a new culture that different from what any of the ancestors ever knew you know and a lot of these um aspects of this new culture they are being sold it's coming from

outside you know it's not coming from them it's coming from critical risks theory and blame and all of that who is behind it you know who are the globalists behind it why does setting billionaires you know the george soros and co you know why does the mega corporations give billions to build them they have seen that blm they knew these these are business people these are business people who follow the money so they knew right from time even before um the coiler woman you know the co-founder of blm was found to you know to be buy mansions and all of that even before that they knew that the money does not go into aiding african americans in any way more people have died since george fluid more dark skinned people you know more people with a dark thing don't have died since george floyd you know even in this june think nonsense that just passed you know there were so many shootings in that month you know so many um african americans have died but of course because the shooters are also african-americans because the those people are being killed by other dark-skinned people so their lives don't matter nobody protests nobody brings that out you know it goes against the rhetoric as a matter of fact they are [ __ ] checkers who are going to local radio stations you know telling them that they should stop covering local crime why do you do that and of course when they cover it it turns out that the the people who are committing those crimes are african-americans so they want to end that rhetoric so what is going to be happening is that there are going to be a lot of african americans who are going to be getting killed and are murdered by gang bangers and a lot of the violence and it is all going to be covered up because they want to only focus on stories when a white person kills a dark skinned person that is only what they want to focus on you know so this is a a different level of racism but anyway back to this movie this movie sells witchcraft to african-americans of course once upon a time um africa was basically pagan before christianity came it was into all kinds of witchcraft and all kinds of idol and demon worship this concept of the candyman which is based on a medical legend mixing it with all these critical risks theory blm you know oh that was a guy who was an african-american he used to give out um um candy you know to kids and you know they found um um razor blades it's actually um it was the kids got candy and they found razor blades in it and i guess um some died and what happened was that they ended up um basically um the the the rhetoric the black lives matter rhetoric of cops being violent and killing people you know so in the midst of arresting the guy who was one and they shot they beat him up and then shot him and i'm guessing that he is the candyman you know which of course is not revealed in the trailer bits as a writer i can see that that is how it's eternal to it's kind of like um a spirit of revenge so he's trying to get revenge for a an injustice that was done to him because of his race so now the legend is that any time anyone stands in front of miro and sees candyman five times they summon him and he comes and says he starts killing so i'm guessing that is the direction that all of that will go you know and i'm sure that he was set up know by some white fellow so perhaps it will be since thanks to um the topic of systematic racism i'm sure it'll be like it's all the cops you know who planted that and you know they wanted to frame him so that they would get rid of him and it was all part of you know white people hates black people want to kill black people and the white cops are the devil and all of that so i'm guessing that is the direction that the plots will go in but this is dangerous and you see this is why we as christians we need to move fast you know we need to take over a lot of the entertainment and the communication systems of this world because those who currently have it are using it for their own nefarious and evil purposes look at what's um cnn and msnbc and the news media did to donald trump and his family and what they are still doing they are still attacking his family in any way shape or form that they can they are still going after his family you know um this is sad and this is very unfortunate if this kinds of things continue you know that means the plan of the new world that the plan of the globalist the antichrist will actually show up sooner than later you know his platform will be fully built and kind of functional you don't understand that just because there is no napoleon just because there is no adult hitler just because there is no alexander the great it doesn't mean that the desire of men to rule the world stopped there are still lots of men who have the desire to rule the world they may not have the resources and the name that these previous folks heartbeats the desire is there most of them are getting the resources some there are those who are trying to achieve it from the background but there is a war it is not like there is one organization that rules everything right now but there is a competition between different organizations to have total control there is a fight behind the scenes of what we see on the surface of politics and of course one of the ways that um most of those people you know try to walk things towards the agenda is by controlling the media controlling the news media controlling the entertainment because that is how you plant thoughts in people and actually manipulate the people and you know you are actually psychologically engineering people and they do not realize it they think they are independent but you have predicted and you have put things in their way that you know forms the their way of thinking that forms their beliefs and forms the way they will behave you know um political correctness is a worse more mature form of um social engineering so it's like you have to agree with inappropriate to see this is don't say this don't say this you know you you you cannot push christianity in schools but you can push a taser you know what is that yeah both are registered as religions you know you you cannot push godly concepts but you can put satanic concepts you know all of this is is strategic they are trying