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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie annette now this movie trailer is very interesting you know it makes you ask questions it's basically a musical and of course it's somewhat of a romance it's like mixing a romance with a trailer you know kind of it i get some kind of titanic vibes and of course um it's something that has not been done before it has a bit of comedy it has a bit of a musical you know and you know it's centered on musicians you know the key characters you know and you know the aspects of the the thriller side the titanic kind of side you know it's quite interesting you know hopefully the movie put it together you know in the movie itself i'm just um speculating based on what i see from the trailer but that being said understand that this movie would have been better as a christian movie you know so if you like to be a part of making christian movies you know make sure you go to alfred vip and reach out to us we're looking forward to hearing from you you know you can you know discuss perhaps you want to work with us you want to start your own company or you know you want to be an actor actress so you just want to see how you can invest in making more christian entertainment you know that beats and swallows up all that world has to offer it's important because we are lights and they are darkness you know because you see anywhere where light is absent what what is left behind is darkness you know and if jesus is the light which he is anywhere and anyone that ignores him or does not include him in their plans and what they are doing or in their productions you know

it's automatically spread in darkness you know he who got no gathering notes with me spread his foot abroad so reach out to us on are looking forward to hearing from you and if you've not given your life to christ go to the salvation prayer menu link in the main menu of alfred.jsp click it the page you comment has a pro salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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