Bill Gates To Be The Savior & Major Provider Of Energy In America Due To Global Warming Policies


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about bill gates building a nuclear power plants in wyoming you know this is very amusing it says a lot about you know this generation and how people think there's been a lot of push against you know certain forms of power you know and there have been the push towards renewable energy and all of that there has been a strong wound call and we can see how the democrats has fought against coal you know how they fought against the pipelines you know and how what they did resulted in an increase in gas price a great increase president trump was just getting america to be independent they're not needing foreign oil from other countries you know i'm being subject to the um consequences and the you know um limits and restrictions that that places on america's economy you know president trump had just done that but in the name of global warming you know biden went and you know did a lot of um pro global warming stuff you know which has led to a situation where now america is now more dependent than it was you know during trump's time in office you know america is now super dependent on other countries oil as a matter of fact including russia you know america has been especially the democrats they have been attacking the russians you know russian disruption that that russia's enemy but now where does the pipeline you know linking you know to america where where is it coming from you know now the russians are making money that pipeline was approved by biden you know so it's funny at the end of the date it's a prank that trump in spite of all the things that people said he was the one that was tough on russia and you know people are so blind they listen to um what is trendy to believe it's kind of like group school you have to believe this you have to believe this you have you if you don't believe this you're a racist if you don't believe this you are you know you are the enemy you are this you are that you are because and it controls so much and people don't see what is really happening look at how um bill gates has taken advantage of this situation and this shows that this was bill gates plan all along a giant nuclear power plant by like what bill gates is doing is not um an impromptu trend it's not something that he saw the pipeline issue you know and then decided to just start this company no this had been in the works you know you have to think you know all these silly people that you know these global warming people that just listen to um anything that they have been told without looking at the facts and the research you have to look into things yourself you know even anything i say you have to look into it from other words of apostle when he praised those who actually went back after listening to him to search the scriptures to see if what he said was so you have to be that way even god says test the spirits so god expects you when he speaks to you to verify from the word of god if what has been said to you is in line with god's word this is god himself god wants you to have that filtration system and if you don't you'll be in trouble because the devil can disguise us the holy spirit the devil can give you suggestions as though he is called as though he's for you and that is what the devil does especially with men of god and people of god you know he does not come as hey i'm the devil he comes as a friend you know when he's dealing with people who are christians because he wants to sell you something he wants to sell you an idea and he knows that you know if that christian knows who he is he can cast out devils so if the devil comes out the devil he he knows he'll be cast out immediately so the devil comes as a friend he comes as you know a pastor a minister or an angel or he'll pretend to be the holy spirit and speak in your ear you know so if you do not know the word of god you know jesus said my sheep know my voice and they follow me you know if you do not know god's voice and how do you know god's voice by meditating and studying on the world when you fellowship with the bible when you study the bible when you read the bible the spirit of god guides into all truths and you know you get acquainted with the words of god with the language of god with the communication from god you get acquainted with his spirit and what and how he thinks and his mind for you you know i was born said have the mind of christ so that mind of christ you get it by meditating on the word of god you know meditating on the word of god means that you go beyond just um reading the bible you know you actually have to think about the word you know you have to gradually read it's not like a newspaper you read it you know you you you you repeat it to yourself you know even voicing it is part of meditation you know saying it's you know you see a line that says by stripes we were healed you may you say it by stripes and you know you personalize it also by his stripes i was healed by his stripes i was here you may say let it become a part of you let it become your belief let it replace every previous thoughts and idea that you've had perhaps the previous ideas that you've had on healing is that you know if someone is sick the person has to go to the hospital you know perhaps the previous idea is that you know um whatever the medical doctor says is how it's going to be and that's the final that's the absolute you know that um that is just the way you know that people fall sick all those kinds of things no when you replace that with the word of god you know that's a result of meditation that is what meditation will do you know you will not be able to think in that way that is untied the word of god and it's important for you to get acquainted you know with god in that manner you know so what i want to emphasize is for people to keep their eyes open you know so all these global warming stuff look at the people who push global warming the most they are all using private jets many of them have more than one private jets you see and they are all making money from global warming because it's it's closing down industries it's shutting down industries and starting up new industries which a lot of times these people are the only benefactors and they only understand the only one who have um not just um um

the um the first entry into that industry bets sometimes they are the only ones that are allowed you know the ease of entry into that industry the the ease at which someone can start the business in that industry is really limited you know how many people can start the nuclear power plants you know so now majority of the energy in america will be owned and generated by bill gates that is what is happening now that that is clearly what he's doing not only has he used the pandemic to buy up land because a lot of people thanks to the lockdown people were in financial strength and that's the time to to buy things just the same way a lot of churches shut down and churches were being bought during this pandemic because a lot of those churches had were running on credits a lot of churches in america they are running on credits you know so the banks give them loans and then they have to keep on pressing their congregation for offering offering offerings so that they'll be paying what's their way in the bank but you know people don't realize that to maintain a church the the electricity the choir those who are doing the um the mechanical aspect there are different aspects of it it takes money to run a church you know so your little five dollar one dollar offering is not going anywhere you see so a lot of times that is actually what pushes a lot of preachers to you know um preach more than they should on giving you know and you know due to the lockdown these depths were there and a lot of other problems some people you know and as people are not coming to the church you know where will you get money from so a lot of churches shot down they will not be opened again and their churches that were brought by that the churches that were bought by what i mean is there churches that were bought by businessmen and their choices are bought by corporations so you have to access what is the purpose of this this is an avenue to control christianity a lot of christian churches when you look at the top of it you will see a business or a corporation a lot of people don't know this because it's all in the the church board you know and this is how it normally is in america and canada so you have to wonder what is the um version of suspicion this is why i have emphasized the importance of power and money you know christians good people having that because whoever has that is going to decide which way the world turns and which direction it's the world is driven into you know so that being said keep your eyes open you know now bill gates has exploited you know and the funny thing is that there are still people who believe in this host of a global warming nonsense a lot of the predictions of the global warming folks have not happened according to the global warming people they were saying that by the year 2000 you know that um glaciers remember that half of the world would be under water blah blah blah blah blah blah all that nonsense did it happen no a lot of the nonsense that they predicted you know aoc is popular for the nonsense the world is going to end in 10 years that this if you do not address them global warming you know and let us change it to say that um it is not that the world will end that um it will become irreversible irreversible to bring for change no this is manipulation so that certain individuals can start setting businesses and take advantage of that move look at tesla if it wasn't for global warming what money will tesla have why would people buy a tesla

you know now tesla may have a a lot of great technology but the original stats startup you know when it started its main selling point was that he's using renewable energy that you know it's not using gas you know that is eco-friendly and that was its um target market and that's actually what's you know the the market that helped it get off the ground you know now it has a lot of cool technology inside the cars but you know the reality of the matter that everyone for global warming all that money would not have been made and i believe um elon musk is now one of the richest man in the world because of that so you have to be smart and realize what has been happening and when you are being played you know with that being said i would like you to go to if you've not given a life to christ click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and give your life to christ jesus salvation prayer that will pop up thank you and god bless you