to take away christmas when that is the the topic of not everybody is a christian not everybody celebrates christmas but yet they are pushing pride moons are saying that they need pride season is everybody gay you know it's less than one percent in on their highest um estimates if you want to over exaggerate the highest estimate is five percent yet they want to push it on everybody but yet christmas that was celebrated by everybody you want to use the excuse of well not everybody's a christian so let us get rid of that and in the same vein when it is way over 70 percent you know we had over 50 percent you know of people that say they are christians in america yet you want to get rid of that and in the same vein in spite of the fact that when it comes to gifts they are less than one percent they are they are they have an entire month not just christmas is one day but these folks they are having an entire month and they are moving you know canada has already started proposing to move it to a season not just a month of pride month for gays and all of that and from price season they will say that is discriminatory that why is not all year round you know that do people stop being gay you know so let it be pride year so what does that mean the after it now becomes you know the the pride the lgbt whatever their their doctrine has actually permeated the framework of all society and existence which is what they want to do to people's minds but we ask christians you know we sit back and do nothing about this when you see all these things progressing you know you can see the direction they are going now the lgbt is just the beginning it is just one and it is not even the main thing there is more three these are the same people who tell you that you will own martin and be happy the great resets and they are writing books about it this is coming from them they are the ones who are talking about the great research they are the ones who are talking about a world where the government provides food for you provides everything for you and you know the government basically owns you you don't own property you know so all the property belongs to everybody this socialism this communism this evil um way of thinking which is basically a a a way to give all the power and ownership to whoever is at the head of the government which will be the antichrist so when if a socialist system is established individuals are not allowed to win anything guess what whoever is the head of government wants everything he just like china you know the leader of china changing pain or whatever his name is he is the owner of everything that is the fact communism is a lie communism is the worst form of monarchy you know but it is a monarchy that is not um restricted to um continuation by bloodline but it is concentration you know by the by the established um inaccuracy family you know the family that is of of of the of the globalist or whatever group is at the core of the governments it is them that that are in charge of charge of it like look at the clinton how many clintons and butches have ruled america it is just between those two and whoever they approve of look at benny it was clear that building was not going to be chosen you know by those key people so those key people that really own the power who you know are not really seen who control who is who and all of that you know the people that own so much money and you know nobody even knows their names but they manipulate so much you know though those are the guys that you should worry about and you know they are they are their schemes and their plans you know what they have united to form their plans for the world you know some people are still trying to hunt after money but some people their taste has developed past a hunger for money they are not trying they are they have billions upon billions and that is not what they are after it is not about money it is about power it is about how much do i control how much can i control people's lives how much do i control this country to what degree do i control that so their own valuation what they are looking at is not that they are not trying to increase numbers of of um digits in their bank accounts they are not trying to increase the number of of the fine the the monetary value of their assets they are not trying to move it from two trillion to three trillion or four trillion that is not what they are looking at they are looking at how much do i increase in control i want to control every part of america i want to control every part of britain i want to control every part of canada i want to even control the people's minds what they do and when they do it i want to control what they put into their body aka their vaccine i want to control you know this what where they go i want to be able to monitor what they are doing what they think you know talk cell phones with tracking websites with digital tracking and soon the 666 ship with tracking and all of that so um these are things that we must be on top of we had the bible to warn us of all these things so we should have planned and been ready right before time a long time ago you know so that being said you know reach out to us on we're looking forward to hearing from you there's so much that needs to be done you know um don't look down on yourself you have called one one recorded majority don't it's not a matter of money or how much money that you have don't say ah but disney and the mgn are the netflix have so much money no start and go be blessed what you start remember that jesus christ fed a crowd you know of over five thousand people women and children not counted with only five lots of bread and two fishes you know what all that was there only that was available was all he needed all that you have is all you need god will bless it and you will do great almighty things that are bigger than the netflix and the disney and all of that you know and you swallow them and even change that you know change the employees you know so that's that if you've not given your lives to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfredo's vip whenever the pedro commander has repressed salvation say that prayer telling god you want to give your life to christ you want to become a christian you want to have him in your life you know and begin your journey with god thank you and god bless you

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