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Luke 14:28-30 KJV

For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it ? [29] Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, [30] Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish.

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hello everybody listening to celebrity managements i'm your host alfred the topic of today's broadcasters brand management accounts and even if you don't have a manager let's open our bibles to the book of luke chapter 14 verse 28 to test using the king james version of the bible i read for which of you intending to build a torah seated not down first and counted the cost whether he have sufficient to finish his lists after he had laid the foundation and he's not able to finish it all that behold it's be king to mock him sin this man began to build i was not able to finish praise the lord you see this version of the scripture shows us the importance of planning you know planning ahead you know specifically it was used to um refer to you know god telling people that you know just telling people that they should come the course you know and carry their course and this actually applies to everything in life you have to plan ahead and think about you know the different outcomes plans for you know different case scenarios you you have to understand that there's so much to be said for those who are prepared when you prepare you know you are more likely um inclined to become successful and people look at you and say that you're an overnight success but no opportunity came to you hits you when you were prepared a lot of people opportunity comes their way but they are not prepared and a lot of times if you are not prepared you know you won't even recognize opportunity when it comes you know you won't see it as opportunity and you will keep on um going through whatever it was that you are going through and complaining that you know life is difficult and things are difficult i'm blaming everybody else you know apart from yourself you know for not doing the work for not doing um putting in the investment in yourself you know and learning and growing and you know actually preparing which is something that you must do now whether or not you have a manager

for your brand for your celebrity brand you know that you are building you have to count the cost you have to do your own brand management accounts on you know it is very important you have to understand what brand management accounting is you have to understand what a brand manager does and what an accountant does and right now when you cannot afford a brand manager or an accountant for yourself you have to be your own brand manager accountants and the scripture i read you see it says for which of you intending to build it to a seated no down fresh encounter because whether he has sufficient to finish it you know you have to

do the accounting yourself you know in this um case he's saying the fellow daily accounts in himself whether he is able to finish it he did not wait for professional accountants or an architect and all of that he did his own preliminary you know arrangements and planning you have to do your own primary arrangements and plan it for the things that you know you plan to do even though you know as time goes on you eventually get a manager an accountant and all of that but right now these things have to be done a lot of people you know they make no provision for such things they work with what they have you know they're on this level now so it's like it's kind of like starting a business and because you don't have money to hire a marketing manager you therefore do no marketing for your business you are making a big blunder you may not yet have the resources to hire a marketing team you know or have a marketing manager you know have a marketing department for your business but you have to do that um marketing yourself that job has to be done otherwise you may never grow big enough to be able to have your own marketing team you know so in the same way you have to do your own accounting and brand management you know you have to do your own brand management accounting and accounting as well you know a lot of people ignore this you know and they just keep on putting out products and replicating what they see other people you know struggling you know in their field do and that is not the best you know you are most likely on that strategy you're not going to go far you know you are certainly not going to go above your parents when you are not doing more than your parents you know so that being said remember to go to and subscribe if you've not given a life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu on and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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